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  1. It's another of those things that they throw in for a gag that goes against previous history. Like Sheldon tolerating Leonard's snoring for six years without comment or eating waffle sticks in the car and leaving his hands sticky or Howard's mother having the money to repair Stuart's comic book store. That these things go against the characters canon is ignored this season for the good of the gag.
  2. One of my favorite moments as well. I love Penny's not so subtle sabotage attempts of any woman who shows interest in Leonard. - the kissing contest on the landing between she and her date and Leslie and Leonard - the casual letting herself in for coffee while wearing only underware when Stephanie slept over at Leonard's - copping an attitude with snarky comments when she detected that Leonard had slept with Dr. Plimpton - joining Leonard and Priya's date at the restaurant - sending Bernadette over to Raj's to spy on Priya and Leonard and feed them false info on her status - pulling Leonard out of the apartment after she told Alex that they were involved in a "five year experiment" Penny was always so reticent to admit to Leonard her true feelings in the first five seasons and even now that she's had to admit it, she still seems to want to keep him from being totally secure. She likes for him to work for her love which may be a smart tactic given her horrible history with men.
  3. My feeling is that the writers are slowly migrating the Lenny to snarky married couple mode, which is such a staple of situation comedies. Penny's comments are starting to sound like a long married wife who has taking her man's love for granted. No need to show him any physical response beyond regular sex. Maybe after more than 7 and a half years of bathing in Leonard's adoration she does not feel she needs to make a big effort.
  4. This is the dreaded "Three's Company" scenario that is so hated by Kaley. She's mocked it publicly and the writers seem to agree.
  5. If Sheldon really cared about the money, Leonard would have giving it to him years ago.
  6. True. Leonard said in season 7 that the Christmas present that he has gotten the last two years is Penny. Last year she simple put a bow on her hat and said: "Honey, I’m a little strapped for cash this year, so for Christmas I was thinking of giving you this." Leonard just loved it.
  7. Just to clarify, Sheldon stated that Leonard does not snore and Penny does, in 3.14 "The Einstein Approximation". It was the second time he talked about Penny's snoring. And I agree with your bottom line, I loved the dialog in this episode.
  8. Actually, he said this about Penny in 1.02 "The Big Brand Hypothesis": Penny: In my apartment, while I was sleeping. Sheldon: And snoring. And that’s probably just a sinus infection, but it could be sleep apnoea, you might want to see an otolaryngologist. It’s a throat doctor. So his only comments in the past on the subject are, Penny snores and Leonard doesn't.
  9. What is amazing about the episode is not that Sheldon said in the past that Leonard does not snore but Penny does (3.14) but that he actually put up with this for 6 years without comment. The Sheldon we saw in the flashback (3.22) was going to deny Leonard the apartment if he did not know the sixth noble gas or not giving 12 hours notice before having sex. He would have had a conniption if he had to endure loud snoring noises for one night, let alone nearly every night for 6 years before he got use to it. And as Leonard noted before, Sheldon does not suffer in silence. Sheldon and Leonard's back story was modified slightly for the purpose of a very, very funny episode. Fair exchange.
  10. Another thing great about this episode: they finally acknowlege that most of Sheldon's traits are based on Nikoli Tesla. They had Sheldon mention before that Tesla was one of Sheldon's heroes but this time there was an implied equalvalency with Amy stating that Tesla was a "poor man's Sheldon Cooper". The creators and writers of the show seemed to have designed Sheldon after reading a Tesla bio.
  11. Good episode with some exceptional zingers. Sheldon's reply to Leonard's dismissal of asteroid strikes being a danger, "Tell that to some cocky T-Rex swirling around in your gas tank" is one of the smartest lines I can remember in the entirety of the show. The A plot premise, though is one of the biggest continuity errors they have ever had. This is from 3.14, "The Einstein Approximation", when Sheldon had snuck into Penny's room while L/P were sleeping: Sheldon: You’re welcome. Good night to you, too. Oh, by the way, I was watching you sleep for a moment, and I noticed that your snoring seems to be worse when you’re on your back. Penny: Leonard doesn’t snore. Sheldon: No, I wasn’t talking to Leonard. Leonard: Told you. And this is from 5.10 "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition", during the game of twister: Bernadette: Looks like it’s just us playing. (Penny snores) Penny? (Penny snores louder) Penny, we’re out of wine! Penny (waking, bleary): You should probably drive. That Leonard would have a loud snoring problem that neither Sheldon or Penny would have commented on after all these years is a bridge too far. Sheldon has stated several times about what a good, low maintenance roommate Leonard is. He most definitely would not have quietly put up with snoring for such a long time. Oh well, anything for a laugh.
  12. Indeed let them have fun! And Penny is the youngest at 29 this month. How time flies when you are having fun!
  13. Most likely a few lurking Shennys. But let's be understanding, this was most likely the worst night for Shennys in the show's history.
  14. Great post, Tensor. Your have gone through this several times in the last couple of years and it's good to refresh the points for new arrivals. A good deal of the plot development and deviations from reality that the show takes is for the staging and production of the show, which includes the sets on the studio stages. The show is a three (four, really) camera shoot in front of a live audience. They do not have the freedom to change location easily which is why they have few outdoor scenes. That also means they can't easily shoot over several sound stages like a single camera show like Modern Family. "Glee" uses four stages on the Paramount lot, allowing for more scene change flexibility. TBBT has the 4B-Hallway/Stairs-4A to run the length of the studio audience. They would have to modify that set massively if Lenny were to move since the center of the "character wheel" is Leonard, as explained in season 4 during the Priya days. Sheldon will not move from 4A as stated in the season 7 finale and it would be too radical a departure from show canon if all the other characters (except Amy) were to meet in 4A after Lenny move out. The sets are also one of the reasons that Leonard and Howard's income is understated. If they showed them at their true income level it would look foolish that Leonard would have a roommate after securing Penny and Howard would be living in his wife's one bedroom apartment that she rented when she was a waitress/student. If they made this realistic Lenny and Howdette would require either house sets like Howard's mother, or at least far larger apartment sets Such are the dilemmas of billion dollar enterprises.
  15. Good episode over all since I have long since made peace with "Big Bang-onomics". We know that the writers play fast and loose with the earnings of Leonard and Howard in order to keep the setup premise going. Leonard, a now renowned research Physicist who worked with Steven Hawkings, most likely near tenure, is a long way away financially from being out earned by a rookie pharma rep without a degree. Howard is not just any aerospace engineer but one who is world class, NASA's go to tech for space probes and International Space station engineering challenges. He's been to the ISS once and they wanted to send him again. Bernadette is making good money as a PH.D at Big Pharma but she is not likely out earning Howard in her first two years on the job. Leonard would be around 90K and would be over 175K at tenure. Howard is easily over 100K. But that's the real world and that's no fun. Glad to see the self awareness of Sheldon in expressing his feelings on the state of his career to Raj. Did not expect that. Yes it was stepped on by a joke, but that was noteworthy.
  16. It's like they countinue to show that Penny is in actual love for the first time in her life. This is her first real Prom. All she attended before were "After Proms".
  17. As of this moment there are more "Okay, Bad and Very Bad" votes than "excellent, Very Good and Good" for this episode. That's rare.
  18. I'm with you, Lionne. The purpose of this episode to me seemed to be an attempt to call back all the creepy and ugly "feels" from the past of TBBT: 1. The much despised Raj-Penny "Hookup" from season 4's finale. 2. Amy's open lusting for Penny with the added touch of her stroking Penny's cheek. 3. Raj, Howard and especially Sheldon's obliviouness about the appearence of child stalking. 4. Sheldon's warning(Threat?) that Amy had better not say any thing he did not want to hear or he would terminate their relationship. 5. The whole Stuart, Howard and his mother dynamic. What are the writers trying to say? I can expect a few moments of discomfort from the show every now and then, but almost an entire episode?
  19. The Lenny are most likely going to get married on the 200th episode, which is the middle of season 9. They got back together in episode 100 so this would be perfect symetry.
  20. It will be interesting to see if the writers will clarify this season what are Amy's true feelings on the type of romantic and sexual relationship she wants from Sheldon. We know what they have her talk about wanting but maybe they have some deeper agenda that is in some substrata of the text.
  21. Yep, Amy is a woman like no other. She was "scientifically" selected for Sheldon thanks to Raj and Howard because no standard woman would tolerate Sheldon as a boyfriend for more than a few minutes. Penny and Bernadette are around him only because of their fiancee and husband, respectively. They think of him as an alien man-child to be nurtured or yelled at. Neither is happy about the way Sheldon treats their men. And Sheldon was (or is) happy to be woman-less. Sheldon and Amy do have a more direct, brutal honesty to their relationship but that doesn't mean Amy is happy about that. Over and Over again we are shown Amy as being envious of the relationships of Penny and Bernadette. She is not shown as getting validation that the Shamy approach to relationships will be good for her in the long run. What she sees is Penny being treated like a queen by Leonard and Bernadette having songs written for her by Howard. I'm sure she is starting to doubt if she will ever get that. The best she can do is be satisfied by small gestures like a date night kiss between the "brutal honesty" sessions.
  22. That's a very important point about Amy, Lio. Penny, Bernadette and now, Emily live in a far different relationship world then Amy. The interfacing that these women have with their men is not available to her. This is a bit of dialog from Season 5's "The Weekend Vortex: Amy: How do I get him to treat me better? Penny: All right. Let me give you a little girlfriend 101. Usually the first move out of the gate is you withhold sex, but that will work better after Sheldon hits puberty. So, I’d say give him the silent treatment. Amy: No, he loves that. In this exchange both Amy and Penny acknowledge Amy's dilemma with Sheldon. Unlike Penny, Bernadette and Emily, she does not have a doting, attentive man who responds to the "Whip", nor one who will respond to the non-sexual convention that women use to express their unhappiness to their man, silence. Sheldon responds somewhat, to making a scene, Penny's third suggestion. That has worked to move him a little (like the Valentine's train ride or the Thanksgiving dinner), but it can be measured in millimeters as the writers like to regress him after any major movement. Amy can't use any other couple as a model since the man she loves is like no other.
  23. That's it in a nutshell. This started the process that half a season later would bring L/P together for good. The P/R one night stand was very ham handed writing but it got the job done. It also provided Raj with one of the few plot pivot points that he has had in the show, which is probaly why they have his character bring it up every so often.
  24. I'm positive that you are dead on with this theory of the possibly crazy Emily. The writers are giving Emily some character quirks that can lead to interesting plot developments. This also can allow them the option of keeping or terminating the Emily character. If they make her slightly off-center, she can be kept around for a while as a member of this kooky little posse. If they feel the characters potential for funny has run into a cul-de-sac, they can make her Bat Crap crazy and away she goes. Like Amy's sometime creepiness, Bernie's scary hyper competitiveness or Penny's penchant for drinking and slutty stories about herself, each of the ladies have some feature that would not qualify them as "ideal". But then their men are far from ideal as well. If they were all completely normal, they would not seem funny in the sitcom environment of the day. Might as well watch a rerun from "The Brady Bunch"
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