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  1. Hyenas give birth through an enlarged clitoris-like organ. True story.
  2. Okay that's a pretty annoying post. Indeed, I do love cetaceans. There's a special place in my heart for them. But do you know about my enthusiasm for other animals? I definitely don't just want to save dolphins because they are pretty. I like to support organizations that help dolphins , because they NEED help. I like to support organizations that aim to save sharks from shark finning. I also own five hermit crabs, and would like to get a corn snake when I move out. To me these animals are not only beautiful in their own way, but amazing. I am mesmerized by reptiles fish and birds. In fact I never once had the desire to work as a vet because it is mostly cats and dogs, animals that do not interest me as much. I am a member of the Cleveland Zoological Society. I understand the importance of all species on this planet and whether they are gorgeous or not does not dictate my desire to learn about and protect them. Now, that being said, dolphins are actually extremely intelligent.
  3. Yeah I haven't seen a killer whale since I was about 7 or 8 years old. So I don't have any pictures of my own of any orca.
  4. NOOO. Actually the pictures in my signature are gifs. Do they work for you? The whale one, I believe, is from the video they play in the beginning of the Shamu show. That's an actress playing with the whales.
  5. OH, lol. The one with the dolphin? Yeah it's cute, although I didn't take it. But it's still cute! And yeah my sig rocks. :D Especially the spoiler. It always makes me smile.
  6. Oh, thank you. Uh, which ones though? Lol did you look at one of my Tumblrs, or do you mean my sig? If you look on my personal Tumblr (the earthcake one) not all the photos are mine. I reblog things too. But it's usually easy to tell anyway. After a short time I forgot to put "earth-cake" underneath my own photos. I'll have to go through them and do that.
  7. Russia: We caught an orca so we can sell it to a brand spankin new marine park, for now it's just gonna sit in this little sea pen alone while we feed it. PETA: OMG A CAPTIVE BORN WHALE AT SEA WORLD GOT HIS CHIN CUT ON SOMETHING, WE DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW, BUT LET'S GO TAKE TOOOONS OF PICTURES AND MAKE IT LOOK REEEEALLY BAD! IT'S HEALING? LET'S NOT TELL ANYONE THAT. Orca in Russia: .......................
  8. You all know who I want to meet the most but the probability of it happening is extremely low. No use stewing my brain on that depressing topic though, so no, I've never met any of the cast.
  9. To me his head literally looks like an egg with hair and a face on it. A face that just did drugs. But I can understand how some think its cute. Rarely a time I don't find johnny nibblable.
  10. Whenever someone says that, all I hear is "most attractive". Really though he does have gorgeous eyes if you look for some HQ pictures. And I think he's definitely got the most sex appeal of all the guys. I think people pay too much attention to his height sometimes. Biggest excuse is that he's too short. But that's just my taste in men probably. I just pop in here every so often to even it out, because johnny, I think even next to Simon, gets the least amount gushing fangirls here on the forum. Which really surprises me. Statistically speaking he should be every girls fantasy man. He cooks, rides a motorcycle, is artistic, and he's rich and famous but doesn't let it get to his head. He also loves animals. I mean the list goes on.
  11. Dear everybody, Johnny can wear what he wants, and he has gorgeous eyes. I am also very sad that Mayim supports such an organization. An organization that just focuses on snapping pictures of a healing wound on a Sea World whale, while a newly captured orca stews in Russia. Publicity. Not helping animals. Those are my thoughts for the day, I still love all of you. Sincerely, earthcake.
  12. That sounds kind of silly. Really silly actually. First of all, I don't think Johnny is shallow enough to want to "hide" his girlfriend because she isn't as smart. Not to mention, Johnny dropped out of school after 8th grade anyway, so what makes you think he is any smarter? Johnny and Kelli don't work together, but he did work with Kaley, and I think one of the reasons he wanted to keep it on the down low is because the publicity surrounding an onset relationship would be quite a lot. If everyone knew, it would have made it that much harder when they broke up. Also, Johnny is pretty secretive when it comes to his personal life anyway. Which is completely undertsandable.
  13. took more. Here are some edited beyond lighting and color. but not much. they were also not taken by me, but my neice.
  14. For the most part your comments on the conditions of poverty in the US are somehwhat accurate. However, the living conditions on Native Reservations put even that population below the condition you set out above. I suggest you watch the Diane Sawter 20/20 documentary on Pine Ridge. As an aside on the buffalo comment, they aren't buffalo.. they are bison. Buffalo like the name, Indian is a misnomer. The two species in NA are bison bison and bison athabascae. This is a bison bison... Thanks for clearing that up. I actually looked it up first before I typed it, and didn't get a clear answer. Then again does it really matter? You know what I meant obviously.
  15. Aaaaaaaaah yes, who can forget the rapid depletion of the buffalo population? Or the glorious wars with the native people? Sorry I couldn't resist. Though not a pleasant past, still a rich one.
  16. My signature. Your argument is invalid. Well actually, technically my sig is of JOHNNY, where-as Leonard is a character. But also technically speaking they are the same exact physical person. It's the way they dress and present the character that I think turns some women off from Leonard.
  17. I thought I would get a little more praise for putting that Leonard costume together all by myself. Come on guys, do you know how hard it was to find a jacket that looked like that!?
  18. And I just died picturing Johnny Galecki advertising briefs.
  19. It's not "so great". There's a lot of crap actually, that makes it suck balls. For instance, in the USA homosexuals are denied many rights in most states. Obama supports gay marriage though. But, there are other countries that actually prosecute people for being gay. We also have a high child obesity rate. And generally, we like to cut down our forests, others' forests, and drill in wildlife sanctuaries for oil. But again, I'm sure there's other countries with similar problems. What I LIKE about our country is that I have a general freedom to express myself. I can wear what I want, listen to whatever music I want, and boycott whatever I want. But I don't agree that it's a "free" country. Not everyone is 'free'. So nice attempt at trying to generalize a country at being either great or sucky. It doesn't work that way. Every place in the world has both flaws and greatness. If you hate us so much keep it to yourself. Especially if you don't live here and don't have to deal with the problems I do.
  20. Check it OOOOOOUUUTT! I will ROCK this. ROCK. IT. On Halloween.
  21. Gettin real tired of your sh-t, Mother Nature. RIGHT when I'm about to walk out the door, the rain starts. I did my makeup today. I was going to go get gas, and a cinnamon melt from McDonalds, and go take pictures. It's my day off. And once again, it rains. What's it like whenever I'm at work? What do you think. F you, life. F you. I post in here a lot. I'm unhappy a lot. I wish I was happier, but quite frankly it's really not my fault. Sure I could just lie to myself and say everything is going okay, because at least I have a roof over my head and I'm not hungry. But let's be for real. Right now sucks balls. I have no money and a crapton of stuff to pay for, every day off I have had for the past two weeks, it's rained. The ONLY good thing about my life right now is my boyfriend, and he lives an hour away.
  22. I got a customer complaint yesterday. I can't wait to have a job with minimal human interaction. Customers, clients, patients, WHATEVER you want to call them, are a nightmare. I wish I didn't have to be one almost every day. They are a f--king pain. Most people are. Yesterday really tipped it for me. I am very close to becoming very non-social. Well when it comes to interacting with people in person at least. Did these old people forget what it was like to have a job? Seriously, I'd rather be shoveling elephant poop in a zoo then work with MOST people. And I feel like this most days. I can't STAND being sociable with SO MANY people in one day. Most of whom are completely dumb.
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