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  1. From the description in TR about him freaking over how many people were in his 'bathtub' it sounded like a well-filled public pool but you could be right. We shall never know.
  2. Re the minor but amusing point about Sheldon swimming. I'm reminded of the discussion in Deviated Septum. Leonard: He was so busy figuring out how many parts per million of urine we’d be floating around in, he didn’t even question it. Scene: Amy’s car. Sheldon: 18 parts per million. And he’s still doing it. I'm pretty sure this was after he'd kissed Amy and her germ-filled mouth so the idea that Sheldon would go into a pool with that urine knowledge in mind is pretty funny/ridiculous/OOC/totally unimportant (take your pick)
  3. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Hi to a fellow Melbournian! We are well-spoiled atm for episodes. As a Lenny who despairs at the latest seasons it's nice to hook into the older episodes with ease. Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Not sure where this post should go but I guess it's apropos the popularity of the show and the influence on resigning for another coupla' years. As one indicator of how popular this show is around the globe, in relatively tiny Melbourne, Australia I can see, tonight (Thurs Feb 17), TBBT across 3 stations starting at 7.30pm with the last episode at 11pm! That's 8 episodes in one evening on free to air television. FYI we get Helium, Spock, Geology, Fetal, Champagne, Clean Room, Space Probe and Anxiety. Still one very popular program!!
  6. "That would be great! I actually had a similar idea a few weeks ago (didn't write it though), Leonard working around the clock thus having no time to shave, maybe wearing a sexy black.." Please Please write this one! :lol:
  7. Go Doggies! Sent from my Kogan Agora 6Plus using Tapatalk
  8. That's what I've come to believe. The Lenny wedding story arc was going to take too much time and oxygen from the Shamy arc that has clearly dominated the series thus far. And so it was easier to rationalise reasons for that ugly little wedding (didn't mind the actual vows so much) than give it the time that Howardette received.. All unprovable speculation, but that's how cynical I've become I guess.
  9. Can't be certain of course but when blown up it sure doesn't look like kaley. I can imagine they wouldn't want to risk that very valuable face of hers even via a freak accident. but yes, someone at the taping might clue us in.
  10. Freezframe and enlarge this and you can see that it's not Kaley getting the face bash. Obviously a stand in. Sent from my ASUS_Z002 using Tapatalk
  11. can I ask which episode this gif is from?
  12. The actual kiss sequence I saw was from a phillipino tv station and was part of their official promo for the episode (which also showed a few seconds of the future Sheldon kidnap to the van scene)) . In that promo the kiss literally lasted about one second before it cut t a horrified Leonard who shouts "What is happening?" It's literally blink and you'll miss it. So it's going to happen. Whether that s the final edit we shall soon know.
  13. hi, forgive my ignorance, I'm not up on all the names. What is "that other site"? Thanks
  14. Ps there is also a couple of shamy clips at the same source. Funny one Amy says, i'm paraphrasing here Amy on skype to Sheldon: "I've seen more of you in the last 2 days [cos of his incessant calling] than i did in the last 2 months we went out together!" Sheldon responds "Well maybe you should be going out with me agqain so you can see less of me."
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