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  1. You know who has beautiful eyes? Johnny.
  2. Along that vein, I thought it would make a cute episode to flip the tables a bit and have a girl that used to know Leonard when they were kids, hopelessly pining after him (like he's been doing with Penny), but Leonard is oblivious because he's not seeing her as an adult yet. Oh I like that idea too! I would happily play either girl. Mwahaha.
  3. Oh god I think I just had a tiny orgasm. Uhh, ignore my post. Still LoveShamy's turn.
  4. Sorry but Penny and Leonard stole my heart when I first started watching. I enjoy the roller coaster ride.
  5. Lol, thought about this one... I said to myself....hmmmm, Leonard would be nice, but he would not be that into it. Penn-......no. Howard? Would be TOO into it. Raj? .....instantly started laughing my butt off. Raj. Definitely Raj. Do I have a mini-crush on Raj? Which BBT character would you most want by your side in a sad situation?
  6. OH CRAP! Uuuuh.... Which BBT character would you most want to go to an amusement park with? I hope that one wasn't posted before, but weirdly enough if I ever do think about "what would it be like to hang with so and so" that's where my mind goes.
  7. Now the real question......who's the Wicked Witch? Oh yeah.....I went there. Mwa. Ha. Ha. :D
  8. 1. Which BBT Character would you most want to spend the day with? Penny. What can I say, I'm a girl, she's a girl. I'd love a girls day out. 2. Which BBT Character would you most want to help you with your homework? For some reason, Burnadette. Maybe cause she's so nice and has a nice voice. 3. Which BBT Character would you most want to kiss? Leonard, obviously. 4. Which BBT Character would you most want to play Rock Band with? Ha! All of them. Well, all the guys. 5. Which BBT Character would you most want to be your roommate? Probably Penny. 6. Which BBT Character would you most want to sleep with? Leonard......quite obviously. 7. Which BBT Character would you most like to go trick O treating with? ........Raj. I don't know why. 8. Which BBT Character would you most want to slap/punch/ or kick in their special place? Any of them if they gave me a reason to. But I don't think they would. Note that I took the question as I may WANT to, but not that I would actually do it. Lol. 9. Which BBT Character would you most want to play basketball with? Um.....Raj again. I really don't know why. 10. Which BBT Character would you most want to go to the comic book store with? Raj. Again. I'm a girl by the way so maybe that's why I keep saying Raj. He'd just be there, and quiet, but he'd participate too. Sheldon. I believe he's the only one so far that's mentioned he knows how to do CPR (the nun on the bus). Surprised at how much I DIDN'T say "Leonard"? Me too.
  9. Definitely Raj singing "I don't ever wanna feeeeeeel, like I did that day. Take me to the place I loooooove. Take me all the way. I DON'T EVA WANA FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL...."
  10. Johnny's actually very manly. I think manly would seem to be Kaley's type. Lol. "It was such a huge part of my life and no one knew about it," Cuoco says in the October issue of CBS Watch! Magazine (out Friday). "It was a wonderful relationship but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together. We were so protective of ourselves and the show and didn't want anything to ruin that. But that also made it sad, too. That's not the kind of relationship I want — I don't want to be hiding."
  11. Well Leonard is Leonard and he wears glasses. It's part of the charcater. Now....JOHNNY.......looks good ANY way. Glasses, no glasses; beard, no beard. You know.....clothes, no clothes.
  12. I always found the above interesting... You certainly understand that cows and pigs don't die in their sleep while a butcher waits nearby, and it certainly cannot be fun for a fish to get its mouth pierced by a sharp hook, dragged to the surface and die in a container/suffocate to death outside of the water? Or do the same while first captive in a net? I was a vegetarian and animal rights activist for four years. I understand much more than I wish I did.
  13. Weird idea, but somehow bringing Leslie back, and her having a little (well, younger, like a teenager) sister who starts hitting on Leonard. I think it would just provide a lot of comedy for a one episode thing.
  14. Vegetarians don't eat meat, poultry, OR fish. Vegans don't eat any of those, or milk/cheese/whey/honey/eggs etc. (those of which vegetarians still consume) Pescatarians eat fish, but don't eat meat or poultry, and that's what I was aware Johnny was. On a separate but not unrelated topic, we are selling live lobster at the store currently, and it makes me sad. Although I have just begun eating meat again, I have not, nor will I ever, eat a lobster. No really GOOD reason, except for that I think the way they suffer before death is heartbreaking to me.
  15. Well, he's married, so no more classic sleezy Howard comedy, there's really no going too much further with his career...Don't think I'd miss him that much. But that's if I had to chose. If I didn't, I wouldn't want anyone to leave.
  16. Please forgive me for this everyone... I like your hose, babe.
  17. EDIT: Hmmm, I think I take back part of my previous statement. In the end of course, I still think, it's a show. And if the actors are convincing at making it look like they are in love, I'm cool with the relationship. But that only applies, in my mind, when the relationship is way more stable than what Leonard and Penny have now. So I do agree both parties need to work on themselves and communicate more.
  18. I know, it's not actually a photo OF someone, but, I thought it was worth posting.
  19. Aaw, you guys are already thinking of me! Lol!
  20. Love Kaley. She's gorgeous. But my gawd. Johnny.. .....I need to stop. If I ever met Johhny Galecki, I would take that chance to ask him on a date. I know what the odds are…..It’s just one date. I’m not expecting anything else. In fact I’d expect him to say “aw, sorry *insert term of endearment here*, but I have a lot to work on, and I have a girlfriendâ€, which is fancy for “hell f*cking no, crazy fan girlâ€, but….I can dream, right?
  21. My bed. It's over there. *points* NOW.
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