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  1. It occured to me today that Amy has yet to sing soft kitty to sheldon. I think that would make a good episode as the Shamy gets further along. I know there are some here that would't like this, but it could be cute. She could sing it on her harp.

    Oh! You are so right! It would make a great episode, very heart-felt and cute. I would love to see Amy take care of Sheldon when he's sick one time. Would be a wonderful Shamy moment in my opinion:icon_mrgreen:. (...I don't think amy playing soft kitty on the harp would be a good idea though. I don't think Sheldon is very supportive of her playing the harp.):icon_confused:

  2. When checking the forum when you have insomnia, becomes a usual event.

    lolz...Often, when I'm really tired and I finally reach for the bed I sometimes find myself thinking "Did I check the forum today? hmmm" :icon_lol:

    I wasn't on the forum last year when they had the season break. I imagine its going to get very quiet on these boards... what will we do then? :icon_lol: I'll have to get a life or something. That could be a good thing...

    Oh, please don't remind me about the break....It's going to be a really sad period. :icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry:

    Sorry sunshine. There will be reports about the play Harvey and whatnot over the break.... then it's SEASON 6 !! :icon_cheesygrin:

    Hahaha. There hasn't been a year when I actually want summer to go by faster... Until I started watching The Big Bang Theory. Oh, where have my life gone :icon_lol:

  3. Have your cow because she IS ugly. She passed for cute as Blossom but not as an adult. Sorry. :icon_twisted:

    ohmmm how about shut-up?







    Seconded. I'd be lucky to be half as pretty as Mayim.

    I hate it when people put down characters on the show. Seriously? A lot of watchers like the show the way it is right now. If the show revolved around just the guys, it would get boring... quick. There's just those handful of people that dislike the "girlfriends" and can't accept change. jeesh. Oh, and by the way, Mayim Bialik is BEAUTIFUL.

  4. The voice goes well with the character. But only the character on the show. lol! If I saw Melissa Rauch talking like that in an interview or in person it would look weird. Come on you have to admit it's true...

  5. This isn't a fantasy episode, but I had an idea last night that I think would be funny. As part of Amy's experiment, she get new outfits and contacts, fixes her hair, etc. Sheldon of course will not say that she looks nice, but starts having his face tick thing when she asks him how she looks. Then he says she look okay and acts like he doesn't care, and then he starts to walk away and trips and falls. Everyone is like, are you ok? He says, of course, I am fine and then he walks a little more and runs into something. And he continues to do this throughout the episode when amy is around.

    Ever since the last episode, I've been thinking about all the shamy possibilities. :)

    I really like that idea. Ha-ha would be very funny to see an episode like that. Wonder how it'll be like if it was the other way around (Sheldon gets a makeover!) lol!

  6. I was thinking in the car today, at the end of the episode, after sheldon said, "don't stop", it would have been really cool if they had moved the camera to Amy smiling - some kind of smile would say, "all part of my plan."

    lool extended ending! ahaha!

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