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  1. I just posted a list of some of my favourite Sheldon moments last night: http://literallygeeking.org/2014/01/06/sheldon-coopers-best-moments/ A particular favourite of mine is when he's trying to describe his Wesley Crushers bowling shirts to the rest of the gang...I think it's funny as Sheldon's version makes perfect sense to me Also, the entire episode where they're trying to get to the comic convention and get lost in the desert. And as someone mentioned above, the scenes with Lucy from last season. There's really too many to choose from!
  2. Apologies if these sentiments have been pointed out already (I only read the first page of comments before feeling the need to reply), but I don't consider any of the guys to be unattractive at all, at least not in a looks-based sense. None of them are exactly amazingly good-looking, but neither are they in any way ugly; a slight exception could be made for Howard's hairstyle I guess . Their supposed unattractiveness comes from their nerdy hobbies, which are considered to be 'the wrong kind' of pursuits in mainstream society. However while it's usually been assumed that physical attractiveness and geekiness go hand in hand, this is not the case, at least not always. Basically, the guys have average looks, great careers and are fans of fims/TV shows that many women also enjoy. For many they would be considered a great catch. I think the problem with the OP's argument is actually not giving enough credit to women; looks definitely aren't everything. Rant over
  3. Just received clarification now that I was completely wrong about ST and it's Doctor Who which has missing recordings..apologies! 'To my knowledge there are no missing tapes of ST: TOS. There are outtakes, which Gene Roddenberry used to show at 1970s conventions until the actors asked him to stop as it made them look bad (and they weren't getting any money for it). The pilot episode The Cage (made in colour) was put out on VHS in black and white, but subsequently someone found a colour copy. It is Doctor Who’s past that is in fragments, pre-1975, with over 100 episodes missing and many more existing only as extremely dodgy copies; and Richard Molesworth’s excellent book Wiped! goes into exhaustive detail about this. The same is true for much pre-1975 BBC tv, with monumentally important tv like The Quatermass Experiment and A for Andromeda incomplete, as well as things like Doomwatch (early 1970s) and only dodgy copies of e.g. Moonbase Three (not, in fact, monumentally important, but interesting.)'
  4. Don't think this is really worthy of its own thread but does anyone know what episode Howard makes a joke about going to see a new version of Blade Runner and that a few extra seconds of footage changes the tone of the film? Google is directing me to 'The Peanut Reaction' but still not sure and don't have access to watch it at the moment... If anyone knows the episode or actual quote itself this would be very helpful!
  5. Looooved him in Garden State. "btw, it says balls on your face." One of my favorite scenes when Zach's charachter wakes up with "balls" written on his face & sees a knight in the kitchen. It was perfect. haha. I just came on the forums to see if anyone had mentioned the Garden State cameo before...saw the film a while before I started watching BBT and thought it was pretty meh but just watched the clip with Jim and that line is such a Sheldon thing to say...so funny.
  6. Thanks for sharing. This is an old review but I found it quite funny. This writer is dissing the show when it had only just entered it's third season. He mostly annoyed at the implication that intelligence people might be socially awkward and like nerdy things. Assuring as all that he's educated, not a nerd and has no problem getting laid. Well good for you mate! Later he admits he's someone "who regularly mocks geeks". Shesh! The show isn't about someone like you, is it? I thought that would have been obviously but he's not as switched on as he thinks he is. Don't know who told you that but its wrong. All of the original series is still available. If this premise were true then we would not be able to watch the abundance of old television programs from the 50s and 60s. I already wrote a reply about this but must have forgotten to post reply. Just saw you can buy all the original series, need to email the lecturer soon so will ask about this...
  7. I just finished reading every single comment lol....so funny how many people, including the reviewer, say all the characters are so stereotypical - isn't that the point? And about Penny being able to afford an apartment opposite the scientists, he obviously didn't notice hers is tiny compared to Sheldon and Leonard's and that the guys only do research, so I doubt their earnings are huge. One also said that highly intelligent people are much more likely to engage in sexual relationships...I highly doubt that! (and not just cos their nerds but probably are able to make better choices)
  8. I just came across this review when trying to search for a quote from the show...I know everyone's entitled to their opinion but thought this was just rediculous! http://www.pajiba.com/tv_reviews/the-big-bang-theory-review.php
  9. "Netflix" they have them all and for the low monthly thing saves a fortune to acquire thru purchase not sure were you are in the world but a good blue ray or smart tv and internet and more watching then you know what to do with any Q's just pm me happy to help Will do! Had the free month try out of Netflix but think there might be a different version between the UK and US site as I couldn't find much I wanted to watch...maybe I just didn't search hard enough.
  10. Never seen Star Trek but determined I'm going to watch it and like it since Sheldon does so much lol... Currently 'acquiring' Next Generation but heard Voyager is better...but again all down to taste! Also was told in a lecture that it's not possible to watch all of the original series as at that time TV shows were just filler for adverts so a lot of the tapes just got destroyed. (you might have already known that but it's still interesting!)
  11. Still watching the OP's video...and still helping me with my summer hiatus and reruns withdrawal. Love it so much have just posted it on a second blog...still not failing to amaze me how well each character's facial expressions are captured in a way you probably wouldn't notice while watching the show! http://literallygeeking.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/ode-to-fanvid.html
  12. I watched the season finale 4 times over that weekend but haven't watched any since...have just been watching the OP's video link to fill the void.
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