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  1. Honestly I am just slowly falling in love with her. She seems super awesome. I already watched a couple Pan Am clips online. Lol She has a Twitter, and I wish she'd use it a tiny bit more. She seems funny.
  2. He's still with Kelli far as I know. Not too long ago they were seen all over Disney World together. (adorbs)
  3. Is he trying to quit? I heard he tried a long time ago before.
  4. He is getting (or has, rather) a tummy. Just look at the new Rocky Horror photos. Like everyone else I suppose, he fluxuates. Not a bad thing.
  5. It's called Murder at my Door I don't know what it's called either.
  6. How many people look at the FB page for TBBT every day, and I have gotten but two emails for the project thus far. Maybe I'm not doing it right. Do I give up? Or do I persuade people to join thus making this video anything but genuine? Should I give it more time? Where else can I reach out to more fans? Ugh.
  7. Almost given up on the video thing. I feel like I want to give it a lot more time, but on the other hand I am thinking that if there really were a lot of people that actually wanted to do it, I’d have like 20 E-mails by now. I am trying to get it out and share it as much as I can without being annoying. I’ve done twitter, FB, tumblr and here so far. In order for it to BE big, I need to MAKE it big, but I don’t want to pressure people into doing it. I want this to be genuine. It’s impossible that Johnny doesn’t have enough willing fans to make this happen. Just impossible.
  8. I'm glad Jim and Johnny are doing so many things outside of the show. They are such hardworkers. I haven't heard of the other guys or Kaley doing other stuff though, but then again I'm horrible with keeping up on that kind of news unless Johnny's doing something new. Lol
  9. Happily with NO stupid or disappointing plot twists. Don't pull a Roseanne stunt.
  10. I've posted this everywhere I can think of at the moment. I don't want to be a spam monster or bother anyone too much with it. I'm just trying to build this thing up, but so far it doesn't look too good. I only have about 3 or 4 people who have said they are going to do it, but I have no e-mails yet. But I am sure things like this take time. I only started it officially a few days ago. I am also sure Johnny has lots of dedicated fans who'd love to do this, it's just a matter of reaching out to them. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. http://johnny-cake.tumblr.com/project This is the official information/rules page for a project I am putting together, with a couple of other fans that have already decided to join in. We want to create a fan-made dedication video for Johnny to "give" to him on his birthday this year. If anyone wants to join or learn more about it, all the information you need is on the linked page. Everyone is welcome to participate, and we hope you do!
  12. Yikes she definitely pulls it off better than that stick model.
  13. Mom: You missed Johnny Galecki on the People’s Choice Awards. Me: I know. I don’t care, I saw pictures. Mom: He wasn’t that funny. Me: ?…It was an awards show. Mom: I know, but they were trying to be funny and he wasn’t. Me: Mom: Me:
  14. SRAM I can't help but love what I'm assuming is your Macaw in your avatar. Off topic but I have been planning on adopting a parrot sometime soon.
  15. "BOTH of the characters have problems when it comes to social norms, and maybe Leonard isn’t as bad, but it’s still there. He always tries to do what he believes is proper and it never seems to work out. Trying to do what is right, and not doing it right, is something Leonard doesn’t understand he has a problem with. Like Sheldon with so many things. He doesn’t know that it isn’t working. So why is Leonard dumped on when he makes mistakes? He may be the most “normal” of the group, but he still isn’t great with social situations. He doesn’t know any better either.” Leonard has the same kind of probems as the other guys. When he encoutners a problem in his life, he has a hard time knowing how to approach and solve it.
  16. Alex texting Leonard after the ILY. Ruined the whole mood.
  17. This is going to seem weird, but of all the pictures I have seen of Johnny, and that's a lot, this one remains my all time favorite.
  18. I was thinking this pretty much. Everyone I have told still drops jaw when I tell them "yeah he was Rusty!"
  19. No, it's not just because Johnny is hot. And, no, that isn't me. It's an actress. Unfortunately.
  20. I just leave and go to my Tumblr. Lol, Why post Johnny pics if no one else wants to see them?
  21. I'm about to make a thread that is strictly Johnny for my own benifit. Let's just make each cast member their own thread. Lol Otherwise this is pretty much the Jim Parsons thread. Pfft, this is the Jim Parsons FORUM.
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