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  1. Once again that is an opinion. Who took the poll that verified that most agree that the show has sexist story lines?
  2. Except the "smart and beautiful" line was in the Pilot. The creators of the show were trying to make a comment on what the show would be about. There is little time for throw away lines of that magnitude. That line and Sheldon's follow-up told a great deal about the attitudes and intentions of both characters and the importance of Penny in the future.
  3. I hope Penny uses the Pharma job as a boost to her self-confidence. It's too unrealistic that Penny, as written, would suddenly become a corporate soldier obtaining the education and training over the years that the job demands and settling in as a working mom balancing corporate career and family responsibilities. Let's face it, that maybe the path for Amy and Bernadette but Penny has shown neither the discipline nor inclination to accomplish such a life change. She would find it boring (and eventually so would the viewers) after a year. Given what Bernadette said about her talent was being good at "lying around in yoga pants", Penny would just get pregnant and ditch the sales job, with Leonard in complete agreement. The best we can hope for is a Penny that uses this experience to give her the perspective of what is realistic. No more movie star dreams but understanding that applying her self as a working actress requires hard work and dedication to learning her craft. I hope the writers use this to mature Penny into realizing that what is possible is different from what is wanted. It's a paraphrasing of advice that Spock gave his wife T'Pring in Star Trek TOS.
  4. The writers like to portray Penny as intellectually intimidated and lazy. She has found in her life that there is no need to develope a knowlege base or skills because she does not need to with her stunning beauty. She feels intimidated around multi-degreed friends with no hope of matching them with intellectual acumen so she does not try. And if her future husband makes the mistake of inadvertantly making her feel inferior, he gets punished. I hope that they will have Penny actually try and succeed at improving her education and base of knowlege. Her new job will require it if they attempt to be at all realistic. It would be fun seeing Leonard helping Penny with understanding the metric weight system, which she will need in her pharma sales job. And in real life Penny would be required to get her degree, so she should be going to college, at least online. The dumb, slutty blond jokes should be a thing of the past. I never found them funny wheter they were told by Sheldon or the insecure Penny.
  5. Leonard went on a trip to the North Sea?? I totally forgot. Sheldon's train trip might have the same impact by episode 4
  6. What I've said in the past and it is still true is that the writers now write L/P as the classic sitcom married couple since mid-season 6. We don't doubt their commitment to each other and their interaction is shown to be resolving issues that are more external in nature. Something happends to one of them, like Penny getting a job or Sheldon does not like not having Leonard's undivided attention and we see how this effects both of them. Less and less of the show has to do with how L/P are handling internal friction due to their diverse personalities. We just assume they will handle that now after seven years.
  7. The show runner, Steve Malero has said that they don't want to revel her last name but they also want to find a way to not have it said at the wedding. So it is almost certain that once they are wed, she will be Penny Hofstadler to give her a last name and thus have a full name that can be said by secondary characters where appropriate. If she is going to the business world to work or on formal occasion, she will be Mrs. Hofstadter to avoid the silliness of having people not call her full name or her not saying it herself.
  8. Small correction. That was Zack that kissed Penny. After all, that was his wife of six weeks at the time
  9. Being a bit pedantic here but the BBT went two complete seasons with out Amy and most of a third. She was introduced in the tag of 3.23, "The Lunar Excitation", the third season finale.
  10. If this show would allow itself to go two mins without a joke it could be pulled off. Or if they could write a scene with tightly focus gentle humor dealing with the subject of how Sheldon fights this internal war within himself against the pull of humanity. I understand the show runner's dilemma. Sheldon is not allowed moments of such clarity because he might change into "a real boy", their biggest fear especially with three years to go. Still, this will be done slowly, with Amy as the catalyst, that part seems inevitable.
  11. This is so true. Having worked as a System Engineer in the marketing division of the gigantic computer company for 25 years, the best salespersons I saw were really great actors. When I read of Chuck Lorre's tease about Penny's story arc for this season being a saleswoman for Big Pharma, my first thought was, If they give her a good script (sales material) and some assistance with the supporting roles (technical personnel) she can be a "star". Sales is mainly about getting customers to like you. At that, Penny's cup runneth over with talent. And by the way. Has anyone seen the typical saleswomen for Big Pharma? Penny's a natural.
  12. This is a perfect summation of Penny's journey. Molaro said before the start of season 6 that Penny was still young, six years younger than Leonard. She needed to discover some of life's truths and her growth would be slow. The first half of season 6 was all about Penny sorting through what she called in 6.02 "a new, better, boring kind of love". She finally excepted that this was so much better than being on a roller coaster emotionally that would drop her off back where she started at the end of the ride. Season 8 should finally show us the mature Penny, the woman who is approaching 30 years old in a little more than a year when the season starts. All those delusions and childish dreams should be recognized as such, at least, if not completely put away. After all this is a comedy.
  13. That unaired pilot had a lot of Chuck Lorre's "Two and a Half Men" mojo working. It was cynical, dyspeptic and dark which are some of the reasons the test audience disliked it. Kaley's Penny character was the primary fix, replacing Amanda Walsh's Katie. The Katie character was down right depressing and a borderline "user" of men. Penny was a fresh face farm girl full of optimism bordering on delusion and remarkable trust. Despite attempts by Lorre to make Penny have some of the traits of Katie, starting in season 4, Kaley seems almost incapable of portraying malevolence.
  14. I think @Disgusted is pointing out that Lenny is entering the "end game" phase of their story. There will be moves ahead but the outcome is assured. This will cause happiness for the majority of the fans but Disgusted is not one for "normality". He is right, I believe, that Sheldon and Amy will follow a modified version of the Lenny arc. After all that is the setup of the show: watching the effect of females on nerdy males. That was Bill Prady's intention.
  15. Always love the accusation that all Leonard wants is sex with Penny. The writers have gone to great lengths to refute this. - Leonard made the comment in the pilot "our babies will be smart and beautiful". Sounds like a man who wanted more than sex from this woman. - Penny did not have sex with Leonard until season 3. Yet, Penny considered Leonard her close friend. Sounds like Penny did not get the memo that Leonard wanted only sex from her. Either that or he is incredibly patient. - The men that we have seen Penny with have had sex with her and not one has stayed around to want to marry her officially. That's one of the defining marks of the character, no one considers her special except as a sex toy. She has called her self, such things as "a loser" and "toothless Oakie" next to the other women in Leonard's life. As Raj said, she has but one arrow in her quiver. The only one who thinks she is special is Leonard. - Leonard had sex with her, we presume, dozens of times in season 3. And he told her he loved her, which she found shocking. If Leonard only wanted her for sex, his attitude should have been, been there, done that. Why was he different then the other men before? - If Leonard was only after sex, he got plenty of it from other women before and after his sexual relationship with Penny. Leslie, Stephanie, Dr. Plimpton, Joy, Priya and four unnamed women from "The Love Car Displacement". It can be argued that Leonard was having a better run without Penny and in several cases was going up the social/economic ladder. Yet Leonard would drop any of them in a minute for Penny. - When Leonard said on the platonic date that he did everything for her to get sex, what would have been her response if he had said, "because I love you". She would have freaked out again. - After they agreed to start their relationship for the third (and most likely final) time, Penny did not have sex with him for four months in season 5 and for an undetermined amount of time after the proposal during sex fiasco. All in all, L/P have spent MORE time not having sex than periods of sexual activity. The writers have hammered away with these points for seasons now. The relationship is NOT about sex but about mutual love.
  16. You'll get no argument from me. To paraphrase Theodore Parker and Martin Luther King: The Arc of Comedy is long but it bends toward the Joke.
  17. We are in complete agreement. Amy's story breached the continuity of the episode's setup of what it would be like if Sheldon was not born (that's directly from the transcript, no interpretation is needed), They also "bent" the premise here for the the express purpose of getting in the Penny and Sheldon laundry room scene. That is an interpretation on my part as I have no hard evidence to determine the writer's intention.
  18. I checked the transcript of "The Cooper Extraction" and they were discussing "It's a Wonderful Life: Amy: It’s great. It’s Christmastime and Jimmy Stewart’s really depressed and he’s gonna jump off a bridge and kill himself. Stuart: Don’t need to see it. Living it. Bernadette: But then he gets to see what the world would be like if he’d never been born. Penny: Hey, you ever imagine what that would be like? Not being born? The writer's setup the stories to reflect "It's a Wonderful Life" in which the central character, George Bailey, is shown how other people's lives would be affected if he had never been born. The writers completely forgot that premise when they told Amy's story about Penny and Sheldon. Or most likely, they wanted to put in that Shenny scene just for the hell of it. It was a rather bone headed mistake. A continuity error within a single episode.
  19. Favorite episode "The Scavenger Vortex". Favorite moment: The Strawberry pop-tart proposal.
  20. The Lime kiss will never be topped for hotness.. You can tell there seems to be something going on between Johnny and Kaley even though they were keeping their relationship a secret at that time. They have not kissed like that again, that I can remember. The entire scene includes several intimate details that two actors in a sitcom would not rroutinely do.
  21. Penny and Leonard started to drift toward the final commitment with the table shopping in "The Table Polarization". They acted like a married couple trying to furnish their nest. But Penny crying to Leonard in the hallway about her now dead auto and stressing about how she would have to go back to work at the Cheesecake Factory in humiliation after insulting her co-workers on her way out, told volumes about how she saw Leonard. She was acknowledging that Leonard was right about her delusional attitude about her "star" plans and laying a problem she caused at Leonard's feet for solving, once again. She must have expected that he would do something to get her out of trouble, as he always does, since she sent him on the quest to get her TV from Kurt in the pilot. Or tell her how special she was when some dirt bag boyfriend dumped her. Or pay her rent when she wasted money. Or get her out of a marriage to Zack. Penny accepted that car in a heartbeat and you knew she was not worried about obligations any longer. That car was from her future husband. Season 8, I feel, will be starting with L/P as a unit that should not be threaten with phony "break-up" drama. They will have enough external issues to deal with to make their story interesting (Sheldon, their family members, living arrangements)
  22. One thing is certain, the powers that be did NOT satisfy the Shenny viewing population during season 7. The Paradox website for Shennys is just about dead and the new ShennyHQ site has virtually all of its members declaring that they will or have already stopped watching the show. When you think of all the "Shenny" moments of season 7, none of them led anywhere. At least toward some deepening of the relationship of Sheldon and Penny. - the bonding moment of episode 1, where Penny and Sheldon share inner most secrets and a hug, was cancelled out by episode 2 where Leonard returns and L/P hide from Sheldon. Sheldon ended up feeling betrayed. - The Scavenger game had them as unhappy teammates where they were pretty much on their own at the end. Penny was more interested in punishing Leonard then cooperating with Sheldon. - Amy's imaginative story of how Penny would have come on to Sheldon sexually if Leonard was not in the picture, ended with Penny looking pained and the guys disgusted (except for Stuart). That scene was the most obvious Shenny bone being thrown this year. And the scene ended with Sheldon rejecting Penny while describing how he was saving himself for a woman that fit the description of Amy. It made no sense at all anyway. If you rewatch the episode, you clearly hear Bernadette setup the premise of what their existence would be like if Sheldon was NOT in their lives. That meant Penny's life too! - The Sheldon we are both "Dreamers" line supporting Penny's quitting the Cheesecake Factory for acting was so out character for Sheldon that the writers could not resist having Penny look at him and joke that she should leave the windows cracked when she leaves him in the car. This really went no where as S/P ganged up on Leonard only to find out in a later episode that Sheldon really did not follow through on his support. Leonard turned out to be right about Penny's foolishly quitting and when her car broke down, Leonard was the one to support her while Sheldon was annoyed that she interrupted his game night with her problems. - Penny and Sheldon went off to a fortune teller who then proceeded to give him a future where the key to his success in life was Amy. If you are a shenny that had to be insulting. That whole scene was so silly, you wonder how the writers let that one into a script. It was simply an attempt to have some Shenny time. Most of the second half of season 7 was spent having Penny slowly undoing the dependance of Sheldon on Leonard ending with Penny telling Leonard to let Sheldon leave and being surprisingly unconcerned about Amy's distress. Season 7 had the promised "Shenny" scenes that Molaro said were going to come at the start of the season but they were all hollow. It was window dressing in service of the canon story. You can see why the Shennys are pretty much done with the show. And season 8 is likely to be Lenny and Shamy heavy with L/P getting married and S/A going thru relationship drama like the Lenny did in Season 4.
  23. Kaley is really lobbying hard for Lisa Kudrow but O'Grady would fit better in my opinion.
  24. Sheldon may have been somewhat intrusive in the early portion of the Lenny relationship but he sure isn't now. In season 7 we saw Penny slowly put Sheldon in his place as she made her final push toward Leonard. From "The Table Polarization" on to the finale we saw her ween Sheldon off of his dependency on Leonard. - She told Leonard to stand-up to him and made him buy a table that Sheldon didn't want . - She screamed at Sheldon for wanting Leonard to play a board game while she needed Leonard's attention on her car disaster (and she called Leonard in the hallway for privacy). - She has constantly tried to make Amy Sheldon's new caretaker, even taking him to a fortune teller who conveniently stated that Amy is the key to his future. - And finally made Leonard stop attempting to prevent Sheldon from his ride about on trains. When Leonard gave her some push back, she got the "padawan" insult from Sheldon and she said in a stern voice "seriously, let him go". In that scene she dropped her head and stared at Leonard with a "this conversation is over" look. Season 8 will undoubtedly bring us more of the same. Penny will not allow Sheldon to interfere with the Lenny engagement and marriage.
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