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  1. I'm a pretty confident dude and I am not sure I could talk to Penny.
  2. Boy - Erwin for Erwin Schrodinger Girl - Marie for Marie Currie
  3. JackSkellington


    As the Zach character was portrayed his problem wasn't from a lack of education but a lack of intelligence. I don't think that any amount of education would make him a challenge in the intelligence department for Leonard. Zach has big muscles, Leonard has a big brain (not literally, they are both probably close to the same size, but I'm sure that you get the point). Besides, Penny has made it pretty clear that regardless of her own intellect nothing is going to stimulate her long term short of a genius.
  4. cbolt - you're right. My guess is that all of next season has them exploring their relationship as a subplot. They wont break up I dont think, but it will be to address (or begin to address) everything going on between them. Adjusted up to a 4.7/16
  5. Right. She isnt at the point where she wants to take large steps but I think in her mind it freaked her out that she realized that she wanted to say yes. I now she has thought about marrying him in the past. Girls THINK about that all the time (I'll wait patiently for all of the denials ).
  6. I think it is because it is what she wants and it freaked her out that she actually wants to say yes but is completely stunned by the fact that she actually wants to say yes.
  7. Leonard was funny with his Mr. Grinch impression. it's a shame that most male viewers watch because of "Kaley". I watched "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" "because of Kaley" (because why on Earth would anyone willingly watch a Lifetime movie). I actually started watching TBBT because I watch tv ratings and it was this beast killing everything so I had to check it out. Of course I probably subconsciously stayed because of Kaley but in reality I stayed because of Jim.
  8. Lol, that's one of my favorite lines in the episode! (: My favorite line was "coooooooooooooookie". Really the entire "gas" scene. Kaley was so hot in that scene, but then again I would sell my soul to date her so any scene with her will be my favorite.
  9. I (probably not the only one) watch the ratings pretty closely. There sure isnt a whole lot scoring 4's these days that isnt a sporting event. Nice to know that 5 seasons in, the show is still such a beat. Oh I know. That was just my shameless plug that the ratings that had just come out when I posted.
  10. Which is kind of ironic when you think about it considering that the actress who plays her has said numerous times that she will date virtually anyone. Now before anyone jumps on me for that being a dig on Kaley, it is actually the exact opposite. I didnt say she dated "everyone", my point is that she doesnt pigeonhole herself into a "type". Hell she dated a hoarder... Point is basically that she is an ever growing number of celebrities that will date the regular Joe.
  11. Couldnt be a soap. Soaps dont get 4.6/15 ratings.
  12. I agree with this. She hasnt said it yet and may not have realized it even but she loves Leonard deeply. I think she knows that he is going to get out of control at times and it's up to her to keep things under control. She is the emotional side to his practical side. The ying to his yang in a manner of speaking. She is getting to a place in her life that this is what she needs.
  13. Why "two actors sleeping together" would have anything to do with any of the audience? Why would we care? Don't you think it's creepy to think about the actors' love life? I bet the actors couldn't care less who YOU sleep with (if anyone), why do you care about THEM? I don't get it. It's just so creepy and unhealthy, this curiosity about real people's sexual lives. Ewwww. Your holier than though shtick was tired yesterday. Move onto something else. No one said anything about their sex lives. All anyone did was try to draw a correlation between their real live chemistry and their on-screen chemistry. How that translates into an all encompassing obsession with their personal lives is beyond me but go on thinking that. Maybe it helps you sleep. In the mean time, we will function as if they are real people (because they are) and play with the idea of how the way they are in public (the way we see them in interviews) translates to what we see each week.
  14. Funny. The only thing that drew me to the show was Kaley (wont even get started there!). I avoided knowing nothing about it forever because I saw that Johnny, Sara (Gilbert) and Laurie (Metcalf) were in it and I didnt want to see a Roseanne rehash. Glad I was wrong there! I actually dont like Johnny and Kaley's chemistry. Their getting back together and her saying "dont overthink it" is a perfect example of why i didnt like their chemistry. Johnny was written to over think everything so when they they were together onscreen all I could say was "ugh". That said you could tell that they were dating (in early seasons) but his lines were so cringe worthy most of the time. IMO they HAVE the best chemistry but the romance thing is just silly.
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