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  1. As I've said before - I hope Raj doesn't turn out to be gay. His typically girl-interests are funny because he is heterosexual and fails when it turns out he was gay after all. He will become sub-Jack McFarland in a sub-Friends sitcom.
  2. I thought that Stuart had potential to be part of a spin off show based around the comic book store, but this is interesting news. I'm always a little concerned when shows develop from their original concept so well shall see.
  3. Sheldon's voice in the early episodes - possibly throughout season one - is deeper and less nerdy. Probably Jim was still developing him.
  4. I think it will be like the North Pole expedition which happened between seasons. So my guess will be Howard & co. preparing to return.
  5. I like the cat and mouse, will they won't they, they're on they're off, but they are a doomed relationship ultimately because Penny likes hot guys.
  6. Wow, that's fast! I thought perhaps next year. I wonder when we in the UK will see it.
  7. ______________________________________________ I liked this episode mostly though how realistic is it that Penny can be heard through 4 closed doors and a running shower and that Penny despite having a dislocated shoulder still managed to have a towel wrapped round her Sheldon has "Vulcan hearing" remember?
  8. Take this scene. It's funny because Raj is a straight guy in touch with his feminine ideal. If he were gay ... well, it's just 'Will & Grace'.
  9. I don't see how anyone could 'hate' Amy. She's adorable.
  10. I'd hate it if they made Raj gay. It would ruin his unique 'feminine' look on life - his appreciation for Sandra Bullock movies, Sex And The City, New Moon, etc - and just make him a stereotyped gay man.
  11. She had a severe leg injury so I doubt heels are good for her. I've never noticed she doesn't wear heels to be honest.
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