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    Pair Ups For S8

    I think Raj & Amy would be good.
  2. My oldest brother has Aspergers Syndrome. He has a regiment he follows and everything must follow his plans. He's also not good in social environments.
  3. mahetma


    I didn't liker her because she didn't have any nerd qualities.
  4. mahetma


    I kinda like Bernadette. She adds something different to the show.
  5. I would like to see something with Captain Kirk. Maybe Sheldon sees him at ComicCon
  6. Leonard once sang along with the radio to the "Black Eyed Peas"
  7. Didn't he have a learner's permit when he drove Penny to the hospital? I think the trip to the DMV with Penny was for the license.
  8. I am pretty sure he got his license after an arguement with the DMV person. That happened after he got the ticket for driving Penny to the hospital.
  9. Give the marriage a chance. Howard acting as a sleeze ball got old just like Raj's mutism. Let the new Howard grow and I am sure the writers can make it funny along the way.
  10. Summer Glau What is Sheldon's favorite pink liquid?
  11. They share the same writers, so maybe they also share wardrobe items. Someone needs to do some research to spot more similarities
  12. I am never looking at Penny's feet so it doesn't bother me. I think wardrobe doesn't have her in heels to keep her height down otherwise she would tower over everyone but Sheldon.
  13. According to Wikipedia he is still alive.
  14. Why would 73 be good?
  15. Howard's father has been out of Howard's life for several years if not decades. I think it would be odd to bring him into the show.
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