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  1. "Oh and yes, I am tired of this Leonard and Penny crap, they break up, get back together, break up again..and it looks like they are going to break up again." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me too! I know the Leonard character is supposed to be the show's straight man,,,not quite as nerdy as the others. But at least in the first two or three years he had his funny moments. But now, for me, he's become intolerable. When he isn't with Penny, he becomes a whiney, pouting, insufferable brat, and it drags the entire episode down. And in almost all the episode descriptions now, it's "Leonard and Penny" or "Howard and Bernadette." You don't see "The Guys." And because it's becoming a more relationship oriented show, other hilarious characters are seen less and less, like the comic book store owner and Kripke.
  2. The show has changed so much and I don't like it. "Change is never fine! They say it is, but it's not" - Sheldon They are not even the 4 socially awkward geeks who loved video games, science, robots and comic books anymore, its just 4 guys and 3 chicks who got relationship problems. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I agree. It's becoming less and less funny and more and more of a (violin music) soap opera. The writers/producers are destroying a once successful show. The ratings are still ok now, but it won't last and they will start dropping. You could see it coming in the episode where Bernadette forced Howard to take her with him to what was supposed to be just the 4 guys playing the Star Wars online game for the entire weekend. And then started whining about how the two of them should wear the same outfit in the game so others knew they were a couple. Others believe every show must evolve or die. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every show that finds a sure fire formula for success, and then starts tinkering, eventually evolves itself off the air. For this, of course, Sheldon has to remain different from the rest. For this I'd like to trust the writers and Jim. He may not stay 'different' in exactly the way he was 3 years back, but he's certainly going to always be 'different' compared to the rest of humanity. And that's good enough for me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And not even that is going to last. Did you see where Sheldon grabbed Amy's hand at the end of the last episode? BBT is going to become just another generic relationship centered sitcom that is one third comedy and two thirds drama.
  3. Raj is straight. If he was gay, he would not have a fear of talking to girls.
  4. A show has to evolve, but now Big Bang is evolving beyond what made it successful in the first place. It's getting further and further away from it's roots, and it's viewership will suffer. With Wolowittz getting married, it will be basically 3 guys instead of 4, as he will not want to spend much time with his buddies. In the real world, how many married people hang around with their single friends? Not many. I fell in love with the show because it was virtually non-stop comedy. Now it's becoming more and more relationship/drama and less comedy. And the Leonard/Penny thing? I fast forward right through those scenes because the Leonard character becomes intolerable. He turns into a pouty, whiny, jealous brat.
  5. Wolowitz getting married is a BIG mistake by the show's producers. Now it will take on a more serious, soap-opery tone. The show will go downhill from here on.
  6. Wolowitz getting married married will be a downward spiral for the show. The core of the show has always been the 4 nerd guys. And Wolowitz was hilarious as the self-proclaimed stud/ladies man of the group. Now that will be removed. Sad to see a great show start to decline.
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