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  1. Very happy with everything in the finale and I am sad that it's over as it's been a lotta fun for me End of an era
  2. Thank you, sounds great I think they are showing that bits of the old Sheldon are still there with the inappropriate comments
  3. Knew this was coming but still sad. It's been a fantastic and funny show for me
  4. As we are showing wedding dresses I will throw mine in from last year, it' just a simple long dress and I hadn' worn a skirt or dress since I was about 5!
  5. Thanks Rick. Sounds like you had a fab time
  6. I somehow went unspoiled for this 1. Funniest moment was Howard AND Raj pushing each other on the bouncy castle. Was a good episode though a bit unrealistic to recover from food poisoning in less than a day??
  7. Liked the flashbacks and they got the acting spot on from 7 years ago. Fun episode
  8. No need to apologise. We appreciate whatever we get and thank you
  9. Also as I'm not religious the idea of getting married in a church wasnt even in my mind!
  10. This is what we did when we get married, went to the town hall and booked it in the registry office (only 36 guests allowed) then followed by a reception at a nearby pub, with more guests. It was what we could afford and I don' believe in spending tons of money just to get married and get in debt
  11. So finally caught up with the premiere and I loved it. So happy that Shamy are finally engaged
  12. Howard and Amy together sounds likely it will be good fun.
  13. Hello there. I know this is off topic but bear with me So on Saturday I will be getting married and if anyone is interested to see pictures I will be putting them up in the chit chat thread You can now resume normal service
  14. I really hope we get to see Amy's dad soon. Very happy about shamy engagement. At least this summer I had no doubts about their relationship
  15. Thanks for all the info. Sounds like a fun episode and I'm so happy that Shamy are engaged
  16. I don't mind not getting spoilers until taping day now. I just know I will be excited to know what's happening. Will Amy say yes or more realistically imo will she ask Sheldon why he suddenly done it now and will Sheldon be honest
  17. Hey all. Hope you all having good hiatus Are you looking forward to the new season ? I know i am. Will be interesting to see how they resolve the proposal question. Not really had time to think about it as I am busy sorting my own wedding out in September:)
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