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  1. Imdb says Bert also appeared in Contractual Obligation. But I don't remember seeing him in that episode. If he was in that ep, what part? Perhaps it was a deleted scene. (Bert is Amy's co-worker who appeared in Occupation Recalibration.)
  2. That's what I get for running an old Android and no blockers. But somebody did a bad redesign of wikia.
  3. In Sheldon's apt, there is a painting in the hall that leads to the bedrooms. It has large curves and circles on it. What is it? Also do you know what the paintings in Raj's apt are? One sort of has yellow rays shooting out from the middle.
  4. In the past few weeks, all wikia sites (which includes the BBT wiki) have terrible popup ads. On my Android phone, I will load a page and after a few seconds the entire screen goes dark. Then I have to scroll down to see an ad, and close it. On my Windows computer, the entire screen goes dark and sometimes I don't even see the ad. This is all sites that contain "wikia" in the name. A lot of other TV fan wikis use wikia, and they have the same problem. Around the same time this started happening, they added a blue menu floating button. Have you all noticed this?
  5. When someone called Raj to say they found his dog, he said "Thanks Jess" or something that sounded like that. What was the line? Was it the police who called him?
  6. In the Bakersfield episode, there's a pale, skinny man in the comic book store. He was also with Wheaton in the Raiders of the Lost Ark ep at the film theater. Anyone know who he is? Also in the Bakersfield ep, it looked like they were driving on the freeway with the San Gabriel Mountains (which are north of Pasadena) in the rear window. Was that a mistake or is that what it looks like when you are north of the mountains on the 210? It also looks like they are driving south from the mountains.
  7. There was an old movie actor named Sheldon Leonard and that's how they got those two first names. I remember now, they mentioned Poland in the last episodes of Season 5.
  8. (Correction - In the subject line I meant CharacterS) Does anyone know what Koothrappali means in Hindi? Also, how did the show's creators think of that name? Is Howard a Polish person? He may also be Russian or other Eastern European descent. Wolowitz seems like a Polish name - anyone know its origin? Hofstadter is obviously a German name and is also the name of the computer science author, Douglas Hofstadter. He wrote "Godel Escher Bach." "Stadt" means "country" in German. Amy's middle name is Farrah and was possibly because of the TV star of the seventies, but they've never mentioned it. Rostenkowski is a Polish name. I wonder what it means.
  9. Mayim is on the cover of the latest Arroyo Magazine. This is a free monthly paper from Pasadena. I don't have any scans. They spelled her name wrong on the cover!! They wrote it as Bialek. But her name is Bialik.
  10. Did the actor who played Gablehauser (Mark Harelik) leave the show for a particular reason, so they replaced him with Siebert? Gable last appeared in the episode where Raj was in People magazine. They didn't explain in the show that he was leaving. Siebert is actually president of the school whereas Gable was head of the physics department. But Siebert plays the same function.
  11. Which episode is this: The guys started talking about a possible gay experience Raj had, and Raj says "That's as far as it went" and left, and slammed the door?
  12. My main puzzlement about BBT is why Leonard gets so many girls. He's short, has unfashionable glasses, and frowns a lot. And yet he "scored" with Penny, Priya (Raj's beautiful sister), the boring doctor, and even some older woman he didn't even like. Am I missing something? I'm a straight man and can only say so much.
  13. I was watching the Criterion DVD of The Thin Red Line and there was a feature about the auditions. I was shocked when they showed Johnny Galecki was one of the actors who auditioned! This was back in 1997. They just show him for two seconds, that's it. He didn't appear in the actual film.
  14. About the shot of the five eating Chinese food in the opening titles - are there exactly 5 different shots, one for each season? I know there are at least two different ones, because Penny's hair was different in season one. Plus Raj was wearing the baseball hat, which he only did in the aired pilot. They're going to have to add Bernie and Amy too, but they might not.
  15. Is it true that just anyone can go on the Internet can be ordained to perform a wedding?? Why did the gang think it was a cool idea to have the wedding so that it would be photographed by Google Earth? It would be so small you could never see it.
  16. When the guys are playing instruments, are they playing a particular video game like Guitar Hero? And when you do this, do the instruments actually make any sound? They did this in the Maternal Capacitance and Psychic Vortex.
  17. Another object question: Sheldon has something next to the fridge. It looks like a big LED display or a picture frame, on top of a stack of books, like phone books. Sometimes it's not there. Any ideas what it is?
  18. Sheldon has a thing on the shelf near the door, under the boombox, that looks like a boombox but could also be a speaker. Know what it is? It's almost like a box painted to give the impression of a boombox. Also, in Howard's room, he has a dome-shaped lamp - is it supposed to be a particular lamp or a model of something? Don't they sometimes show posters etc. that are like a real comic book image but are not from a real comic book? This may be true of the stuff on Howard's walls.
  19. Do they ever shoot footage in Pasadena? The only thing I've seen in Pasadena is when they're in a car and you can see the trees with Christmas lights, which happens all year round on Lake Avenue. But the sets are really in Burbank. I like the way they mention real things in Pasadena - the Cheesecake Factory, Ralph's, Los Robles Ave., even Souplantation. However Sheldon and Leonard live about a mile from CalTech and could probably walk there.
  20. robertc

    new guy here

    I. livr on psadena and they accurately use names of real streets and even ralphs and souplantation. The comic store an chinese restaurant are fictitious. Green st.doed havr lights on trees all year round . This id my seconf podting
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