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  1. I have a lot of favorite Sheldon moments. The three that spring to mind most easily: When he is explaining to Leonard and Howard his childhood wish of creating a griffin for a pet. (Seriously I nearly pulled a stomach muscle laughing in that episode) When Leonard and Raj took Howard to Las Vegas and Sheldon had to sleep at Penny's after locking himself out. Getting her to sing, 'soft kitty' then saying, 'I'm sleepy now, get out.' After Leonard and Penny broke up, season four I think, when he goes to have a spaghetti dinner with Penny, as he calls it a real I-talian treat! The lengths he went to to keep the date while not upsetting Leonard who had bought him dinner. Then his confession about the dinner to Leonard at the end and recanting his tale of Sheldon and the hellhound. So many classic moments, such a great character beautifully acted.
  2. Well it has been a long time since I have visited this site. My life is pretty demanding these days. But it is Sunday afternoon, a cold winter's day, I have a lovely fire going a mug of home made soup in my hand and not much else to do. So I thought I would stop by. While perusing youtube the other day I viewed one of the most recent episodes of Howard/Bernadette's wedding and Leonard/Penny sleeping together again and yet again falling apart. In my opinion this relationship is and always has been a trainwreck. It baffles me how the Lenny fans see this as anything else. Please do not think I am trying to antagonize people I really am not. I am just trying to understand the writer's thought processes, if these two are the main romantic interest in the show, why they are written so badly when they do come together? Leonard and Penny sleep together during which he proposes and she blows up. Does she love him? I really don't know but find it hard to believe she does. For instance she refers to them 'having sex' frequently. As does Leonard use the term sex. They don't seem to view the act as making love. It is just a physical release for both of them. It is also usually preceded by some awkward banter and followed by the same. I would like to see them cuddling on the couch some time. I don't mean making out, I mean just holding each other and being one. I cannot see how either party have secretly held, deep abiding love for the other when they behave the way they do. One would really think after five years they would know their feelings for each other and if they have a future together. The only solution I can see to this on again, off again painful scenario is to end it completely. I would like to see both of them in happy relationships with other people and be able to maintain their friendship. No guys, I am not heading in the Shenny direction, don't think that for a moment. I just want to see both characters happy, which neither seem to be when they are together. Their childish little sniping at each other during their friend's wedding is an unbelievable demonstration of how bad they are for each other. They only seem to bring out the worst in each other. Please writers in season 6, end this misery once and for all.
  3. The plot may have been used in other shows about a couple breaking up and having a custodial disagreement over the friends, but in those shows the "friends" did not act as though they were small children, even to the point of being told it was bedtime. I don't believe that any other show demonstrated so distinctly who was the adult and who was the child. Because of that, to me the thought of Penny and Sheldon getting together is ludicrous. The characterization of the Penny and Sheldon relationship being that of an adult/mother and a child has been re-enforced on multiple occasions. The multiple times that Sheldon has asked Penny to sing soft kitty to him is probably the most frequently occurring example. The example of That 70's Show breakup very literally places Fez as the small child. With Donna berating Eric for giving him ice cream after finding some on his face. Then Hide saying Fez needed to be cleaned up and then put to bed, because he had a big day. Sorry but it has been done exactly the same on other shows. As I mentioned in my experience most men turn into needy little babies when they are sick. It is not that 'I know a few wimpy men' as you put it. It is ten years of registered nursing talking, where I nursed a huge number of men of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Also does the fact that Penny wanted him to sing it to her in the Adhesive Duck Deficiency make her a small child too, if so they are a perfect match. I also find it a little hypocritical that you are so defensive of the L/P relationship on this thread yet on another thread you acknowledged that their relationship is seriously flawed. Even going to the point of saying Leonard, needed to 'grow a pair'. I believe it is Leonard's wimpiness that has been most peoples point of criticism in this thread. Because in many ways Penny already is dating a small child.
  4. Rick you mention the disneyland episode multiple times as the perfect demonstration of why Penny and Sheldon could never be a couple. At face value I complete agree but I have to add it was that particular episode that the show lost me as a fan. Simply because a) it was too ludicrous to be credited and it is a plot that has been used on multiple other sitcoms, where the warring exes become battling custodial parents of their friends (that 70's show, friends and others that escape me). Therefore I am not sure I would be so keen to paint this as a Big Bang character definition. It is simply a comedy ploy that has already been done to death. It was ridiculous to the extreme, it was this infantilization of Sheldon that really destroyed my love of the show.
  5. How does one 'feel' alluded? One may feel alluded to, as it is an indirect reference. Also what the heck is adecuate or renegated? I have google both words and come up blank. I like to think I have a fairly good command of the English language but you have stumped me a couple of times Sarah. Never mind, we are not supposed to be directing our posts at other members just at the thread topic. Although an awful lot of poster bashing goes on around here. I honestly can't see Amy being a permanent character in the show, but who knows unlike other people I cannot use such iron tight conviction that leads them to repeatedly saying, 'never, ever happen!'. As a wise man once said the only certainties in this life are death and taxes. In my personal experience everything else is changeable and at times messy.
  6. I don't see Leonard's pursuit of Penny as a grab at 'normal'. In his eyes Penny is not 'normal' she is a goddess. As he said in the episode after they split up in season 3, 'you will meet a gorgeous girl who is everything you ever wanted, blah, blah, blah'. His relationship with Penny is not a natural bonding of two like minded people. It is Leonard making his fantasies a reality. Rick pointed out that when I mentioned Leonard's short attention span with women, he repeatedly said 'they weren't dating at the time' as a defense of Leonard lusting after other women. It is interesting though that since the very beginning of the show Leonard has behaved with a bizarre possessive jealousy with Penny. His reaction each time he saw her with another guy was over the top, like the hurting ex who can't bear to see his girl with another man. Amy is teaching Sheldon what is involved in a relationship. Yes it is a long hard slog, but she is teaching a man who has no real understanding of social relationships (hardly surprising). She is getting through to him and he is growing as a result. The concept of a relationship between him and Penny is as I and others have mentioned, a long way into the future. When both have grown a lot and Leonard has moved on yet again to another woman. You know, I have to say for a fairly unattractive, whiny, insecure male he seems to score remarkably well with a variety of attractive women. Would this happen in real life? I doubt it. I have also met a super genius, socially clueless man who was remarkably good looking. Nerd and unattractive don't automatically go together.
  7. It is that whole, 'would like to be more normal' characteristic that makes Leonard so unappealling. Why can't he just be happy with who he is as a person? Sheldon is happy with who he is. Rick among others have pointed out examples of what they perceive to be Sheldon's immaturity including when he went back to Texas after the stupid little trick with the electric can opener. Frankly if I found out the person I believed to be my best friend had humiliated me in front of my peers I would want to be with the one person I knew could trust beyond a shadow of a doubt. In this case it was his mother. I know a lot of men a lot older than Sheldon who have an unhealthy bond with their mother. At least he does not live with his mother like Howard does. Most of the time he functions quite independently of her. He also mentioned that Sheldon needed to be taken care of and have soft kitty sung to him when he was sick. I have to be honest and say I have not met a man who doesn't turn into a needy little baby when they are sick. This includes a lot of men a lot older than he is. Sheldon is still in his twenties, in my personal experience most men do not mature until they are well over thirty. My comment about him being the most mature was simply referring to the fact that of the four of them he is the most emotionally independent and secure. Yes he has lots of quirks and needs absolute order in his own little world, most true geniuses do. His acts towards Penny and the others Bigbang mentioned were out of generosity. In every one of those cases a truly selfish person would have said, 'well @#$% you, you're on your own.' But Sheldon wouldn't do that, he comes through for his friends when they need him. Leonard on the other hand, has given several examples of his less than trustworthy and less than reliable attitudes towards his friends and his girlfriend, many of which have already been mentioned both by myself and by Bigbang.
  8. Sheldon is generous? Sheldon never does anything for anyone unless there is something in it for himself. He is one of the most selfish characters on TV. Having a good comedy rapport between Penny and Sheldon has nothing to do with putting the two characters together romantically. Their comedy is based on controversy and mutual antagonism. It does make for great comedy but it is incredibly wrong for romance. How can there be romance between two characters that have shown a total lack of respect for each other? It's ludicrous. So when Sheldon loaned Penny money in the Financial Permeability, when he helped her set up her business in the Work Song Nanocluster and when he overcame all of his fears etc to drive her to the hospital in the Adhesive Duck Deficiency, what was he getting out of it? Both of them have been there for each other in ways that Leonard has not. As Bigbang said it is not that Sheldon is perfect for her it is just that he is a better match for her than Leonard.
  9. Everyone is entitled to their opinion wayelrob. What frustrates the Shenny shippers is that the Lenny shippers are unable to defend or explain their point of view without personal attacks. It would be refreshing to read a reply from that group that does not use the words: idiotic, moronic, stupid, insane, deranged, deluded etc. etc. All I asked at the start of my posting is what is the basis for the L/P match? I would like someone to tell me more than it is canon, or it is what the producers planned from the start. Who cares? Surely a relationship needs more than it was the original intention, so let's ignore all the flaws in it. The most I have seen people state is that she enjoys sex and he is a nice guy (sometimes). It has also been argued in very colourful terms why Penny and Sheldon shouldn't date. Okay most Shenny shippers know it may never happen. Although I am a firm believer in the saying, never say never, it has made a fool of too many people. The point is we are all entitled to our opinion, I see that Penny and Sheldon are better suited in many ways. But the Penny and Sheldon I loved were in the first two seasons. After that both characters deteriorated and I am not sure they will find their way back. Penny was no longer the bright, happy extroverted girl she was in the first two seasons. Leonard was no longer the likeable nerd with a vain hope of dating the goddess across the hall. Sheldon was no longer the most mature and best character in the show. The relationship changed the whole dynamic of the show and not in a good way. Someone mentioned earlier about Penny and Sheldon being polar opposites, in my opinion Leonard and Penny are equally opposite. She's extroverted, he's introverted, he's well educted, she is not, he comes from a compicated family background, she comes from much more basic traditional family, he's into everything she is not and vice versa. Maybe the writers need to work on giving their relationship more depth. No personal attacks please, having a different opinion does not mean I am any of the above adjectives.
  10. Why do you need to defend (!) a fictional character at all? And why your preferred method of defence is bashing other characters? And why do you pick those characters to bash who are favorites of your opponents? You, my friend, are long gone on the road to the fandom insanity. You 1) DEFEND a fictional character (as if he were not a figment of imagination but your own flesh & blood), 2) by BASHING other fictional characters (as if they care ), 3) and you're trying to attack REAL PEOPLE if they don't like your favorite. Don't you think it's completely mental, doing this? "Defending" a figment of imagination from opinions of other people (!!! ), all the while trying to attack and hurt feelings of real people behind the screen? When *I* disagreed with you about Leonard, you started bashing Sheldon - I'm guessing, because I'm Sheldon's fan? (Not that I give a damn, I can see the line between "real" and "imaginary", thank you very much. Carry on, Sheldon doesn't care, and neither do I. ) You admitted that the reason you kept bashing Penny was because it upset cbolt. Now, in my book, feeling enamoured of a fictional character is okay - whatever, we've all done it one time or another. But trying to attack another human being because you feel the need to "defend" your favorite fictional figment (of someone else's imagination !) from opinions of other people - that's crossing the line of both sanity and basic good manners. It doesn't matter that you do not succeed. It's the thought that counts. I applaud you Bigbang, you are my hero (fingers crossed this won't get removed as my post yesterday did, although I have no idea why) It appears the Lenny fans are allowed to be as antagonistic and abusive as they please.
  11. Not sure if this is word perfect but it is from one of my favourite episodes, 'The Griffin Equivalency.' Sheldon, "I wanted to create a new pet, something I could snuggle with at night yet would be capable of killing on telepathic command.' Howard, "So, not a puppy.' Sheldon, "Please, nothing so pedestrian. I wanted a griffin, you know half eagle, half lion.' Leonard, "And mythological." Sheldon, "Irrelevant, I had been studying cloning techniques and was pretty sure I could make one. Unfortunately my parents were unwilling to get the necessary eagle eggs and lion semen. But of course my sister got swimming lessons when she wanted them." I nearly pulled a stomach muscle laughing the first time I saw this scene.
  12. Rick, your repeated justifications have only demonstrated my point. This is apart from the numerous personal insults peppered throughout your reply. It is what I don't like about the Lenny fans, they seem incapable of replying to a comment about Leonard without personally attacking the person who posted it. Is he a friend of yours or a relative? And yet you use the word 'rabid' repeatedly. It is the personally affronted up in arms defense of him that I find irritating. By the way, on my first date with my husband, I did not wear makeup, my hair was uncoloured and I wore jeans and a shirt. You have repeatedly stated that it is physical appearance that attracts men and women to each other. My husband has told me repeatedly it was my intelligence and strength of character that drew him to me. I could handle the Penny/Leonard relationship if it had more depth. I would just like once to hear Leonard say what it is about Penny that he loves. I would think after five years he could come up with a few reasons other than her looks. You have repeatedly defended his behaviour by saying they weren't dating at the time. I thought most Leonard and Penny fans believed their relationship was destined from the start of the show. My point was Leonard seems to have a short attention span where women are concerned. Try to respond Rick without personally attacking me if you can, I did not attack you.
  13. Haven't been in for a while so thought I would add my thoughts to this argument. People have said repeatedly that it would never happen because they couldn't do that to the people involved in the situation. To me this is a very adolescent idea. For one thing the Shenny shippers are not speculating this to happen in the near future when yes it would hurt a lot of people. The relationship they are proposing would happen many seasons in the future (if the show lasts that long). When all of them have grown up a bit and Leonard may be married (my personal preference would be Stephanie as I thought they were good together). Noone knows what the future holds or where characters and storylines will evolve to. In fact I am sure the writers don't even know that. I am pretty sure they plan out a season at a time but not three, five or six seasons in advance. They are not that talented. The writers of X-files always said Mulder and Scully would never happen. It did end up wrecking the show but it was not very well handled so it was hardly surprising. I really can't see Amy being a permanent character in the show, there are way too many people who don't like her. As I have said in other posts the Shenny thing may never happen. But calling us insane or idiots is unnecessary and uncalled for. Disagreeing with someone doesn't make your opinion any less valid. We Shenny shippers must content ourselves with the fanfiction and I am okay with that.
  14. Let me guess, your a shenny fan. LOL. Leonard and Penny are END GAME! Yes Slick that's why this person said they don't want to see Sheldon in a relationship. Whether you are a Shenny shipper or not does not change the fact that the Leonard/Penny relationship is tedious at best, ridiculous at worst. I do wish you would stop saying END GAME, although better yet keep saying it, I look forward to you ending up with egg on your face. I am not saying Shenny will ever happen, it probably won't with the writers devolving him and changing her in an unappealling fashion. I just cannot see the magical love story you see, I see a relationship that has struggled from the start and has to end eventually. I am entitled to my opinion. Slick. (You cannot upset me today, I became a grandmother two days ago so have a serious case of baby love)
  15. Slick you have started two almost identical threads in two days. You accuse other people of being 'haters' and bashing Leonard. Yet it seems you are doing exactly the same thing about Sheldon. In fact I can almost see you standing there with your tongue sticking out. Your child like obstinacy is just irritating. As I am almost twice your age, I can tell you that NOTHING in life is set in stone. I can tell you that NOTHING is impossible. How does that saying go, 'when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me'. Well I don't think I am the ass here. You are unable to express yourself without getting personal, abusive and nasty. Maybe you should go and start your one person I love Leonard fanclub and not come back here until you have grown up a bit. None of us have turned Leonard into a monster, the writers have done an excellent job of ruining his character without our help. By the way your petulant little, 'if Leonard betrayed Sheldon he must have deserved it', are you on the level? Betrayal has an inherent meaning that the act is unwarranted and unscrupulous.
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