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  1. I have to find the episode online because Houston cbs broke into the show to show the astros coming back into the city. All DVRs are messed up on all their programming all night.
  2. The show is still funny. Relationships are always in this show. The pilot is showing the first relationship they tried. Its was funny then, and its still funny now. They are growing up, but still having fun. They mention the lack of game nights, but reality is, once you are in a relationship, that stuff goes to the way side. They talked about the discussion, but if you look at Sheldon when he brings up conversations, the looks of not caring on the rest of the cast in the early seasons. Besides, the only person not to evolve is Raj, and he is starting to get stale. You point out three shows, that were mostly the same for their runs. Which can be refuted by at least 20 shows off the top of my head which major character growth. The Fresh Price, Family Matters, Cosby Show, Home Improvement, Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, Married With Children, Murphy Brown, Boy Meets World, The Jeffersons, Happy Days, Flintstones, et. I could keep going, but you get my point. Best example: All in the Family. If Archy Bunker can evolve, the ANYONE on ANY show can evolve.
  3. Its still odd why people even do X-mas, and the true holiday's name is Christ Mass. As in the mass giving about the birth of Christ. The show is a sitcom on American TV. It is going to use BC and AD due to the fact the American public and education world use it. Only in History classes (and its subsections) in primary liberal areas would the terms BCE and CE be used. Plus, what is the magic date they are using for "Common Era". 12/25/0, and yes I really know is July 14-25, 5 AD, but that isn't the calender most of the world goes off of.
  4. For some reason Thursday is the better ratings night. Plus during the fall, get away from MNF. If you are going after that age demographic(18-49), get away from anything else that is going to target that group.
  5. EVERY show that goes at or over 100 episodes has had major character development. Every last one of them. Look at the beginning of Seinfeld, and look at the last season. Ditto with the Simpsons, Ditto with Family Guy, ditto with South Park, ditto with Cosby show, ditto with Married With Children. I could keep going on and on but the ultimate goal of a show is to be the highest rated show and keep execs happy to make as much money as possible. Right now this show is beating Idol in ratings and is the most popular sitcom on TV. The show isn't far from the beginning, it just changed some characters so it can stay fresh. How many more episodes can they do the "Howard says something lewd to Penny while Lennard acts like a complete lap dog". And its 5 seasons, Raj should be able to say hello to a female without the need of a beer.
  6. Rock Band 1 in the first season, Rock Band 2 in the third season. The only sound they would hear is plastic click clack of pressing buttons. But TV volume is loud enough not to hear any of that.
  7. Greatest....Marvel movie....EVER! You need to see this, and this a rare one for me to add, see it in 3D, IMAX 3D if possible. It add so much to the film. The Hulk is the best character in the whole movie.
  8. Thing is the whole point was 3 smart people and penny trying to get laid. Lennard trying and failing more often to get Penny or just sex. And Sheldon being a-sexual. The show hasn't changed much, just added more characters to put a face to who they found. They need Howard not to be 100% hornball on Penny, or then he wouldn't be friends with Lennard anymore. They needed, Sheldon to find someone or he stays 100% single layered. I also watched 100+ epps in 2 weeks, so I know where you are coming from. But they need to evolve the show or it will die. No comedy has been on for 100 epps without some major evolution in the main characters. Even the cartoon characters evolve.
  9. If Friends was so "unwatchable" why for a good chunk of its run, its was the most popular show on TV? Its not like they are turning the show into "Joey".
  10. A: sulfur hexafluoride aka SF6 Q: Who thought Lenard's experiment to prove man made objects were on the moon, would blow up the moon?
  11. the one with the 3 nerds high and Sheldon and Penny interactions is the best of the series. Close second is the epp with them bouncing a laser off the moon and the guy being completely stupid.
  12. ...Tony I started watching the show 3 to 4 weeks ago. But since my GF has all 4 seasons on DVD, I quickly started watching all and wonder where I been the last 5 years.
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