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  1. Very happy with everything in the finale and I am sad that it's over as it's been a lotta fun for me End of an era
  2. Thank you, sounds great I think they are showing that bits of the old Sheldon are still there with the inappropriate comments
  3. Knew this was coming but still sad. It's been a fantastic and funny show for me
  4. As we are showing wedding dresses I will throw mine in from last year, it' just a simple long dress and I hadn' worn a skirt or dress since I was about 5!
  5. Thanks Rick. Sounds like you had a fab time
  6. I somehow went unspoiled for this 1. Funniest moment was Howard AND Raj pushing each other on the bouncy castle. Was a good episode though a bit unrealistic to recover from food poisoning in less than a day??
  7. Liked the flashbacks and they got the acting spot on from 7 years ago. Fun episode
  8. No need to apologise. We appreciate whatever we get and thank you
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