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  1. As much as the show writers make the characters in The Big Bang Theory look really bad at times, the actors in the show, especially Kunal, Simon and Jim are really down to Earth people and seem awesome during any public apperance. Glad to hear the event went well!
  2. What an excellent, excellent, excellent episode! When you have no reason to care about the characters then whatever difficult situations they get themselves into you can be free to have a hearty laugh about it. The show has already clearly established at this point that Penny is a huge drunk and slut, Leonard is in constant need of being validated and being right, Sheldon is a shell of his former self (failing at brillance at work and wilfully drinking alcohol), Howard isn't a sleeze-bag anymore just kind of lame, Raj is rude, Bernadette is mean and Amy is so tightly wound because she
  3. Penny's character is the worst. She 'often forgets' how smart Lenoard is and all Leonard has to do is show her a little science experiment he does every day and she jumps him like she jumps every boyfriend she's had before. Whoop-ti-doo. Leonard already got plenty of sex from Penny for doing much less. In fact Penny would do him after he made her angry. She gives it away super easy. So that's what the Penny character has become. A gilfriend who loves exuses to have sex. Her character is not much deeper than that. ASIDE FROM THAT ... This episode was decent. The parts with Sheldon a
  4. The writers clearly take some liberties in this regard with Sheldon. That one episode where the guys were joking that Sheldon was whipped because he had to go to something with Amy and he didn't get it ... he thought it was meant being 'smart as a whip' but later in the same episode he is the first to suggest that Howard is 'whipped' when Bernadette convinces Howard to let her join the game night.
  5. I rated this episode as: Good. Not very good or excellent but just good, for Big Bang Theory standards. The pictionary segments were solid. Funny in the way you expect from a show like this. The Where's Waldo bit was also very good. I like that Stuart has become more part of the group of friends and even accepted by Sheldon. Naturally there would be comments at the expense of Raj and Stuart because they are living together but they were fairly mild and that dynamic of Raj and Stuart has potential to be even funnier. Really didn't like the pie-eating segment or the wrestling segm
  6. Yes, the show is still funny and so far this season it is better than I remember it being at this point last season. I have not been a fan of how the Penny-Leonard relationship has developed and so anything to do with Penny and the girls usually doesn't interest me at all unless Sheldon is involved. So, i do look back at Season 1 and 2 with much fondness as it was a simpler time and since it was so fresh and new it had a lot of 'first-time' laughs. I laugh a lot at things to do with Sheldon and his characteristics, nerdy things they do and their interaction with reoccuring characters (Kr
  7. If you want to have 30 minutes of commercials inbetween 30 minutes of show then sure, you could have 30 minutes of TBBT. But that would suck. No, what would be better is a full hour timeslot.. that would mean about 42 - 45 minutes of show time. It would help the writers not have to rush storylines and wrap them up in one episode which is why a lot of the characters and jokes feel un-natural and forced.
  8. The show should have gone to an hour long a LONG time ago! TVs #1 Comedy and it's only 20 minutes long? Yeah, because with commercials it is only 20 minutes. At least if they went to a full hour timeslot they would have about 45 minutes of show which would be better. I think a lot of the problems in the show happen because they have to wrap up a story in 20 minutes so that's why there are a lot of stupid endings and unresolved endings to the show because they don't have time. Just go to 1 hour. That way they can either have storyline that runs through the 45 minutes or they could hav
  9. First, I'll state my general opinion on the episode which is: Good. Close to Very Good and that's saying something because I am a tough critic. I liked the episode because Sheldon was acting the way I want him to act and the way that got me interested in his character. His work-first mentality and being unaware of his condescension to others. Howard was funny with his space bit this episode. I HATED the last episode. Space bullying? Seriously? Probably the stupidest thing I could think of they could do to get a laugh. But this episode, space anxiety made a lot of sense and wasn't mean sp
  10. 1. Sheldon - He's brilliant and hilarious when talking down to others (of course, he doesn't see it that way, though) 2. Howard - Funny. Love that he does magic and knows other languages. 3. Raj - He mostly means well but unfortunately struggles with conversations with women, obviously, but he is funny but also one character you root for 4. Amy - Funny, great character unless she is talking about sexual things, then it just seems like she's trying too hard. 5. Bernadette/Leonard - Tie for these two. Bernadette is funny when mimicking Howard's mother but the rest of the time I find her voic
  11. Hmm... that was kind of one of my least favorite episodes of season 5. I think because it WAS so unbelievable. I guess as an actor he likes that stuff but as a viewer I like things that are closer to reality but maybe a little exaggerated.
  12. It's true, each character has their own 'look'. I do think though that the outfit Leonard wears is only a t-shirt and a jacket/hoodie combo. I think those jackets are made like that so they look like their is a hoody underneath but really it's just part of the jacket. Same for Sheldon. The long sleeves on his shirt at woven into the t-shirt. However Raj's outfit legitimately seems like 3 pieces. The collar shirt, the vest and jacket. I always wondered why he wore that many layers! It's freakin' Southern California! lol
  13. I think the reason Sheldon and Leonard still live together is because they both like simple living. Well, Sheldonlikes simple living and Leonard knows Penny lives there too so he ain't moving! But Sheldon likes the place because he doesn't like change and it is close to the restaurants and University he needs to get to and has a roomate that will drive him. Actually, I remember an episode where Penny had money issues and Sheldon said something like his expenses account for 45% of his after-tax income. If you think about that, it makes more sense. He has over 50% of his after tax income t
  14. Ugh. AGREED. Hated that ending scene so much. I was like, what the hell? Am I watching a dramatic romance movie or a sitcom? I think I agree with you but I'm not sure if you are disputing my previous post or adding to it? I agree the american sitcomes on network television tend to be less overly quirky or targeted and more derivative and try to get you to care about the characters to help the show last longer. My issue with The Big Bang Theory lately is that their attempt to do that to me has actually had the opposite affect. I care less about the characters than I did wh
  15. What I find funny is that things that made me laugh and enjoy the show in the beginning like when there was a scene with the boys doing a 'nerdy' activity (Klingon boggle, playing Halo, playing rock band, etc.) or when Sheldon was being condescending to Leonard or Penny (not really intentionally but because he didn't really know better or thought he was helping) that is what I liked about the show. I even sympathized with Leonard and his situation of trying to expand his horizons and social circle and establish a better relationship with the hot girl across the hall. At that time Howard wa
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