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  1. I think the (new) fans out-number the (old) fans. I agree with the original poster. I loved the show for the first 3 seasons. The show changed when the producers decided they wanted to increase their demographic to get more viewers - (namely female viewers). All of the sudden the show's characters started to change from awkward individuals struggling to fit in and thrive (classic "nerd"-type issues) - into a sitcom that has the same old "formula" of male-female relationships. (Just like every other sitcom out there - predictable and boring). Quite frankly, everything that made the show unique and funny was changed to be a standard sitcom formula with only a shadow of its former glory attached - for the sake of continuity (so as not to lose too many original fans/viewers). If you like the show now - fine. I do not care to debate. I only wish to express my opinion, and support of the original post here - as I agree entirely.
  2. Everyone has an opinion. Only the editors truly know what they do with the audio track for final production. I would suspect that even though they record many "takes" with various levels of laughter - at the end of the day, the editor has resources (laff tracks) to utilize in order to fine tune the laughter to whatever level they are trying to achieve. I absolutely loved the first 3 seasons of the show - but now I can't stand the way they have changed it. One of the things that I disliked is that around the end of the 3rd season or so, there was a (noticeable) increase in the amount of "enhanced/pushed" laughter. It was almost as if every time somebody moved, or made a facial expression - there was laughter. Clearly, not everything always has to be funny - or even if it is, does not result in actually laughing out loud. TV producers are trying to compel viewers to believe that what they are watching is funny. They use imposed laughter as a way to subliminally and even overtly convince you of that. Yes, the over-use of laughter in this and practically (all) sitcoms is a problem that insults your intelligence and gets on your nerves.
  3. The episodes become even shorter when you fast forward past all the relationship crap so-called-comedy story lines. The few glimpses of past comedic glory (just the guys interacting) is becoming a rarity on the show. We are now over-shadowed by nagging women imposing relationship issues on the guys. I really hate what this once-great show has devolved into. I'm going to ride it out a few more episodes and if I cannot stomach it any more, the rest of you who like the new format can "have" it - as I'll be done with it. That shark has long since been jumped.
  4. There is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping the characters "static". The characters themselves and the specific roles they played were supposed to be stereotypes. These stereotypes very importantly allowed viewers to identify with, and recognize how these 4 guys, struggle to interact with the world around them. This struggle was funny. Very funny. It was also very well done in that it was believable and struck a chord of authenticity with all viewers who have any bit of nerdiness in them. I "want" to see a typical nerd try to get the girl. I "want" to see the super-genius asexual human-robot flex his brain cells and awkwardly interact with those around him because his brain does not work like everyone else's in the world. I "want" to see the typical nerd who believes that he is a womanizer - his exploits are hilarious and it is always fun to watch that struggle to try and "belong". I "want" to see the introvert who has issues even talking to women, but when around his buddies, is just fine. If you take away the sterotypes and take away what would be, (and is) the typical struggle of these folks to try and fit in and belong - then you DO jump the shark of the show. In changing them from their stereotypes you in effect give them success, thus ending the struggle, thus ending the reason so many of us indentified with the show in the first place. In changing them - the whole show changes. By changing these stereotypes to be more mainstream - the show has destroyed what made the show so unique and enjoyable. Yes the characters are still the same characters, but the situations that made the show so funny are now all about male-female (typical) issues. I would have preferred it if the male-female issues would have been more like the early days when Leonard tried to get the hot girl Penny - but could not because - after all - just like in life - it is a rarity for this type of relationship to exist. You have to admit that NO other show out there was like it. Now, it has become just like all the other shows - which is truly a tragedy. You can like the show the way it is now - and that's ok - but you missed my point, it would seem. Everyone like different things - and that's ok - but this whole thread is about if the show is still funny. Many think it is. I think it is not - and I have stated why. Feel free to enjoy it to your heart's content.
  5. It is truly unfortunate that the writers have chosen to turn this once-great show into a commonplace "relationship" sitcom. I watched it because it was unique and funny as hell. I watched it because the writing and situations did not "cater" to the viewing public who wanted dumbed-down "romantic comedy" (gag, choke) types of shows. Seasons 1-3 rocked big time. Season 4 started the transition to watered-down run of the mill territory that has simply accellerated, unfortunately. This latest season, for me, is almost unwatchable. What the writers did to the main (male) characters is horrible. Yeah, yeah, yeah they wanted them to "grow up" - whatever ! Come on - let the guys be themselves - true to their characters - when they were actually funny ! Too much emphasis on the "girls" now, and situational comedy about relationship issues. I can get that on the multitude of other shows already on the air. It is so sad they had to change this show to appease the simpletons who eat this kind of tripe up and call it delicious. So far this season, I record every episode, and when watching it - fast-forward past all scenes with just the women, howard/bernadette/mother, and stop to watch only when it is the guys. I find that the female characters pollute the othewise stellar chemistry of the show. I know I am not alone in my assessment of what the show has become - but clearly the majority of people prefer this new watered-down flavor of the show - since it now looks like all the other garbage on the air that is also seemingly popular. I loved the show SO much. It is simply painful to see what has been done to it in the last few seasons. For me, the shark has already been jumped.
  6. I think that all the characters (except for Raj) are practically dead. The writers have changed all of them too much - to morph the show from a funny, geeky, unique show - to a run of the mill sitcom where relationships are the only impetus for so-called comedy. Rest in Peace Seasons 1-3. Those days shall never return again. So sad to lose the characters and situations that we loved so much.
  7. Pretty much where the general direction was/is going now anyway - so not really anything ground-breakingly new. I guess the producers feel it is time for the nerds to grow up and become just like everyone else, and for the show to become like every other show out there. They "shall boldly go where everyone else has already gone before !" Predictable and formula to a "T". Yawwwnnnnn. NEXT !
  8. What I have ended up doing for Season 4 and 5 is to FFWD through ALL the scenes with: - Just the girls together doing girlie things - Scenes with Bernadette and anyone else - Scenes with Amy trying to seduce Sheldon I watched the parts with the guys being themselves (well, their "changed" selves) - no thanks to the creators/writers !! That made seasons 4 and 5 more palatable. And, for the record, the season 5 finale where everyone started to hold hands - even Sheldon - made me GAG ! Gimme a break, already.
  9. BINGO !!! I absolutely agree with you. Relationships that come/go are ok in small doses, but the SHOW must revolve around the stereotypical nerds that we know and love. It is THEIR trials, nerd culture, and REAL science that makes the show funny, entertaining, and UNIQUE. I, too, will stop watching if I see that they have taken the show even farther away from its roots. If I have to sit through relationship issues (the wet blanket that now covers the show), I will walk away from the show - and let the people who crave "romantic-comedy-formula" garbage to enjoy what this once-great show has become.
  10. Science - PLEASE ! I want the show to get back to its roots - which is where I got hooked on it. After Season 3 it dissolved into less and less about quirky nerds and more about run-of-the-mill relationship garbage that you can get on any other sitcom out there. It has been watered-down enough !!!
  11. I never liked the theme song and find it annoying. It is also one of those tunes that is just "catchy-enough" to stick with you and drive you bannanas as you sing it (or try to) in your head long after you have heard it. I FFwd through it every time but usually catch just enough of it to induce the "residual effect" above - LoL !
  12. If anyone has read any of my posts, you'd already know what I am about to write. Season 1-3 Sheldon (and everyone else) is what I prefer. It is the introduction of the now "regular" female characters, their female "circle", and the interaction with the guys (for the sake of creating "relationships") that caused the male characters that we knew and loved, to forcibly "adapt" (change) into what they have now become - regular and boring. Bring the show back to its roots, let the show be about the guys being themselves, and let us laugh and enjoy the show again. And BTW, Sheldon as a logic-centric robotic never-smiling genius was very unique and entertaining. RIP Sheldon of Seasons 1-3.
  13. Who got left out? Penny, or the 'treasured acquaintance'? To me, I like the show as a "guy" thing. A story about guys, for guys. I find the other supporting characters to be just that - supporting side stories - no more. I'd rather have most of the focus of the show be on the 4 guys.
  14. Well, I would have preferred it to end earlier than morph into an "all crowd-pleasing" show that drifted away from its unique comedic formula. If they found their story-lines getting tired and the ratings starting to drop, I would have preferred that they end it on a high note - rather than changing the show into something that had become more and more difficult to stomach. Long live Seasons 1-3. :-) PS - I still love the show - (mostly for the 4 main characters) - but that love is slowly dissolving...
  15. This isn't a soap opera. I actually think it (is) turning into a soap opera. Time will tell where the writers take it from here.
  16. Wish list: - The writers re-watch all episodes in seasons 1-3, and half of season 4 to re-calibrate their minds regarding how great the show was back then. - The writers, after experiencing this epiphany, get rid of Amy and Bernadette (I don't care how), and put the show back on solid ground with the foundation of the 4 nerdy geniuses and 1 hot neighbor across the hall. - More science - More guy-stuff (games, comics, movies, female conquests/failures, etc) - NO wet-blanket relationship karma-killing girlfriend crap anymore - More of the Moms - More guest stars from any/all science fiction shows past/present - Put Sheldon back in a place where he is not the guys' clown - make him superior again - it was funny as hell I am going to now re-watch seasons 1-3, just to experience that special chemistry that got me hooked on the show. PS - As far as Season 5 goes - it is NOT a good sign when I have to FFWD past all the "relationship issues drivel" just to get to the "good parts" where the guys are interacting again.
  17. Sorry to reference Seinfeld again, but there is one pertinent analogy. When George was going to get married to Susan, they ended up killing her character off. Prior to that, it was foreshadowed - if you remember - George was trying to underline that the George you know and love (independent George) is a different entity than "relationship George". The quote was "If relationship George walks through this door, he will kill independent George". The Seinfeld folks "got" it. Introducing a permanent "relationship" with the main characters would change the original chemistry too much - and the winning formula would be upset. I wish TBBT folks would take a step back and look at what they are doing. (perhaps it is all now only about ratings and dollars - which is more motivation than most would need these days. This explains the pandering being done to appease a broader female demographic - evident in the season 5 relationshippy "storylines".) I feel this is what is happening to the show. The "relationship" slant is killing the personas of the characters we grew to love - as now they are a different "entity" with the girlfriends at their sides, and in their own girls-clique. Remember the recent episode, where Raj had to point out - how much he was looking forward to just spending time with the "guys" again - just like old times. He nailed that one on the head. The addition of permanent female relationships has been a soaking wet blanket on the charisma of the show. Look at the Amy character for example. When she was first introduced, she was a robotic, logic-centric, female-Sheldon. That was actually funny - to see her interact just like Sheldon does. Then....(why oh why did they have to do it), they changed her into a woman who stopped being like Sheldon, and more like a woman who "needs a man" - then gets hell-bent on seducing him. The whole hand-holding scene at the end really paints a clear picture of the direction the writers/producers are going to take the show. I'm afraid we're in store for more cookie-cutter relationship stories for season 6. I vote to bring back the nerdy, scientific, logic-based, gaming, comic-book loving, awkward, funny, UNIQUE, guys of seasons 1-3. That was entertaining, and definitely different enough than anything else on the tube, keeping you wanting more. I love the fact that everyone on this forum is so passionate about the show. I can appreciate the differences of opinion of those who prefer relationship-comedies, and of those (like me), who would like this show to get back to its roots. I simply feel that the show is turning into what can be seen "on every other sitcom out there". If this show turns into that, then there will be a point where it has diminished its unique value enough to turn away even its truest fans. I hope that day does not come - I love the show.
  18. Friends was funny when the main characters were actually just friends with each other. It was complicated and uncomfortable when their interactions with each other changed so significantly - being "more than just friends". They became different people than the ones we grew attachment to earlier on. It is fine to have relationships outside of the friends circle, but when they start "mingling" as more than that - it is too big a change.
  19. I am happy to see that I am not alone in my conclusion that the show has de-volved into a standard "relationship-driven" sitcom - just like all the other watered-down "formula" sitcoms out there. I started, and "stayed" watching because of the science, and the "unique" comedy that presented itself in witnessing the struggles that people generally defined as "geeks" deal with. I loved Sheldon's scientific rants. Holy crap - Kudos to Jim for his skills at being able to do that - WOW ! The Penny character was always hit-and-miss for me. I could see how it was "interesting" to have, but did not really care if they removed the character or not. What made the show was the 4 guys - period. I, too wish that they would bring the show back to its roots. I don't think you have to always "evolve" the characters for a show to survive. In fact, I believe that if you tamper with the chemistry too much, you will jump the shark, and the show will ultimately meet its own demise. I would NOT tire of the show if it stayed focused on its true theme (as portrayed in Seasons 1-3). Look at how long Seinfeld lasted. The characters did not change who they were. Sure, relationships came and went - but no permanent changes were cemented. That was comedy gold ! Quite frankly, I do not care to tune in to a show to watch relationship issues. I would hazard to guess that most of the original fans would agree with this. The show is funnier, more unique, and much more interesting - withOUT the focus on relationships with the girlfriends. If they continue down this line, they'll end up all marrying off, and the show will end up just like Friends - and be gone.
  20. True. Maybe S1,2 are still so fresh in my mind, since I power-watched all the seasons in rapid succesion in a 2 week marathon catch-up, that it only seems like it happened just yesterday.
  21. I must say that I did not expect all of you, for the most part, to have such knowledgeable and intellectual commentary on this subject. Truly the fans of the show are of a higher calibre and maturity - evident in the posts in this thread. I am impressed - other forums out there would quickly turn this into a flame war. :-)
  22. Thanks for all the insightful posts, folks. My main point in my original post was to point out my observations on the show - from the perspective of someone that has watched all the Seasons 1-4, and half of Season 5 in a 2 week period. I love the show, but I loved what it "was" much more than what it has "become". I understand that relationships are inevitable, however there is way too much focus on it now. Like I said before, you can tune in to any sitcom out there and see "relationship" story lines. What I liked the most about the "4 guys" was the uniqueness of their characters, and their struggles with the world around them - being who they were, and not changing. I am old enough to have watched many sitcoms over the years, and you could always pinpoint where those shows "jumped the shark" - then inevitably died and were cancelled. Usually it came about as people getting older, moving on, moving to a new city, etc - all were death knells for them. I fear the same fate for TBBT if they don't get back to the fundamentals of what made the show so unique and special - motivating its viewers to keep tuning in - because they could not see this spectacle on any other show on the air. I for one would not tire of the show - even if the original focus/story lines (of Seasons 1-3) did not change. One poster commented that all shows need to evolve, and while I agree (to a point), I don't like change just for the sake of change - or if the motivation is to increase the demographic of its viewers. Another poster commented that the characters must evolve - just like in cartoons. I disagree there also. Look at the Simpsons and Family Guy as examples. Everyone stays the same age so the comedic situations are more or less focused. I agree with another poster that commented if we start marrying-off the characters the whole chemistry of the show will change. The poster correctly observed that married people don't normally still hang out with their single friends. I have grown attached to the characters and will continue to watch the show because of them (the 4+1). If you were to ask me what changes I'd love to see, they'd be: - NO Bernadette. Her voice is annoying. When she emulates Howard's mother by screaming at him, it makes me sick. - NO Amy. While her character is "ok", I really don't need to see her struggle for a "relationship" with Sheldon - that is neither funny nor enjoyable. - NO more Leonard pining to be with Penny, no more relationshippy stuff between them. It is very tiring to watch them toghther/apart, together/apart, etc..... Enough already, please. - Let the guys get back to being who they are, with the original comraderie and goofiness that made up the winning chemistry that made us love the show so much in the first place I love the show. I would love it even more if some changes were made. I stay a faithful viewer "because of" the 4 male characters. Thankfully I have a DVR and can FFwd through the side stories the writers have introduced into the show to "evolve it" and broaden its demographic appeal.
  23. I had never watched this show until about 1 month ago. Someone told me it was funny, so I decided to give it a try. So, I got a hold of seasons 1-4, and watched them all within the span of 2 weeks. Seeing all episodes, one after the other, immediately (without a 1 week separation between episodes), gave me a unique perspective on how the show has evolved/changed over the seasons. In a nutshell, I really liked the show a lot - mostly because of the interactions of the 4 male characters and their dealings with everyone else. I liked how they played off each other's quirks and stayed true to their own characters. Penny's character is the only one that changed - quite rapidly, actually. In the very beginning she was the naiive new tennant who was friendly and welcoming of everyone - but the writers quickly turned her into someone who was "self-aware" of her hotness - using it as a weapon, and even elevating herself in perceived "coolness" above the level of the 4 guys. Ok, I can deal with that. BUT - near the end of season 4, the writers started to introduce more female characters - likely to bring in more female viewers. I find the "girlfriend" female characters to be a distraction from the main male characters. As season 4 ended, and I started to "catch-up" to the Season 5 episodes, more and more episodes had way too much time spent on the females. Quite frankly, the girlfriend chemistry that the writers are trying to introduce waters-down the antics of the guys. I am so sick of seeing the "girls" together chit chatting about "whatever" that I actually skip past those parts of the show - and then watch just the main characters. I am sure I'm not alone in my opinion on this. I say ditch the girlfriends - keep Penny - let the guys be who they are, without turning the episodes into "every other sitcom" dealing with "relationships". "gag" Geez, we can get that kind of relationship dribble on every other sitcom/soap opera/romantic "comedy" out there. The Big Bang Theory was unique. Now it is not. Let the guys be their nerdy selves - with their various conquests and failures. That formula is truly very unique, intelligent and funny. I am saddened that the writers chose to turn the show into yet another "relationshippy" comedy - just for the sake of appealing to more female viewers. I can say this because I "power-watched" 4 seasons in 2 weeks - and both drew an appreciation for the show and its characters, in addition to seeing how the show evolved over time. Bottom line - the focus has now been split between the "hens" and the guys - and I for one don't like it. I hope they bring the show back to its roots, as I really like the original cast members a lot - as they had a unique chemistry that was comic genius. Ditch the Amy and Bernadette "characters/roles". Please.
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