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  1. I'd like to know also. Did John and Kaley say these things playfully or were they really bitter? He thanked the entire cast at the end of the book but didn't say a word about filming the show.
  2. Did any cast members of BBT attend Kunal's wedding? I just read his book and he said tons of people attended, including a plane of 20+ people from America. I have not seen the People article about it. Kunal says almost nothing about the BBT cast in his book. But it's funny as he talks about the difficult jobs he had.
  3. A Beautiful Mind was a biography of Prof. John Nash and his wife Alicia. It was made into a film in 2001 with Russell Crowe and Jenny Connelly. The music was by James Horner, who, as the guys would note, also wrote the music of Star Trek II. A Beautiful Mind has been mentioned on BBT at least twice. There's one where Sheldon called it "a romp" and there's one where Penny looks at the whiteboard and says "Beautiful Mind." It's all more of a tragedy that the wife and he were both killed. She had helped him through his worst times. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Forbes_Nash,_Jr.
  4. I've discovered that this is a problem on ALL wikia sites, like the Star Wars Wikia, the Star Trek Memory Alpha Wiki, etc. It may be because I have an older Android, is that it? But it shouldn't be happening at all.
  5. I cant use the bbt wiki any more on my android since theres a menu on the left and it never.goes away.
  6. I found out. It's an optical chess set, mentioned in the BBT Wiki page about Sheldon's apartment.
  7. Since Season 6, the guys have a red and blue chess set near the desk in the back. It's not one of the many chess sets they have actually played with. Does anybody know what it is, apart from the fact that it's a chess set?
  8. This is the first time Kripke and Amy are in a scene together.
  9. I'm just saying, Penny's apartment has garish colors. I'm not saying we should kill her for it. I take back what I said about Bernadette's place. It's not really like Penny's.
  10. Penny's apartment has so much pink, light greens, purple and the sofa is teal, I believe. That's what is unsettling. Not that much dark blue or dark red. It reminds me of those Valentine candies that are hearts with words on them. Howard's jeans are also blinding.
  11. Have you felt like Bernadette's and Penny's apartments are too bright and colorful?? Especially, too much lime green, it's like an Ikea catalog. The guys' apartments are not like that.
  12. I went to http://garfunkelandoates.com and it has a complete episode, "Speechless." It's brilliant all the way through ("Remember that time we bought that green pepper?") and has at least two great songs. Kate and Riki are awesome!!
  13. I started watching Raising Hope which has 26 episodes with Kate. The show is made by the creator of My Name Is Earl. It is sometimes as good as MNIE and both shows are about naive/ignorant (but decent) people. Raising Hope sometimes is a bit hollow. There was a laughably bad scene trying to show Kate's character had studied the martial arts. Kate plays Shelley who is the cousin of the younger female lead, Shannon Woodward. On BBT I don't like the character of Emily because what is there to say about her? And I still hope Lucy will return but some people hated her, thought she was pathetic.
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