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  1. I love not being able to watch a movie rooted in historical events because the filmmakers have to assault me with: • pretentious music telling me how awed I should be by the historical significance of the following events (cut to slow-motioned close-ups from the film) and the 'importance' of this production team 'preserving' these events on film. • A requisite list of sites, communities, & organizations I should be 'proud' to support so I can do "my part" to keep our legacy from being lost • a host of experts, who will appear on the DVDs I need to order, to explain why this film is "our most important effort" • and lastly, the great promise-chant-pledge from the creators: "We stand on a wall and say, 'No historical inaccuracies are going to hurt you tonight, not on our watch.'" And all of this before I even get to the Main Menu! It's not even a part of the 'extras.'
  2. To me, BBT was an exceptional approach to an uncommon scenario: genius roommates. It was clever, original, and endearing in that these geniuses were also regular humans. I personally believe the maximum mileage for a TV show with no major overhauls is four seasons - BBT has not been an exception. And although, I am grateful the show was not discontinued, I am disappointed with recent BBT; not because there was change, but because the changes were ordinary. I feel in most of the recent episodes ANY guys could play out their roles. It is funny to see geniuses deal with the day-to-day realities non-geniuses have to deal with; my problem is that they're not really being geniuses about it. Honestly, if I had started with season 5 and no prior knowledge of the show, I don't know how much I would get from the writing that these guys were geniuses (or at least exceptional). There is a growing "lowest-common-denominator" about the show's writing. But I've grown attached to these characters, so I'll keep watching. I just don't think it's all that endearing to watch exceptional people doing everyday things the same way ordinary people do. And for the record - I think Amy is one of the best decisions they've made with the show.
  3. I can't tell if the shocked face is good or bad... hee hee
  4. Hi Colleen - welcome aboard!
  5. I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen a payphone in person. Sorry, that wasn't a complaint - I meant no disrespect to the thread.
  6. Bernadette is the trickiest character for me. I either find myself wishing they'd never made her character or really being delighted at her presence on the show. It disturbs me that I can't honestly answer the question if I love or hate her (or anything about her for that matter) - she simply ALWAYS stays on that proverbial fence & and it drives me batty. ...I feel strangely better having typed this
  7. coffeecup


    Welcome *waves quickly*
  8. When you dress up as Nurse Chapel and try to use a tricorder on your wife....
  9. Ms Green Re-Tie only the loose shoelace? or both laces?
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