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  1. he was very good on that show, he played an "evil Johnny" kinda thing LOL it was really funny seeing him acting in that kind of role, specially since he was supposedly playing himself. BTW, have you seen this? the other day a girl asked Johnny to go to the prom with her, he was really sweet to the girl That was fracking adorable. I'm not even jealous.
  2. Saw something similar to that on Youtube regarding Johnny on Entourage. Because apparently he's a douche on that show. That just makes me want to watch it even more though.
  3. ohmmm how about shut-up? Seconded. I'd be lucky to be half as pretty as Mayim.
  4. I laughed just reading those. Lol. I'd like to add when Sheldon asks if she was JUST mad at he and Leonard for being in her apartment at night, or if she is also opposed to a new organizational system. She doesn't say anything, just the look on her face like "....o.m.g." then she turns around.
  5. If I said I sort of liked Leonard and Priya together right now would I die?
  6. I have a feeling L/P will follow a similar path to the Ross/Rachel relationship. On, off, on, off, on a "break"...etc. That one DEFINITELY kept their audience on their toes.
  7. "Betrayed"? Are we in the...fantasy world of....some fantasy place I can't think of right now? Dude, crap happens between friends all the time, in real life and in fiction (by the way, you do all know we are talking about fiction here......right?) I'd call Leonard's jerk*ss move a mistake and bad judgement on how to handle something. Not....betraying Sheldon.
  8. Personally I don't see the problem with people wanting to ship Penny and Sheldon. I would only be disappointed if it became canon. Not because I don't like Sheldon, but because I like...Leonard........obviously.
  9. Well.....I watch MLP. And I'll be the first to admit, I stray from canon all the time. Which is an easy thing to do with a cartoon anyway. So I could care less about what people like and whether it's canon. Leonard and Penny, them being together, is part of the reason I began to love the show so much when I started watching. That had nothing really to do with what's going on here but yeah.
  10. Is it okay if I am a huge fan of Leonard/Penny and I don't care?
  11. That pretty much sums it up. He just happens to be, by nature, not a complete jerk so he is naturally a better match for Penny based on her old boyfriends. Doesn't mean that a lot of the things he does with regards to Penny is to maintain his mating privileges with her. But most people can accept that and be okay with it because it is accepted as a typical male mindset. And for a comedy, which this show is, that mindset leads to situations which can later be used for comedy... usually from a Sheldon remark. Quoted for emphasis.
  12. No problem! My pleasure! You are welcomeee! Oh wait you want EYE CANDY? Okay, okay.....there are a couple pictures I kept to myself....but I'll share. Enjoy, if you haven't seen these ones before. By the way I don't see Johnny as just eye candy. He's certainly good looking, but he's all around an awesome person, too. Oh friggety frack I HAVE A HUGE CRUSH ON THE MAN! ^That one's my favorite.
  13. I had to think for a moment....and yes I am. Looks like my and Johnny's kids will get both the brains and beauty from him.
  14. If Jim and Kaley is Jaley what is Johnny and Kaley? That question was posted mostly as a funny tidbit as opposed to a serious queston. But answer if you like.
  15. Thread needs more Johnny. You're welcome. Owait...not done.
  16. Telling a girl "I love you" doesn't make one a good guy. Words are wind. But...words can express feelings. Are feelings wind? And it's not just that he said it. Anyone can say "I love you". I tell my cats that. It's the time, place, and WAY he said it that gives it meaning. In fact the moment he said it was the sealer that made me think "they have GOT to keep this going now." Also, are we maybe taking the details a little too seriously? This is tv. Not real life. Even in live action, you have to deal with a few inconsistencies with the characters.
  17. Cause they fit. Why DON'T they fit? Just because Sheldon and Penny have more life details in common? Leonard and Penny have a romantic chemistry. They are able to sit and talk and understand eachother, and they care about eachother. Why should I have to have a list of things they have in common to justify my interest in the couple? In fact, why should I have to give you a rational explanation as to why I like a canon couple at all? You asking for reasons why we think Leonard and Penny are so perfect together would be like asking an actual couple "why specifically did you fall in love?" Of course, they are not going to sit there and give you a numbered list of things they have in common and such.
  18. That. Nothing in the show has ever told us that Sheldon is mentally incapable of realising when he is being mean or not. I always did find it odd, the things he seemingly continues to not grasp, when he is supposed to be so intelligent. But it makes Sheldon Sheldon. Then again, though I sometimes see when a character is acting like a jerk, I do not see any of them AS jerks. In the end they all care about eachother.
  19. I was under the impression we were talking about romantic chemistry. THAT is what I can't see. ALL the characters have comedic chemistry.
  20. Yeah.......no. But that's just me. Just as the Sheldon/Penny fans don't understand Leonard/Penny, I will NEVER understand the Sheldon/Penny fans. I simply CANNOT see it. Sheldons character wouldn't allow it. It just always turns out so awkward in my thoughts. Lol.
  21. AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Well then we shall wish them both a happy birthday!
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