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  1. Kripke likes waffles and stwippers.
  2. I have three. " " Sheldon "Look Leonard, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyQz8jWAl7s!" Two makes me laugh like a donkey every time, one make me teary. You will know which is which.
  3. The food is probably cold and unappetising as well.
  4. I don't think Raj is gay. He's had at least two enjoyable sexual encounters with women as far as I can remember (Penny and a fat lady - anyone else?) I think it would be a huge mistake to make him a gay character - not only would it would take away the amusement of a straight man liking typically 'girly' things - chick flicks, chick lit, etc, but make a nonesense of his mutism. Why would a gay man be sexualy intimidated by women?
  5. One part Penny, one part Mary Cooper, one part Stuart Bloom.
  6. My all-time favourite Penny moment - both funny and touching. It also shows how much she has grown ("Where'd the hell that come from!")
  7. Oh, Penny is definitely a core character - and arguably the second most popular of them all, I'd wager. I personally think of the original five as the core characters simply because they can have, and have had, scenes naturally with each other. Amy is attached to Sheldon and Bernadette to Howard - their spin-off characters if you like. Without Sheldon there is no Amy - same with Bernadette and Howard. Hope that makes sense.
  8. I would agree that people develop, and it's nice to see Howard grow up (I really didn't care for the old Howard), but I think Sheldon should be like his copy of Flash #123; the same mint copy, hermetically sealed whilst all the other comics are exposed to sunlight, wear and tear and the experience of being used. Sheldon knows all he needs to know about science but he should always be in the dark with human feelings and emotions.
  9. Everyone at least once, more often twice or more - except the final two episodes yet to be transmitted in the UK (as I type).
  10. Just been transmitted in the UK. Really out of character for Sheldon to drink let alone get drunk. I don't like him moving on, like many on here. However, I am happy to see some development in Howard - I really didn't like him in the earliest episodes - or rather I liked to dislike him. I'm pleased he's grown up at last. Whats going on with Stuart? I thought all that stuff about his money problems (and then trying to snatch a dollar bill) was a bit grim. I thought he was a bit of a loser but not to this extent. I laughed out loud about twice this episode - which is below average for
  11. Has Howard ever shot an elephant in his pyjamas?
  12. But what if I am already a superhero?
  13. I would argue it differently. A non core cast member would be: Raj's parents Howard's mom Stuart Kripke I think what I mean too is this: if Amy or Bernadette were to leave the show, it would still be TBBT. Obviously, because it was TBBT before they were ever in it. But if Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, Howard or Raj left it would not. There is the core cast and the core core cast.
  14. That was the laugh of the episode for me. Frankly I was dreading this one - I hate stunt casting, Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy and now Stephen Hawking. No more please unless it's Adam West - but t'weren't too bad.
  15. As you say, it's Sheldon/Amy. By own storyline I meant where the other cast members are more peripheral.
  16. This episode was repeated in the UK tonight. Sheldon mentioning he was on a "DC Batman Internet Forum" was interesting - Dick Grayson, the natural successor to the Batman. Joe Chill, murderer of Bruce Wayne's parents ... I know all that stuff, which gave it more depth for me. However I can't imagine Sheldon on any online forums somehow. Unless it was his forum.
  17. I like Amy and Bernadette but I agree they shouldn't be in the opening shot. They're regulars, in that they're in every episode, but they're not the real core cast members. I see a distinct line drawn between 'the originals' and 'the newcomers'. Howard, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and Raj have all had there own storylines but I don't think Amy and Bernadette have - and that's how it should always be. This isn't Friends!
  18. "Whoooz cawling at this unGodly hourr!" Brilliant.
  19. And just to add: Penny's line comparing the mint in box toys with her virginity was genius.
  20. This episode has just been screened in the UK this week. The way I look at it, it was Mr Spock making the cameo (actually Mr Spock the action figure) not Leornard Nimoy, and Mr Spock isn't an octogenarian, but yes it was a shame he isn't actually on screen sharing a scene with Sheldon. That was laugh out loud funny. Almost like Sheldon anticipating a "What are you doing?" from Leonard and Penny. Similarly Sheldon's "No!" as he bailed out of the barber's chair in The Werewolf Transformation.
  21. OP it is a shame you are now boycotting the show. It's a great show. Bye then ...
  22. Really expecting a 'babies swapped at birth' storyline involving Sheldon, Leonard and the mothers one day.
  23. Jim Parsons should be the next Doctor (Who), if they ever want an American one. He's be ideal.
  24. I hope there are no marriages, children, (any more) flashbacks, dream sequences or parallel universes. That shark is impatient to jump. I would like to see the characters at Comic Con.
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