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  1. Huh, that's weird. I guess having moved on from being too obsessed with Shamy made me think that his reaction after seeing Amy have a makeover was something I personally have expected and think to be in character. Even back in season 6-8 we already had sooo many discussions about it in fanforum and other fansites and even on tumblr that he probably wouldn't like it not because he doesn't think Amy isn't pretty, he just doesn't do well with change. So, them doing it for this episode made me think it was simply natural. The fact that he said Amy was his last straw kind of made me chuckle internally, reminding me of numerous arguments of how that scene might happen. Heck, hundreds of fan fictions were written about this "what if" moment. I do like it was Penny who kind of reminded him that change is a constant thing. I love the whole older sister kind of moment with her here as well.
  2. Man, it's kinda awkward jumping in to post but I haven't been here in a while. I felt the Raj-Anu part wouldn't work out to begin with. It's sad that Raj felt he had to settle and get himself married to be happy and I also think Anu didn't force him to think of going to London. His friends and work are in California. He's miserable/not happy because he had to make the choice of leaving everything that kinda mattered to him for something he's just forcing himself to settle into. For me, I'm glad they got it over with. Now with Leonard, I would admit I cried to the scene but I didn't expect his mother to accept his forgiveness as I thought for her, she thinks of Leonard as somewhat a research subject for her all this time. It felt a little bit out of character for me but I guess part of her understands he has been exasperated with her not fully making him feel like an actual son. I don't know, I guess part of me just got used to her always telling Leonard he's needy and after the hug she'll throw him an insult again. I cried because she didn't and I felt it in behalf of Leonard.
  3. I feel like it's a mistake to go to my old life and look for spoilers. I survived 4 years being spoiler-free but look where I am now. Hi guys! I'm totally OK with Sheldon and Amy not winning the Nobel Prize. I have a feeling it's leading to that. What if the kicker here is that the very last Shamy scene is them discussing about having a baby instead? Or am I making a shitty assumption? Edit: backtracked a bit in the thread and I guess everyone here thinks they'll have kids someday but I'd be OK if she isn't pregnant by the end. I never expected them to even get married during the series and see how far they've come! That's what's fan fiction is for. I'm kind of nervous with the title of the last episode. Who's the victim that became enamored with their captor? Jaime lan--- wait wrong show. Plot twist: the dark ending is that this is all Leonard's daydream when they were at the door. All those after episode 1x01 never happened. 👀
  4. Sorry for resurrecting from the dead out of the blue, but oh my gosh. What happened in this episode (I'm seriously unspoiled for season ten but I just had to for this one) felt like we've talked about this. I am not sure if it was from a fan fiction where Amy's apartment was going to have a leak or whatever that will cause her to leave her apartment or was it just discussed in the forum or tumblr. Someone, help! And good job to the person who guessed the title. Thank you, notwonderland (did I get it correctly) for sharing us the gist!
  5. Actually, by Trigger Warning, it means you need to add warnings for something that will trigger distress from trauma like rape, death, torture and those things. Generally saying it's a "sad" ending is not exactly a trigger warning but I see it as a "spoiler alert". haha
  6. Well, it's not a slap in the face (or what my boyfriend thinks as he loves his Silicon Valley too much for being a Mike Judge fanboy) if you think that they're two different comedy shows. There were similarities, but it's like comparing a pizza to gnocchi. I would imagine that in season 9 there will be an awkward marriage topic coming along and for being a Shamy fangirl for so long, I cannot for the life of me imagine what they writers are thinking for this coming season. I think I need a binge watch for Season 8. Oy vey.
  7. Nah, Silicon Valley will win. I'm glad they're nominated in their second season! Modern Family lost its magic some time ago. But I digress. The writers for THIS show needs to bring them magic back.
  8. It makes sense that they're writing it because they were the ones responsible for the finale and the ones able to pick up from what happened from there. Though, as the finale was in a sad note, one can't help to have a knee-jerk response that it will be the same. I'm not saying it's bad, but that it's totally understandable.
  9. Gawd, if I ever hear another Ross/Rachel reference for ANY couple (fictional or otherwise) ever I think I'm gonna be sick. I kinda got excited with the table read and AGH TAPING NEXT WEEK SHOULD I BE SPOILED OR NOT OH GOD
  10. ^It's not bad to be cautiously optimistic.
  11. If you'd think about it, we've seen or heard of the parents of all 6 of the major characters in the show (of course, except for Howard's complicated family history and Leonard's dad who has been at least mentioned a couple of times). We only know about Amy and have only heard and seen a few lines from her mom! Not a sibling or anything. A couple of mention of cousins, aunts and uncles. There. After The Weekend Vortex, I really hoped that they would at least look into following through with meeting Amy's family or relatives in the show. Alas, three seasons down and nothing. I want to cry. TPTB, please get our hopes up too much if you're going to ruin our hearts!
  12. Like what Susana said, Howard already has his half-brother, so that idea had been long gone. But I agree, it wouldn't kill the writers to touch upon Amy's background a little more. It will kill me with glee!
  13. No, I think they meant the fan rumors, not actually on IMDB. It's been there since season 6 or 7 (I can't recall when for the life of me) but that started with the Closet episode with the letter that Howard got from his dad, and each of them created a version of what it might have in it. Since some fans were fantasizing on who could play Amy's father, they made a theory that what if they're siblings? Heck, their chemistry on the Niel Diamond episode was phenominal, some people just kind of wanna go with the fun idea but not exactly claiming it as true.
  14. Writing a summary in a very limited number of characters is something that should be considered as art. Like what others have mentioned, you need to give out the gist of your story but without giving too much away, just enough to capture the attention of your target audience. It is also important to note if your story *might* trigger certain warnings as there are people who are sensitive with this information.
  15. Hey there! Sorry, just getting back after a bit of a brain dead period.. I like your idea, but I don't think they'll make an episode too emotional. Maybe a good resolution is them making a compromise. For now, I can't see Sheldon being too forlorn about their break (which is definitely and totally different from breaking up) but maybe being distracted like in Season 5 when Amy got depressed over not being invited to the wedding dress adventure of Bernie and Penny. That was still a solid representation (the episode, I mean) of how much he does care if she isn't feeling good. He IS sensitive (in his own way) but sometimes he doesn't catch instances. I do have faith he is trying.
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