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  1. So fast!!!! fast? by the end of season 6 it will be 6 years Yeah but not of them actually being together. Of course, we all have different thoughts on what is fast and what is not when it comes to relationships I suppose. I'm not saying I would be disappointed, I am a Leonard and Penny fan anyway.
  2. I spend far too much time on Facebook. Way too much...... I don't use Twitter anymore, never got into it. But I DO have a Tumblr wich I use alot. In fact because it is Johnny Galecki(mostly him) slash TBBT related, I am going to spam you with it. http://earth-cake.tumblr.com/ Thar you go. Go to it little moonpies! Run! See amazing things! Okay done spamming.
  3. But it's so catchy!! Like the theme song for The Office or My Little Pony.
  4. I hope eating. Ohai everyone. I am a newbie. To this forum, not the internet.
  5. Hi. I have an unhealthy obsession with The Big Bang Theory. Also Johnny Galecki. And I need to talk to people about it.
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