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  1. I have a lot of favorite Sheldon moments. The three that spring to mind most easily: When he is explaining to Leonard and Howard his childhood wish of creating a griffin for a pet. (Seriously I nearly pulled a stomach muscle laughing in that episode) When Leonard and Raj took Howard to Las Vegas and Sheldon had to sleep at Penny's after locking himself out. Getting her to sing, 'soft kitty' then saying, 'I'm sleepy now, get out.' After Leonard and Penny broke up, season four I think, when he goes to have a spaghetti dinner with Penny, as he calls it a real I-talian treat! The lengths
  2. Well it has been a long time since I have visited this site. My life is pretty demanding these days. But it is Sunday afternoon, a cold winter's day, I have a lovely fire going a mug of home made soup in my hand and not much else to do. So I thought I would stop by. While perusing youtube the other day I viewed one of the most recent episodes of Howard/Bernadette's wedding and Leonard/Penny sleeping together again and yet again falling apart. In my opinion this relationship is and always has been a trainwreck. It baffles me how the Lenny fans see this as anything else. Please do not think I
  3. The plot may have been used in other shows about a couple breaking up and having a custodial disagreement over the friends, but in those shows the "friends" did not act as though they were small children, even to the point of being told it was bedtime. I don't believe that any other show demonstrated so distinctly who was the adult and who was the child. Because of that, to me the thought of Penny and Sheldon getting together is ludicrous. The characterization of the Penny and Sheldon relationship being that of an adult/mother and a child has been re-enforced on multiple occasions. The mul
  4. Rick you mention the disneyland episode multiple times as the perfect demonstration of why Penny and Sheldon could never be a couple. At face value I complete agree but I have to add it was that particular episode that the show lost me as a fan. Simply because a) it was too ludicrous to be credited and it is a plot that has been used on multiple other sitcoms, where the warring exes become battling custodial parents of their friends (that 70's show, friends and others that escape me). Therefore I am not sure I would be so keen to paint this as a Big Bang character definition. It is simply a c
  5. How does one 'feel' alluded? One may feel alluded to, as it is an indirect reference. Also what the heck is adecuate or renegated? I have google both words and come up blank. I like to think I have a fairly good command of the English language but you have stumped me a couple of times Sarah. Never mind, we are not supposed to be directing our posts at other members just at the thread topic. Although an awful lot of poster bashing goes on around here. I honestly can't see Amy being a permanent character in the show, but who knows unlike other people I cannot use such iron tight convict
  6. I don't see Leonard's pursuit of Penny as a grab at 'normal'. In his eyes Penny is not 'normal' she is a goddess. As he said in the episode after they split up in season 3, 'you will meet a gorgeous girl who is everything you ever wanted, blah, blah, blah'. His relationship with Penny is not a natural bonding of two like minded people. It is Leonard making his fantasies a reality. Rick pointed out that when I mentioned Leonard's short attention span with women, he repeatedly said 'they weren't dating at the time' as a defense of Leonard lusting after other women. It is interesting though th
  7. It is that whole, 'would like to be more normal' characteristic that makes Leonard so unappealling. Why can't he just be happy with who he is as a person? Sheldon is happy with who he is. Rick among others have pointed out examples of what they perceive to be Sheldon's immaturity including when he went back to Texas after the stupid little trick with the electric can opener. Frankly if I found out the person I believed to be my best friend had humiliated me in front of my peers I would want to be with the one person I knew could trust beyond a shadow of a doubt. In this case it was his moth
  8. Sheldon is generous? Sheldon never does anything for anyone unless there is something in it for himself. He is one of the most selfish characters on TV. Having a good comedy rapport between Penny and Sheldon has nothing to do with putting the two characters together romantically. Their comedy is based on controversy and mutual antagonism. It does make for great comedy but it is incredibly wrong for romance. How can there be romance between two characters that have shown a total lack of respect for each other? It's ludicrous. So when Sheldon loaned Penny money in the Financial Permeability
  9. Everyone is entitled to their opinion wayelrob. What frustrates the Shenny shippers is that the Lenny shippers are unable to defend or explain their point of view without personal attacks. It would be refreshing to read a reply from that group that does not use the words: idiotic, moronic, stupid, insane, deranged, deluded etc. etc. All I asked at the start of my posting is what is the basis for the L/P match? I would like someone to tell me more than it is canon, or it is what the producers planned from the start. Who cares? Surely a relationship needs more than it was the original intenti
  10. Why do you need to defend (!) a fictional character at all? And why your preferred method of defence is bashing other characters? And why do you pick those characters to bash who are favorites of your opponents? You, my friend, are long gone on the road to the fandom insanity. You 1) DEFEND a fictional character (as if he were not a figment of imagination but your own flesh & blood), 2) by BASHING other fictional characters (as if they care ), 3) and you're trying to attack REAL PEOPLE if they don't like your favorite. Don't you think it's completely mental, doing this? "Defe
  11. Not sure if this is word perfect but it is from one of my favourite episodes, 'The Griffin Equivalency.' Sheldon, "I wanted to create a new pet, something I could snuggle with at night yet would be capable of killing on telepathic command.' Howard, "So, not a puppy.' Sheldon, "Please, nothing so pedestrian. I wanted a griffin, you know half eagle, half lion.' Leonard, "And mythological." Sheldon, "Irrelevant, I had been studying cloning techniques and was pretty sure I could make one. Unfortunately my parents were unwilling to get the necessary eagle eggs and lion semen. But of
  12. Rick, your repeated justifications have only demonstrated my point. This is apart from the numerous personal insults peppered throughout your reply. It is what I don't like about the Lenny fans, they seem incapable of replying to a comment about Leonard without personally attacking the person who posted it. Is he a friend of yours or a relative? And yet you use the word 'rabid' repeatedly. It is the personally affronted up in arms defense of him that I find irritating. By the way, on my first date with my husband, I did not wear makeup, my hair was uncoloured and I wore jeans and a shirt.
  13. Haven't been in for a while so thought I would add my thoughts to this argument. People have said repeatedly that it would never happen because they couldn't do that to the people involved in the situation. To me this is a very adolescent idea. For one thing the Shenny shippers are not speculating this to happen in the near future when yes it would hurt a lot of people. The relationship they are proposing would happen many seasons in the future (if the show lasts that long). When all of them have grown up a bit and Leonard may be married (my personal preference would be Stephanie as I thou
  14. Let me guess, your a shenny fan. LOL. Leonard and Penny are END GAME! Yes Slick that's why this person said they don't want to see Sheldon in a relationship. Whether you are a Shenny shipper or not does not change the fact that the Leonard/Penny relationship is tedious at best, ridiculous at worst. I do wish you would stop saying END GAME, although better yet keep saying it, I look forward to you ending up with egg on your face. I am not saying Shenny will ever happen, it probably won't with the writers devolving him and changing her in an unappealling fashion. I just cannot see
  15. Slick you have started two almost identical threads in two days. You accuse other people of being 'haters' and bashing Leonard. Yet it seems you are doing exactly the same thing about Sheldon. In fact I can almost see you standing there with your tongue sticking out. Your child like obstinacy is just irritating. As I am almost twice your age, I can tell you that NOTHING in life is set in stone. I can tell you that NOTHING is impossible. How does that saying go, 'when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me'. Well I don't think I am the ass here. You are unable to express yourself without
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