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  1. Luckily Sheldon is not like that
  2. I don't mind not getting spoilers until taping day now. I just know I will be excited to know what's happening. Will Amy say yes or more realistically imo will she ask Sheldon why he suddenly done it now and will Sheldon be honest
  3. Hey all. Hope you all having good hiatus Are you looking forward to the new season ? I know i am. Will be interesting to see how they resolve the proposal question. Not really had time to think about it as I am busy sorting my own wedding out in September:)
  4. Ship Zone

    Cheers! Will do mine now
  5. I'd like to see them get married and some of the wedding planning like they did for Howardettes wedding
  6. Ship Zone

    Having seen the kiss and knowing what was going to happen it was still a shock but we know there was no kissing back from Sheldon Am totally ok with what happens next, they won't be breaking up over this and it looks like it will be resolved quickly I won't be around much during the hiatus. Got loads of wedding planning still do for my own wedding in September Enjoy the summer all
  7. Everything seems to get dragged up in the summer but I won't be on here much then anyway (Wedding stuff)
  8. I'm still questioning how and when exactly Sheldon and Ramona became friends as well as the swimming thing
  9. Ship Zone

    Oh don't get me wrong I like the final but that bit is not making sense!
  10. Ship Zone

    I have a curious feeling about Ramona and Sheldon and why does Sheldon claim to be just friends with her when we know he couldn't wait to get rid of her 8 years ago That I just don't get why he would hang out her or want to
  11. That was my reaction as well as how does he not realize at that point that it's inappropriate but apart from that I'm pretty happy with the final
  12. Thank you so much kazzie
  13. From the information that we have so far and regardless of the cliffhanger, it sounds like a fun episode overall
  14. Ship Zone

    I have 1 question Where and how did Ramona suddenly appear? Like for what reason was she suddenly just there (apart from crushing on Sheldon)
  15. There a number of sources who went and like you I won't be naming names