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  1. ....I freaking love Amy. And I still love the show and all it's aspects.
  2. First I am going to shamelessly self promote my Johnny Galecki Tumblr. http://www.tumblr.com/blog/earth-cake It's awesome I swear. But if you don't follow this one: http://hellyesjohnnygalecki.tumblr.com/ and you're a Johnny fan, you should. And here's a couple BBT tumblrs that REALLY like to post gifs. http://sshhhhimbatman.tumblr.com/ http://fyeahbigbangtheorygifs.tumblr.com/ They make me laugh all day. Oh and this is in the Cast and Crew board because initially it was about my Johnny Galecki Tumblr. Sorry.
  3. Is this still going on? This is the weirdest fan-board ever. Lol, eh no offense. I mean, I'M here aren't I? And I'm a little weird. But my point is a separate subject from this thread's argument. For a group of fans, everyone here sure seems to spend a lot of time criticizing the show. Like they think it is real life and needs to be perfect or something. I just had to get that off my chest. I have heard some pretty intense things about the characters and obvious inconsistencies that I don't even hear from people who dislike the show. It's a tv show guys.
  4. They can probably fit her in a couple episodes.
  5. I see that all the time too, and for a split second always mistake it as a christmas tree, but I think it's a DNA model.
  6. Betty White > All other options. I am totally in love with Betty White. She could DEFINITELY pull it off. Even if she didn't have an accent.
  7. . It's a sit-com. There is no, and need be no connection to reality. No characters in a sit-com learn from experience. Alan Harper does the same thing... same writers.. This. A thousand times this to everyone here.
  8. I think they are all pretty, but that's probably just because of how I see myself. "Welp, they are all prettier than me, that's for sure!"
  9. You don't need to post all 130. Earthcake are any of the two pics his car? Lol, I know that. As you can see I didn't post all 130. That is far too much work. Also some of them I got from this thread even. :D I do not think either of those pictures are his car. One I believe is from when he went to the In Time premier. Why he would be posing next to them I don't know.
  10. Sorry if some of these have been posted before. Trying to make sure I don't post doubles. ^Lol I know right? Why don't I have more? Here are two others.
  11. Just uploaded my 130 photos of Johnny to photobucket. I don't think I need to tell you anything more.
  12. This isn't a soap opera. I actually think it (is) turning into a soap opera. Time will tell where the writers take it from here. Haha! Actually I was just thinking today how it seems to me that some fans like to turn it into a soap opera.
  13. This kind of ruined the depth of the show for me, even though I had noticed a couple of these inconsistencies before, but I am still going to watch it. Lol.
  14. I don't get your obession with Priya, I seriously doubt they would bring her back or the point of it. I have mixed feelings about Priya. Let me just say for the record, I doubt they are going to bring her back anytime soon. I can see her coming back in future seasons though just for tid bits. On the one hand, I didn't like Priya because she was a little bit of a control freak over Leonard. i.e. making him wear different clothes, telling him he can't talk to penny, and making him get contacts. Then again Leonard went along with it because he was totally whipped. On the other hand...even despite all those things, Priya made Leonard happy. I loved seeing him satisfied and happy.
  15. I'm going for it. and I haz a shield. Its used to protect me from crowds of women. It is probably easier just to turn my swag off…
  16. I see him as many things. "My older brother" is not one of them.
  17. If that was the case he'd made him taller. I like his height, thank you very much.
  18. Look at this. It's like God said...."Let's make you look more perfect. I don't think that's possible, but let me try." Bam.
  19. "Not to worry my "Ross and Rachel" type fans. It will always be about Penny simply because without her it's just "The Big Theory". Cuz Kaley Be Da Bomb!" Sig worthy.
  20. Friends did the same all-over-the-place thing with Ross and Rachel and they were on for 10 successful seasons. It can be annoying, but if you have fans dedicated to a certain couple, they will watch to find out what happens.
  21. In that scenario they probably wouldn't even reveal that, who would want a surname like hofstader anyways? I wouldn't mind it.
  22. I think Sheldon would be the Lion. He'd act the same way if asked to walk deep into a dark forest. Lol.
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