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  1. “People order each other to smile because they feel uncomfortable around people who are not smiling, especially when those people are women (or are read as such). Women are expected to be nice and sweet, to make other people feel comfortable. A woman who says ‘hey, I think there’s a problem here’ is being ‘negative.’ A woman who doesn’t smile while she’s being harassed is ‘humourless.’ A woman who prefers to stay focused on tasks is a ‘cold bitch.’ Significant gendering is involved here; women have an obligation to look and act a certain way and when they don’t, they need to be hassled until they do.†And this is now what I will immediately think of whenever someone tells me to "smile" at work. Fun fact, I don't ever recall another woman telling me to smile. It's ALWAYS guys. Leave me alone. I am a cashier. Not an actress. Would it make you happy if I just smiled constantly all day every day at work? Let me check out your groceries in peace without having to cater to your social needs. I should be required to always say hello and be polite to my customers, which I am. Not to smile and act happy all the time, especially when I am not. That is what a clown does.
  2. Enough Sheldon. In fact, I want Sheldon to f--k off. I like Leonard. I like his character. Sheldon is the same old same old. Leonard evolves more. (Yeah I know, I know, the “Shamy†helps Sheldon evolve. But it’s so slow. He seems the same to me, he sounds the same constantly, anyway..) More Leonard stuff. For the love of Celestia, please. Enough Sheldon. He’s only so interesting for so much time. More like a cartoon character… *prepares for attacks from the Sheldon lovers*
  3. .....I'm sorry that Steve Irwin was white....... Also, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. One of the greatest, possibly the greatest, non-white hero of all time. Or what about Baba Dioum? Dr. Michio Kaku? Chief Seattle could be considered a hero as well.
  4. There are also reservations for tribes. I've never heard of anything being called a concentration camp for native amercians.
  5. I have a feeling that if I ever got close enough to tell, I'd be paying very little to no attention to the actual boxers. Couldn't help you.
  6. The world is not the same without Steve Irwin. Steve was the original wildlife warrior. The ORIGINAL “crocodile guy†and “snake guyâ€. He wasn’t afraid to show his passion and love for animals and nature. His enthusiasm is what really got to everyone I think. Some people thought he was crazy all the way to the end, but most of us saw the deeper side. Who would I be, if Steve Irwin didn’t shout at me everyday through my TV screen, with a big smile on his face, about how awesome lizards are? Or how important each and every snake and salamander was to the environment. Seriously though! Steve saw wild animals everyday, and loved zoos. He understood the importance of showing his beloved creatures to EVERYONE, whether that was in his zoo, or through a screen. We will conserve ONLY what we love. But there have to be enough people to love it. With Steve gone, I feel an enormous responsibility to carry on his message. I feel as if I have made an unspoken promise to him and everyone who knew him to continue to reach out to people, encouraging them to save and protect wildlife. And I can only hope to do it with as much enthusiasm and success as he did. Six years ago today, a REAL hero died. Doing what he loved to do. Killed even, by a creature we KNOW he loved. And by no means would he feel any hatred or fear toward that animal had he survived. Any true animal lover understands that feeling. I’d like to ask everyone here who can either to post a picture of Steve doing what he loved, or share this post tonight, somewhere online, in honor of the greatest TRUE animal activist of all time. The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. R.I.P.
  7. My personal favorite is the dice, followed by the nail polish. I need to go out and take some pictures around the city, or down by the lake.
  8. :D I won't stop, hey, may as well post some videos too!
  9. Aaaaaand back on Jim again. Oh well Johnny had his moment. I will always be there to crush and fangirl over him.
  10. I said a lot of things about what happened to me when I saw this photo on Tumblr....... I...I-I don't think I can say them here. My lady bits don't work anymore. Everything kinda got overloaded when I saw that. I should PROBABLY go to the hospital, but....I mean, wait do I need my ovaries? I might be paralyzed...guys? I can't move. I have seen pictures of him with a guitar. Why is this one killing my uterus? I am not understanding the world right now. In a parallel universe, I would be that guitar. And Johnny would make, sweet, amazing, beautiful music with me. Okay I'm dead now. Shutting up.
  11. I like David. He's a lot like me. Then again, so is Johnny. Leonard isn't so much.
  12. Found the goldfish shirt, I'll post it soon.
  13. There's a shirt Leonard wears in 6.2 and it's the most awesome shirt ever, and when I find it, I'm going to buy it. I wonder if anyone has seen this, or heard of it. The shirt was a solid royal blue, and the graphic was a half-cat half-bear face. It was SO AWESOME. I know that one! But I think it's both cat faces, just one's white and the other side is dark. Still in love with the penguin shirt though, and he also has a goldfish shirt that I adore.
  14. I want some Leonard Tees. GOOD ones. I know you can get the recycle one on Cafepress. And there's a couple on the CBS store site....I BELIEVE I saw the penguin shirt somewhere, but let's face it. Sheldon merch GREATLY outnumbers the other guys and it kinda makes me sad. The show was initially supposed to be about both of them. Sheldon has taken the entire fandom by storm, and I'm not saying it's WRONG, because that's perfectly fine, but when he starts taking away from other characters in the show, especially Johnny/Leonard, I just get kind of annoyed. I know, it had almost nothing to do with your post but....train of thought and all. Sorry. However thanks for posting it. My friend and I are going to be Sheldon and Leonard for Halloween and she needs the clothes. Lol.
  15. Trying to think of as many different ways I could eat oreos with Johnny. Okay, so it's not an official GAME.....
  16. I'm putting together a Leonard costume just by buying very similar clothing.
  17. Ohhh..! That's awesome! He looks great! I always grumble a bit when they flatten his hair all out. Love to see the curls coming back. I hate that too. Curls on Johnny, always curls.
  18. This. And I'm still rooting for them. I hope to god the writers are hearing or seeing the same things being said here, so they can work the whole darn thing out. and this. a lot.
  19. You're gonna love 6.1. He's not wearing his jacket for the whole scene and his arms are bigger now. Johnny looks great. Doesn't he?! I don't know where he found the time, but he worked out. Definitely. And yes, he's SHIRTLESS in the first episode. *flails* And the costume people are doing a very good job picking out his pants......
  20. >.>....... .........<.< ........ ........ Guuuuuh.....
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