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  1. I'm not angry about it. I don't know if anyone is angry about it. I'm simply tired of the conflict that has no reason for being. Love is not simple. Nobody said it is. I've got thirty years on you and know very well love is anything but simple. Conflict will exist in relationships. That's a given. But the L/P conflict has no basis. Penny is pissed off because Leonard loves and is devoted to her and wants to know if she feels the same way about him. She does or she doesn't. That IS simple. She should commit to this relationship or let it, and him, go. You say you believe this is how the relationship will be like until they finally end up together. How will they do that? The only thing keeping them apart is Penny. What will change? What does Leonard have to do? I know, you do not have these answers. Only the writers would have them. Thing is, I don't believe they do. We know that Raj and Penny ended up in bed together because of an off-hand remark by Chuck Lorre. I wonder if the whole L/P breakup didn't happen the same way. They do a lot of things on this show on the spur of the moment. No thought about what has happened, or where things may lead.There are no answers because there is no plan. Not being argumentative. I enjoy your posts and you certainly have every right to see this as you do. We just see this differently. You're enjoying the L/P dynamic. I see it as unnecessary and detracting from the show. Oh, well. Such is life... btw; nice pics of Johnny in your signature! It's a show, we all have our opinions on it. I definitely understand and see why you feel the way you do though. To answer one of your questions however, about how they will keep the relationship on edge possibly until the end...it takes a long time for people to change, or notice their feelings, or make up their minds sometimes. Maybe the writers are going for that. Again, and I know a lot of people do this, I'm going to use Ross and Rachel as an example. There are fans that stayed with them, even though it wasn't until the end of a TEN YEAR show, we new for sure they truly loved eachother. It sounds a bit sappy, but as long as there are people who like that kind of stuff, the writers will put it in there. But again, people enjoy different things and there are many varying opinions on the whole thing on this board. It's pretty interesting to hear everyone's take on it, and in the end, I enjoy yours as well as others' posts. :D And thanks about the pictures. Really though, I have an entire folder with just him in it.
  2. If you hate the L/P relationship so much and are so annoyed, then give up on it. I don't know how to explain myself any further. I have a feeling this is what their relationship will be like throughout the entire series, until they finally end up together which I do believe will happen. Seems people are under the impression that love is so simple, when even I know that it's not. You think it's as simple as Penny "not being stupid and finally letting Leonard go". I can't wrap my brain around that. Maybe I like difficulty, I don't know. But all this anger over their rocky togetherness is just silly in my opinion.
  3. I always wondered if they got hot in all those layers as well. Also if you'll notice, Sheldon isn't the only one wearing interesting tees. Leonard's shirts have some pretty cool/silly designs too. I personally like the one with the penguins wearing the sunglasses...and his recycling one. :D God they cover that man up far too much.
  4. This is sort of how I feel. This is television. This is how a lot of relationships in shows go. They aren't going to be a straight up, this or that, somebody choose right now kind of relationship everyone is complaining they want from Leonard and Penny. News flash, real life relationships aren't like that, so why make it like that on a show? Leonard and Penny aren't you. They are Leonard and Penny. This is what the L/P relationship is. It is meant to keep you wondering whether or not, in the end, they will be together. In fact, I think all this frustration and complaining is what the writers would hope for, to some extent. Obviously they can't keep you frustrated forever or you would give up on L/P, but there are going to CONTINUE to be hardships in this relationship. Embrace that.
  5. Leonard and Penny are not in any place to be getting married. If they did any time soon, their decision would be way too rushed and definitely not believable.
  6. September. They are taping now. Not sure which day though. But someone here will know.
  7. What about Ross and Rachel? Yeah, they made PERFECT freaking sense. But EVERYONE loved them. That's just the way mainstream tv shows go. If you don't like relationship stories, go turn on Shark Week or Mythbusters, or watch something on the Science Channel.
  8. I'm sorry, can I slightly spam the board with this?
  9. Perhaps she got a big acting job and moved to another place. Or maybe she still lives there and she has become a hermit and they never run into her. Or maybe, she couldn't handle running into Penny all the time and moved.
  10. Does this mean you don't want them to have good ratings? If this don't they get cancelled. Exactly. People complain "oh it isn't about geeks and science anymore". Um, it really never was. Go back and watch the first season. You can't want it all about science stuff and geek stuff all the time and expect it to survive television.
  11. Quoted again for more emphasis. He needs someone that's going to love him and be interested in his life, what he does, what he likes. Someone he can spend time with. Again, I'm available for the part.
  12. I will gladly accept the role of Leonard's new, more fitting, love interest. :D
  13. Well I guess I haven't been introduced to many LP fans yet then. Lol.
  14. I was attracted to Leonard when I first started watching, and without any previous knowledge of who Johnny was either. But maybe I am just weird. I am a little disappointed that pretty much everyone hates the Leonard and Penny relationship. Characters change. It happens on most shows. At least a little, and all Leonard needs is a small change in the way he handles being in a relationship. As well as Penny. I haven't read through this thread yet though, so this is just my opinion on it now. On a seperate but not unrelated topic, I am disappointed in how the writing caused the fanbase to focus so much on Sheldon. The show was intended to be about both of them. And, call me biased, I am, but now poor Johnny and his fans are kind of squished to the side and forgotten.
  15. It's probably his neice, right? I saw an interview where he said his sister had a baby and he and his brother are competing for favourite uncle. I dunno, maybe I'm remembering that wrong. No I think I saw the same one. He's mentioned he's an uncle now, and seeing as the only pictures that have turned up are him holding the baby I'm guessing she's a relation of his. Lol. It's so adorable.
  16. I-I don't know what you're talking about. Really, I swear I have no idea what you're referring to.... I've never seen it I swear! I never looked at it! Okay once... And another time after that. But I didn't want-...okay that's a lie.
  17. Wet Johnny! MANLY Johnny. Johnny on a bed. Johnny shirtless. Pantsless (soon to be underwearless) Johnny! Mad Johnny..grrrr. HAPPY JOHNNY! Johnny with a puppy! And my favorite...
  18. The majority of people here, be prepared to hate me. Everyone is always talking about Jim Parsons. Or posting pictures all over the place of him. It’s always Sheldon. Jim Parsons, Jim Parsons, Jim Parsons. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy. And not to mention he’s a brilliant actor. Deserves the recognition. But you know who else does? Johnny. Okay okay, call me biased. I am! Of course I am. But we all want to see OUR idols to good. It really does surprise me how much less popularity he has. He’s good looking, a GREAT actor, and just a great guy. Maybe this has to do with the fact that I’m just plain cranky right now, but I want to see less Jim and more Johnny. Everywhere.
  19. Hellllllllllz nah!!!!! That's not his baby. I...I don't know whos baby it is.
  20. Guys, I have bad news. I had a heartattack and had to be taken to the hospital today.
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