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  1. Hi! Sometimes (well, a lot of times), like last night in a boring wedding, I find myself rememberings some great TBBT quotes, and I thought it'd be good to talk about it and share our favorites. There are probably billions of great ones; for example, in The pulled groin extrapolation, when Amy is staring blankly into space: Leonard: I thought you were reading. Amy: I was. Now I'm thinking about what I read. (*stares blankly again, then back at Leonard, and then smiles*) You all right, Leonard? You seem very unconfortable. It cracks me up the way she says that last line. And thinking about what she read? Well of course, that totally makes sense to me.
  2. I think the next logical step for Raj would be going to a therapist. I mean, I see it as the best thing he could do to get over his fear of talking to girls. I'd like to see him taking baby steps in that matter, you know? And yes, I would like to see more geeky stuff as well. I kind of think that the weirdness of the show was from episodes 15 to 20 of this season, or something like that. I really liked the last two and as someone else said, they brought back the whole uniqueness of the show. Is it weird for me to say that this weirdness in the episodes, came along with Sheldon gaining some weight? And his hair looked different too, that was driving me crazy. I know it's just looks, but I want my Sheldon skinny! Anyway, anything that's good and healthy for him is fine, it's not like he's overweighted or anything.
  3. Hey in the meantime, we can always watch reruns and short pieces of episodes on youtube!
  4. I love the Shamy and I don't think it's ruining the show. Period.
  5. Hi, I'm new to this forum! I looooooved the finale episode, I teared up throughout the entire ceremony :'-) And not to mention, the final part, specially when Sheldon held Amy's hand. AW!!! Can't wait 'til September. Though, I gotta say I feel kind of unconfortable with the place Penny and Leonard's relationship is. I mean, either they are, or they're not together. I don't like very much this alpha, beta, or omega test thing. But anyway, I can live with it. And right now, I'm sooooooooooo loving the SHAMYNESS!!! I find this attitude very interesting. You are sitting there with your wife, in the comfort of your home and a committed loving relationship, and jointly wishing on these characters a lifetime of singlehood, frustration and loneliness. I mean, how dare they get married? The horror! Agreed! With the last person here!!! I do want to watch more geeky stuff next season, but the show is so not ruined for me. I still love it, and I bet if the guys were still in the same place as in seasons 1 and 2, a lot of people would be complaining about it as well. Can't please evryone! So just let's enjoy the show and love the characters. I know I do.
  6. I love The Herb Garden Germination too. But one of my all time favorite ones, is the one when they find the ring of the Lord of the Rings. My favorite part? Raj's: "Plié... and relevé"
  7. Yes, like in Sheldon and Amy's first date, when Sheldon tells Amy it was hell growing up in Texas and Amy has no floow up, Penny does this thing with her mouth. It's really funny!
  8. I rememebr the first episode I ever watched was a rerun, and it was the episode when Howard and Raj get the false tattoo sleves and go to the goth club. I recall watching this and thinking "hm! I kinda like this". Been hooked ever since.
  9. I vote for Raj here because, even though I love the guy and all, he was happy when he thought Bernadette and Howard would break up. I mean come on, he's your best friend, Raj! And "you are my heart, my universe". The person I would trust the most would probably be Amy. She would never ever betray Penny or Sheldon.
  10. Rogue849

    the moms

    My fav is Mrs Wolowitz! Come on, she's hilarious "I'm like an upside down volcano here" But Leonard's mom is very funny too, she's so cold, and I loved it when she kissed Sheldon
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