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  1. I have been reading this topic with interest and I haven't noticed Jims derriere before but now you mention it..........fans her face and looks for some ice!
  2. How wonderful that Jim and Tod have a production company together!
  3. bigbangsheldon.....where does the pic of Amy comforting Sheldon come from? Probably an episode I haven't seen yet. Channel E4 in the UK have stopped transmitting the new series for a while, ending with the car parking one. I don't know when they will resume showing the new episodes. On the bright side (I think) they are showing new episodes of How I met your Mother.
  4. I think this just shows you that when actors have to do alot of kissing together, they invariable fall in love, it's a chemistry thing. Sites Brad and Anjelina as an example.
  5. I agree with spook that people these days are too obsessed with diagnoses. If you have a diagnosis you tend to be boxed by certain people and treated a certain way. What we have to remember here is that Autisim has a spectrum of behaviours and each person is an individual case. If the writers boxed Sheldon as Autistic then his behaviours would not be funny any more, they would be expected and what could be worse for the show then to take away the crazy behaviour of Sheldon.
  6. I have read this thread with great interest, there are many eloquent writers with different points of view. I hesitate to add my voice but I would just like to say that , in my opinion any kind of oppression is wrong. We should be a live and let live world, excepting of others. I have experienced bigotry not through my sexual orientation but because I have Bipolar Disorder. Any form of bigotry is wrong IMHO and ignorance is no excuse for percecution.
  7. I don't usually like spin offs, they very rarely work, Frazier being an exception. I would like to see Raj being brought forward as a more important character, He has had a few episodes where he features but he has not had a major story line. I think there must be some good situations the writers could bring to him.
  8. I think every character contributes to the whole. I think if one character was more important then the rest the show would loose it's balance and cohesion. NB I just put my tv on and TBBT is on at 11.00am. Way Hey!
  9. This is great! I never knew I could find stories of my favourite show. I'm starting reading right now!
  10. I don't know why but I can't see this clip. Is it available somewhere else, please?
  11. I have been offline for 2 weeks visiting my sick Mother in England. She is a bit better, thank you to all who enquired. I have not seen any of the new series yet but look forward to seeing the episodes during this weekend. Did it live up to everyones expectations?
  12. Thanks guys for your best wishes for my Mum. I'm flying today from Switzerland to the UK to see her. I won't be online for a week but I really hope you enjoy the new episodes of TBBT and I will catch up with you all when I get back.
  13. I've just managed to see the first episode online. Fantastic! It really cheered me up as I have a very sick mother at the moment and I really needed a Pick me up. Well done guys!
  14. Miranda is great! Can't wait for the new season with this very talented actress.
  15. In apartments in Switzerland there is nearly always a communal laundry room. You are not allowed to wash on Sundays either.
  16. My kids disown me as I am using BBT quotes all the time! It's lovely to be able to embarras teenagers.....lol!
  17. I have a six year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Zelda. She is a black and tan and has a very sweet nature.
  18. Does a Kindle count? Cos I love it and it's getting me into debt!
  19. I just saw this episode today and really enjoyed it. Why do old post come up again though?
  20. I'm glad he has left it longer. Looks so nice that way. Thanks for the info.
  21. Why is this episode called 'The Dead Hooker'? I see no reason for it.
  22. I thought he would have a two week break, maybe for a holiday in the sun. All work and no play...excetera.
  23. Mayim looks beautiful in those pics and I love the back pack picture of Jim. It looks to me that he had just finished a performance of 'Harvey' and was busy signing autugraphs. Lucky people!
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