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  1. I really enjoyed this episode..counting the days for the next one!
  2. God no, Alex (or whatever her name is) IS boring! She didn't seem interesting enough to be a good enough partner for Raj, and seriously why would she date him after their first encounter ended so badly (in the cafeteria) Raj and Stuart bromance is funny, but the gay jokes get old quick. So its about time that Raj gets a girlfriend. I want to see an episode where Raj and Stuart go out to a bar and try to pick up women, it wil be hilarious with Raj's personality when hes drunk and Stuart's low confidence in himself.
  3. I was inactive on the forums ever since season 5 ended, feels good to be back to discuss about my favorite show. :D IMO season 6 has had a way better start compared to season 5, all the episodes so far have been hilarious. Whats missing on the show is a partner for Raj! We dont see him going out anymore, or even trying to find a girlfriend. I'm going to be dissapointed if season 6 ends with Raj being the same old lonely guy... What do you guys think ?
  4. Why I think the Shamy will take a step forward in their relationship, -In the 23rd episode of Season 5 we see Amy trying to make Sheldon have more feelings towards her by cooking his favorite foods, drinks and so on in their dinner date. -In the same episode Sheldon talks to Leonard of how these experiments of Amy are resulting in him to have affectionate feelings towards her. Is it possible that Sheldon has finally fallen in love with Amy but doesn't want to admit it ? - In the season finale we see the biggest human side of Sheldon, when he takes Amy's hand as he watches Howard take off in the rocket to space. Will we get to see Sheldon going on more dates with Amy and having a physical relationship in season 6? What do you all think ?
  5. 2 year old video I know but, to those who haven't seen it. its hilarious
  6. Cuddle with him ? (I could be wrong) What is a good time for Bongos?
  7. Yes and no. Why yes? If Sheldon's calculations are correct, that she has dated 173 men..she doesn't have to sleep with all of them to become a slut. Why no ? She does care who she sleeps with, whereas a "slut" simply wouldn't.
  8. A - Rebecca Q - What was Sheldon trying to do in his room when Leonard was talking to Priya on his Skype date on his laptop ?
  9. Howard. How much of a discount does Sheldon get from Shelmart in the SimCity he designed?
  10. Nope and don't want to, one thing I don't like about TBBT is the laughtrack for every single line(even the ones that are not funny).
  11. I know what you mean, I can relate to Sheldon more than anyone else on this show. Some people tell me I don't shut up when I start talking, I go on and on just like Sheldon, oh and I love online games..I'm alarmed when someone pats me on my back or shoulders, I got a bottle of hand sanitizing gel on my desk that I use to disinfect my hands. List goes on and on. :D ---- About the cast and how much they get paid, well, I have always seen Sheldon, Leonard and Penny as the main 3 characters, if Kunal and Simon get a raise then what about Bernadette and Amy? :/
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