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  1. What? I did apparently. Still... be nice to yourself.
  2. I didn't see it yet so I can't comment on the actual topic. But I am slowly getting more pissed that they aren't getting on with this relationship and making it more stable. I will however ALWAYS love Leonard AND his "needy control freak" flaws, thank you very much. I like what Wayner and Pomita said. But I know that a lot of people will still say Leonard was in the wrong because "Sheldon didn't know any better and Leonard did". But how the f do you know that? BOTH of the characters have problems when it comes to social norms, and maybe Leonard isn't as bad, but it's still there. He always tries to do what he believes is proper and it never seems to work out. Trying to do what is right, and not doing it right, is something Leonard doesn't understand he has a problem with. Like Sheldon with so many things. He doesn't know that it isn't working. So why is Leonard dumped on when he makes mistakes? He may be the most "normal" of the group, but he still isn't great with social situations. He doesn't know any better either.
  3. Leonard is my favorite and he isn't selfish... Don't care enough to rank the others, but Wil is annoying and so is Sheldon. But unfortunately the show wouldn't be the show without Sheldon, despite how much he angers me, so...whatever.
  4. This. Johnny definitely added a hand-figgety quirk to Leonard. He almost always has his hands together, doing something with his fingers, which bugs me in a good way because I do it too. A lot.
  5. It does not appear that Johnny has been blessed with glorious dance moves. Then again it appears none of them have. Lol Still cute.
  6. People are dumb. Ignore sherminator, too, I think his main objective is to start shizz. Back to Jim being gay. He's gay.
  7. /FACEPALM/ They also say Hitler was a vegetarian. Apparently that's a good reason not to be a vegetarian. Both of these things are still debated. Which is stupid. Hitler and his ideas about society were gross, and he's long gone now.
  8. I laughed quite a lot while watching the last few episodes. So yeah. Really not a hard question to answer.
  9. If you seriously leave a show because of a gay couple you don't deserve to be told they aren't actually gay. You also don't deserve a goodbye.
  10. Be a real man like Johnny. Just don't wear any.
  11. I would have bought the same ones for my costume but I had to settle for a 12 dollar pair of grey Airwalks. It's alright. Switches it up while still looking similar.
  12. I don't care THAT much, but I do think about it. He sure does make an adorable gay guy, we know that. Lol
  13. Yes, in the name of Celestia, thank you. I'll say it again, I've wondered about Johnny being bi. He does strike me as the kind of guy that would not care to reveal if he was gay. However, I know that many people have a harder time coming out as bisexual. It's seems as if bisexuality is kind of sneered on more than being gay or lesbian. You're labeled as "unsure".
  14. No...I don't think that ever happened, unless I missed it because I am a couple episodes....well like a season, behind. But no, I was talking about when Sheldon was talking to Penny trying to convince her not to break up with Leonard in a recent episode. Geez I call myself a fan? I don't even know the numbers or titles of the damn episodes.
  15. All this makes me think of is Sheldon's recent "Please don't hurt my friend". Which almost made me cry.
  16. Yes, I'm aware Johnny is straight. Although I'll admit I've had times where I wonder if he's bisexual. This is what bothers me about these threads. People coming in saying we SHOULDN'T speculate. As if wondering whether someone is straight or gay or whatever automatically makes you a bad person. I'm not going online or on Twitter or trying to pry into Jims or anybody's life attemtping to figure out their sexual orientation. But I don't think it's wrong to wonder about someone's sexual orientation or talk about it. Jim and Johnny OBVIOUSLY know, and don't even care, that people speculate about their sexuality all the time. I've never seen anyone get offended by someone asking them if they are gay or straight. "Hey was just wondering are you gay?" "WHY I NEVER! MY GOODNESS, THE AUDACITY- YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO ASK ME?!" Is it important? No. So what. Lot's of things discussed on this board are pointless.
  17. Didn't Jim recently SAY he was gay? Frankly I think it would make more sense to speculate Johnny's sexuality. Lol
  19. AMBER ALERT. If you live in Ohio, Suspect driving silver Impala, duct tape on bumper, license plate FEA2745. Child is white male, 35 pounds and last seen wearing camo jacket, buzz lightyear pajamas and shoes. Thought I should post this wherever I can.
  20. Gaaad thank you. Never seen that first one before. (Actually the last two aren't showing. Sadface.)
  21. Why is this guy attractive again?
  22. Johnny dresses amazingly well. Well most of the time.
  23. You all know who I want to meet the most but the probability of it happening is extremely low. No use stewing my brain on that depressing topic though, so no, I've never met any of the cast.
  24. To me his head literally looks like an egg with hair and a face on it. A face that just did drugs. But I can understand how some think its cute. Rarely a time I don't find johnny nibblable.
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