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  1. I have seen all the episodes and even read the vanity card for each one! I love this show too much and will never get tired of it. :icon_mrgreen:
  2. Finally a thread I can actually enjoy. Amy Farrah Fowler is amazing. Enough said.
  3. Awww congratulations to them. Hope she is a happy healthy baby girl!
  4. I loved it! Best episode yet! So cute!:icon_mrgreen::icon_mrgreen:
  5. Oh! You are so right! It would make a great episode, very heart-felt and cute. I would love to see Amy take care of Sheldon when he's sick one time. Would be a wonderful Shamy moment in my opinion:icon_mrgreen:. (...I don't think amy playing soft kitty on the harp would be a good idea though. I don't think Sheldon is very supportive of her playing the harp.)
  6. There's a wet band-aid on the bathroom floor. (ahahahaha) What does Sheldon usually order to eat and drink at The Cheese-Cake Factory?
  7. lol, Shouldn't this thread be under "The Show" instead of "Cast and Crew".. sorry I was bothered by it
  8. lolz...Often, when I'm really tired and I finally reach for the bed I sometimes find myself thinking "Did I check the forum today? hmmm" I wasn't on the forum last year when they had the season break. I imagine its going to get very quiet on these boards... what will we do then? I'll have to get a life or something. That could be a good thing... Oh, please don't remind me about the break....It's going to be a really sad period. :icon_cry::icon_cry: Sorry sunshine. There will be reports about the play Harvey and whatnot over the break.... then it's SEASON 6 !! Hahaha. There hasn't been a year when I actually want summer to go by faster... Until I started watching The Big Bang Theory. Oh, where have my life gone
  9. I like it too. At least it isn't as long as "Rostenkowski -Wolowitz" lol!
  10. ohmmm how about shut-up? Seconded. I'd be lucky to be half as pretty as Mayim. I hate it when people put down characters on the show. Seriously? A lot of watchers like the show the way it is right now. If the show revolved around just the guys, it would get boring... quick. There's just those handful of people that dislike the "girlfriends" and can't accept change. jeesh. Oh, and by the way, Mayim Bialik is BEAUTIFUL.
  11. SAME count me in! add me to the list. Ditto.
  12. lol! you can find the actual roommate agreement cover picture here. Along with Bernie's engagement ring and and the Lord Of The Rings, ring (the boys fought over.)
  13. The voice goes well with the character. But only the character on the show. lol! If I saw Melissa Rauch talking like that in an interview or in person it would look weird. Come on you have to admit it's true...
  14. If it's a boy: Richard (For Richard Feynmen the physicist) If it's a girl probably Sheldon's mee-maw's real name or Penny, Amy's bestie* (Although I don't think Sheldon will agree to that name actually.)
  15. LOL... when you have already established your gonna name your children Sheldon, Leonard or Penny..(weird.)
  16. She has been acting for most of her life. She'd probably perfected the art or "Mouth expressions" from all the acting she has done.
  17. Monopoly .... ! Facebook or Twitter?
  18. I WANT THIS TO KEEP ON GOING!! C'MON GUYS! hahahaha. #555 yeeee
  19. In my opinion, It would be very interesting if the both really do get married but highly unlikely for the future of the show. It just wouldn't seem natural..
  20. my absolute favorite episode would be The Isolation Permutation where Amy is drunk! lol! I was laughing so much!
  21. I really like that idea. Ha-ha would be very funny to see an episode like that. Wonder how it'll be like if it was the other way around (Sheldon gets a makeover!) lol!
  22. Lol, that's one of my favorite lines in the episode! (:
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