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  1. The Outer Limits episode they mentioned is called "Soldier," not "THE Soldier." The Terminator was very similar to this episode so they had to put an acknowledgement to Harlan Ellison in the credits of The Terminator. There was an episode of The Office where they played Murder Mystery and it was one of the worst episodes they ever made. Stuart was not wearing the boots that Raj bought him.
  2. I know, I was thinking about the scene in Hawking when Howard said what he wanted Sheldon to do, was to appreciate him. This is the scene that reminded me of the scene just now, when Howard went to Sheldon's office to plead with him to treat him differently.
  3. Season 7 has had some really weak areas. The high points were the second Newhart, scavenger, Thanksgiving and the alternate history/Christmas one. One problem with the show is that it focuses on non-scientific things like Penny's car and the whole episode Friendship Turbulence. On the other hand, the Thanksgiving show wasn't about science much but I liked it. I think the show hit its peak at the end of Season 5, when Howard was launching and everybody was transfixed on the screen. Howard's return was as much a letdown to me, as it was to Howard who had to sit alone with his pie. Seasons 1-5 were consistently very good except the ones with Stephanie the doctor who I just couldn't stand, and the one with Penny's dad.
  4. One good moment was that Amy looked really hurt when the Chaucer woman said she didn't want to know her any further. It's possible that Amy has been in the gang for years now, and is tired of it. I don't think the gang likes Chaucer or quilting. I was let down that Raj acted like a jerk. Chaucer has been mentioned a few times, esp. in the 21-Second episode where she actually recited some Chaucer in the Middle English. The Howard vs. Sheldon thing has been done before, in the Hawking episode and the parking spot episode.
  5. A lot of people have huge signature images, usually animated gifs, and usually animated gifs of Amy and Sheldon. When I'm scrolling through a thread it drives me nuts. Please DON'T post replies that themselves have huge signature images. To quote SC, Oh dear lord.
  6. That black and white photo of Jim is like Andy Warhol's photo of three Elvises, 1963. It was also echoed in the movie posters for I Shot Andy Warhol. I saw SNL way back when it had Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, etc. You can understand that to me, after season 6, it's mostly schmucks. I was excited to see Rainn Wilson (The Office) as the host a few years ago, but I hated it.
  7. Simon Helberg has done Nick Cage in a Christmas episode and also last night on Letterman. Is he quoting or nearly quoting a specific Nick Cage movie? If so, what is it? PS Nick Cage's real last name is Coppola. Aye, he's the nephew of Francis Coppola.
  8. When Howard said that Raj wouldn't go outside, Sheldon said "I've been waiting to pull that trigger a long time." Why did Sheld say that? What did he mean? P.S. Did you notice that in the first shot of Lucy (in the preceding episode) she looks like she's behind the counter where Stuart works. Where a customer isn't supposed to be!
  9. In the first and third images, they both have the same cardboard box on the floor.
  10. Please refer to the earlier part of this thread to see the opening title shots. I made a mistake re Leonard pouring something. That is in the actual titles.
  11. Regarding the photo of Season 1, I think it's different from what you see in the show. Leonard in this pic is pouring something into his food box. http://s7.postimage.org/pg3tp9oh7/tbbt_1.jpg BTW What could Leonard be pouring into his food - mobster sauce? Just to update things - They did have a new image for Seasons 6-7, adding Bern and Amy.
  12. In fact the AMC Pasadena was in eastern Pasadena but closed many years ago.
  13. I found out that it is in fact a radio, made by a company called Spirit of St. Louis.
  14. I made a huge mistake. The transcript for the episode says that Sheldon said the AMC Pasadena, not Arclight Pasadena. Sorry. Now I'm The Retractor. PS: Sheldon once said Lake St. It's Lake Avenue. And it does have a Coffee Bean.
  15. This was a terrible episode. One of the worst ever. All the girls did was talk in a tea place. They mentioned WonderCon in Anaheim, which is a real convention.
  16. I think my original statement was correct. It was not called the Arclight Pasadena until 2010. Trust me, I live nearby. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arclight_Hollywood#Other_locations
  17. In the Candy Coating episode, Sheldon said something happened in the Arclight Pasadena theater in 2007. However, that theater opened in 2010. It used to be called the Paseo Colorado. I know because I went there in Feb. 2010 to see Shutter Island. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  18. Trivia: In the cricket episode, there a scene in the comic book store but Stuart is not in that episode at all. I think that's the only time that happened.
  19. http://www.neatorama.com/story/The-Big-Bang-Theory-Apartments/#!tq9hX In this image, what is that thing under the boombox but to the left a little? It looks like a reeltoreel player, but why would they have one of those??
  20. Actually, Howard was only in space the first four episodes of Season 6. Your point is valid but something else may have been at play. What was the whole story about Sara Gilbert?
  21. Kate is in a music/comedy group called Garfunkel and Oates. The other person is Riki Lindhome, who appeared in BBT as Ramona Nowitzki. (I think she is a blonde in real life.) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riki_Lindhome
  22. Perhaps Lucy was sort of using Raj as way of overcoming her own problem. I don't mean "using" in a terrible way. I think that Lucy liked Raj up to a certain point. They didn't have much in common. She doesn't like comic books. On the other hand, the other three women don't like comic books.
  23. Kevin Sussman was considered a recurring character but in Season 6 he was promoted to regular and had his name in the opening credits. But then he was moved down again. Does anyone know what the story is? Actors usually don't talk openly about these things. Perhaps Kevin insisted on being a regular or he would leave. That may have happened with Darryl in The Office. They moved him to the regular office and gave him tons more funny lines. It may have been because the actor insisted it be that way.
  24. I wasn't sure if I liked Lucy but when she returned (in "Itchy Brain Simulation"), I felt like I had missed her. The fact that she was so elusive and appeared so little might be why I like her. But if she starts appearing all the time, it might not work at all. I saw a rumor saying she might return in 2014. I feel sorry for her but she would be pathetic if she doesn't change. When I saw her two dates with Raj it was funny yet painful. When she suddenly copped out on the dinner date I felt almost mad at her. I liked Amy when she first appeared and if she had always stayed the same she would have been unbearable. In fact when Lucy was in the restaurant she seemed little more outgoing, like maybe she met somebody who helped her be with people.
  25. I went back to the site last night and there were no popup ads.
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