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  1. 5 hours ago, NotWonderland said:

    So ive just typed up what feels like a essay but i figure this is my last taping i go to so might as well do the spoilers right lol here you go and if its too much sorry in advance 😂😂😂

    Cold open is the whole gang in 4A sheldon and Amy saying how by the end of the honeymoon they were like a real married couple the good kind like on tv not lile Amys parents, howard makes a joke about how they're not a real married couple until shes ok with him peeing with the door open, bernadettes not happy with it either. Sheldon and amy got them "gifts" they all got 1 love NY teeshirts, they forgot to buy gifts so sheldon bought them on the plane, theres a line here about how NY could stand for anything not just new york. sheldon was bored googling stuff on the plane. He bought penny a xxl, shes annoyed, amy smacks him on the arm and says i told you, he says something like yes dear.

    Next scene is sheldon and amy opening wedding gifts and writing thankyou cards, sheldons written 16 and his wrist is hurting, they open leonard and pennys, saying its the perfect gift for a perfect couple, its a strange crystal object, amy shakes it, sheldon tells her to lick it cause it might be candy, amy asks if it could be a "marital aid" he asks what they could use a crystal shaft for 😂

    I get a bit blurry here about the order of the scenes but ill try to remember lol
    It goes to the comic book store raj and Howard are watching stuart and denise flirt, raj asks whats wrong with stuarts face, howard points out hes smiling raj then tells howard he caught them making out at sheldons wedding. Stuart and Denise have a awkward goodbye and they ask if hes gunna ask her out, he doesnt know, raj says a big spiel about love which ends with him saying dont end up eating pringles on the toilet while your dog watches or something similar.

    Sheldon and amy are in bed, they cant sleep because they cant figure out what the present is. Sheldon wants to ask, amy says it would offend leonard and penny as its supposed to be perfect for them, sheldon doesnt care, she says they wont think youre a genius and he agrees not to ask. Eventually they get back up to tear up the box for clues, Sheldon is liking married life.

    Howard and bernadettes kitchen, bernadette asks whats wrong with stuarts face hes still smiling. Hes happy because he asked denise out and she said yes. Theres a couple jokes in here about personal grooming and stuff but i cant remember it too well, its funny though.

    Sheldon is hand delivering a thankyou card to leonard and penny trying to get info out of them. They ask if he knows what it is, he says yes and hes going to go use it then takes off out the door. Penny wonders if theyre being mean leonard thinks its funny. Sheldon screams from next door "what are you!"

    Howards in the Caltech cafeteria, sheldon ask him if he knows what the present is, he does sheldon doesnt want to know because theyve figured it out. Its the first clue to a scavenger hunt that will lead them to their actual gift, howard says thats right. Sheldon leaves happy thanking a approaching leonard on his way. Raj and leonard sit with howard. Leonard is still laughing, Raj wants to know what it was. Its the present that howard and bernadette gave him and penny for their wedding, raj asks if its the crystal chakra(i think thats the word) he gave them for their wedding, it is. Howard lied about them liking it.

    Sheldon and amy in berts office hes looking at the gift its quartz, they search what it could mean. Its based on a german word the same but spelt without a T. They decide the next stop is the coffee shop where they first met.

    Stuarts comic book shop, he asks raj for advice about his date, i cant remember much about this except it ends with raj being really down about being alone (was quite sad actually), stuart asks if he should fake a phone call and leave then does.

    Sheldon and amy going into the coffee shop, they are trying to figure out where their clue could be, they see the table they first met at. Theres a couple sitting there but they approach anyway looking for the clue, sheldon finds gum under the table. Amy goes to ask the barista if anything was left. Sheldon tells the couple this is where he met his wife and if they play their cards right they could be married in 8 years, turns out they're brother & sister. They redid this line a few times last time was sheldon saying font advertise that, he also said use protection in one shot.

    Amy has the lost and found box, the barista gave it to her when she asked if anything was left for them. They think its because they were lost until they found each other. Inside the box theres a chain with a locket with a stone, Amy thinks its quartz, no pictures inside sheldon says so they can fill it with their own memories, he also finds sunglasses in the box he thinks they were left for him because their future is so bright. He puts them on they smile at each other, hold hands and (basically 😂) skip out.

    Howard and bernadettes kitchen, stuart knocks asks them not to laugh. Hes orange, he got his hair dyed but it made him look pale so got a tan, hes tried washing it off and has tells them they'll need new towels, floormats, and a toilet seat. Howard makes a couple oompa loompa jokes.

    Raj skypes his dad, he wants him to set him up with a wife, after a small convo he agrees as long as raj stops posting photos of him and his dog in matching outfits.

    Back in 4A Sheldon and amy are thanking leonard and penny for the gift. Shes showing them the pictures of herself and sheldon theyve put in the locket. They are confused. Sheldon has a special thankyou card for them. He and Amy look so happy in this scene. The thankyou note theyve written is in sandskrit, but not regular sandskrit, they cant use the internet to translate it either as they are locked out of the wifi and the new password is in the card. Leonard isnt having fun anymore. Raj comes in and tells them hes getting married, they all react different, penny just says no. He describes the girl and how he just needs to hide his true self for 8 to 10 dates and its happening. Sheldon knows what hes getting them for a wedding present.

    Tag scene is stuart knocking on denises door for their date. She laughs he says he wanted to look his best and made a series of errors. She still wants to go out with him. She says maybe she can help him find nemo. They walk down the hall shes making orange jokes, he asks if shes going to do it all night she is. He asks if she feels like chinese for dinner she says she feels like orange chicken.

    And thats the episode, my friend has a very good memory for details so was filling in bits while i went lol

    Bts stuff there were a few mess ups, mayim seemed in a great mood chatting with Melissa and simon and her and jim were joking around alot. Jim looked like he was struggling early then got into it. I thought they were going to start laughing when she was holding the crystal thing and they had to stare at it, and when jim put the sunglasses on.
    They filmed a promo of the gang sitting around eating, they had to look like they were talking and laughing.
    Johnny and kaley looked really sad when they did their speeches both were tearing up thanking everyone for their support and thanking all the crew etc. Curtain call they all came out together holding hands.

     Thank you, sounds great :)

    5 hours ago, bfm said:

    @NotWonderland you're amazing!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I'm glad that you got to see two tapings of the last season and hope you had a wonderful time!

    I skimmed through some parts to leave myself stuff to hear the first time wheb it airs. Overall it sounds like a really good episode and I hope it holds up when it airs. The Stuart plot sounds great! Finally he has someone who likes him and forgives his antics. Raj asking for a match hmm maybe he will surprise everyone this time and won't screw it up. The only thing that bugged me is that they have one episode saying Lenny are like the Fowlers and another, three days later, saying Shamy are "the good kind" of married couple, not like the Fowlers. Seriously?! Can't keep yourselves from bashing Lenny and elevating Shamy even when it's the last season? Geesh :icon_rolleyes:

    BTW, the xxl shirt reminded me of Sheldon overestimating Penny's weight last year. So we have Sheldon thinks Penny is fat jokes here and there and it doesn't bother me but I just find it weird... Is there something I'm missing that makes those jokes funny?

    I think they are showing that bits of the old Sheldon are still there with the inappropriate comments

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  2. 10 hours ago, NotWonderland said:

    Here you go anyone wanting spoilers 😄

    The opening scene is so cute its sheldon waking Amy up in bed saying good morning wife and she says good morning husband, then he makes a comment about how its official they've consummated it and something about hanging the bedsheets out the window. They start their honeymoon in lego land and then go on to new york. Sheldon keeps scheduling everything including their coitus eventually amy gets mad and tells him she wants it to be spontaneous, they have a little argument, he explains himself( its very sweet in a very sheldon way) and amy says he can schedule everything as long as he doesn't tell her. Amy makes a science comment sheldon gets turned on and takes her back to their hotel.

    Lennys plot is the whole gang find amys dad has been hiding from her mum in shamys apartment. amys mum turns up later mad looking for him. Hes hiding, Leonard penny and mrs Fowler find him hiding, he doesnt want to go back, he wants a break. Penny cant understand how they are together, Leonard thinks their relationship is similar, they end up in a little argument. Penny thinks the fowlers are the weirdest couple they know and they know sheldon and amy, howard and bernadette and raj and his little "twitchy" dog, eventually mrs fowler tells penny how much fun theyre gunna have together and penny makes mr fowler leave. 

    Raj is being interviewed by a local news station about a upcoming meteor shower, he spends his whole time talking about neil degrasse tyson, howard and bernadette watch on tv. Raj ends up in a twitter fight with him, the tag scene is neil calling raj theres some funny convo before they hang up and neil then calls bill nye.

    Bts stuff all but 1 of sheldon and amys scenes were pretaped, kunal had the first mistake of the night going up the stairs then almost fell coming back down, kathy bates messed her lines up abit, mayim and johnny had a mistake each i think.

    If anyone wants anything more specific feel free to ask if i remember ill share :)

    Thank you for the info


    All sounds very funny 

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  3. 48 minutes ago, brilliantfool said:

    I thought today’s episode was great because it was mostly a group episode, we got to see so many parents / siblings interactions, no petty fights, instead it celebrates friendship (beautiful Leonard / Sheldon scene and Howard got this amazing present to Sheldon), Sheldon wasn’t mean to anybody, and they found a beautiful way to incorporate science in a wedding episode - because of a line Amy said about Sheldon’s bow tie and then his mom mentioning something about imperfections (sweet scene with Mary in the groom room) he had this scientific breakthrough - he went to share that with Amy and she was blown away and they’ve both started working on it in the bride room , they had no board / papers so they were writing with lipstick on a mirror 🙈

    Then Leonard came in and was like are you guys crazy , you’re stalling your own wedding... Then he saw the equations and was so blown away he joined them

    Then Penny saved the day ;)

    (She also sassed and shushed Amy’s mom when she was being a bitch)

    Also they managed to incorporate a tribute to Stephen Hawking in the tag with the wedding theme... I just thought it was so flawless and so TBBT that they find ways to do that, make a big milestone episode like that but stay essentially them

    Ofc you might see it differently, feel there wasn’t enough Shamy or Lenny depending on your preferences, but for me it was a solid beautiful group episode 

    Honestly I have a feeling it will be a longer episode ... Cause it’s the longest taping I’ve been to AND half of the scenes were pre-taped

    But also missy, Mary, Georgie and Amy’s parents didn’t have much screen time (whatever time they had was hilarious though ), it was mostly main cast

    Thank you. It sounds amazing :)

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  4. 27 minutes ago, brilliantfool said:

    Hey guys! I’m sure somebody will give you a full TR so just wanted to share my overall impressions and BTS

    I thought the episode was just perfect and for those of you who don’t like Shamy - I felt it was more like a tribute to TBBT overall than just them

    So many guest stars , it was so cool to see missy and Georgie and Mary, also the actor who plays Luke Skywalker officiated the wedding (not a SW fan here so I don’t know him :) . Also we saw Amy’s parents, Bert, Wil Wheaton and Kripke, maybe somebody else in forgetting 

    Bill Prady, Molaro and Chuck Lorre all went out for the curtain call 

    WB president was there too at some point 

    We got to see Mayim walking in the wedding dress up close 2 times as she walked from one side of the set to another 

    Saw Bri Cuoco up there too with her and Kaley’s dad

    There was a really sweet scene between Sheldon and Leonard, and Penny was amazing tonight 

    The taping was long, 3,5 hours , even though there were so many pre-taped scenes (probably half)

    Oh and a couple got engaged tonight! It’s the second time I’ve heard of that happening during tapings and I’ve always wanted to see that , it was so cool!

    Thank you!

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  5. 4 hours ago, brilliantfool said:

    So here goes a TR, I def don’t have the insane memory some of the people on here have , so ofc some details are missing (also some jokes I do remember but skipping them otherwise it would get unbearably long and I just can’t type that much x D). I did remember way more though than I expected to. The pink eye storyline is the vaguest in my mind, probably cause all of those scenes were pretaped due to them needing make up for that, so we only saw them once.

    Also English is not my native language, so I’m gonna avoid citation rules completely sorry 


    Cold open is 4B. Sheldon’s on the phone arguing with his mom, Amy walks in a second before they finish talking. Sheldon is very annoyed and asks rhetorically guess who my mom insists attends our wedding... Amy sarcastically asks if it’s Jesus. Sheldon says he wishes, instead she’s insisting he invites his brother. Amy’s surprised he hasn’t invited him in the first place. They talk a little more about it but I don’t remember the details 


    Second scene is Bernadette’s apartment, Amy, Penny and Bernadette are in the living room . Amy is giving the girls some kind of pre-wedding gifts?, something nice from her and Purell  x D and something else ridiculous from Sheldon. She tells the girls about the whole Georgie drama, that Mary’s threatening not to come if Georgie isn’t gonna be there. Penny and Bernadette joke that with the drama now it sounds like a real wedding

    Then Howard shows up and asks how would you know somebody has a pink eye. Bernie describes the symptoms and he says ok, so both of our kids have pink eye. Then he’s trying to get downstairs (he was in the stairs coming from the second floor) and Amy’s saying what are you doing, I have a wedding in a week. Howard’s still trying to get downstairs so Penny jumps across the sofa (idk how to describe it haha) and blocks his way, it was so funny. She or Bernie tell Howard to go take a shower and burn the clothes he’s wearing (or better all of his clothes , Penny says). It was so funny, Kaley cracked up and they had to do another take 


    Leonard and Raj are playing some video games and chat and Raj says he doesn’t wanna be the only single person at the wedding. Leonard says he’s not gonna be, there’s Stuart and Amy’s great aunt. Although he better hurry up cause Stuart’s already friended her on Facebook. Raj thinks maybe he could invite the girl who waxes him, he keeps no secrets from her after all. Leonard makes a joke that’s not something to brag about (not in these exact words). Sheldon comes in frustrated and asks Leonard isn’t Leonard’s brother the worst. Leonard says not really , but it’s not a fair competition cause there’s always his mom (different line in the third take). Then Raj mentions his brother ?Adut?, they used to fight but now they’re like best of friends. Leonard says how come you’ve never mentioned him. Raj says sure I have, he’s the one who left the door open when we were kids and my pet mangust got out. Then he gets mad and says ‘stupid Adut!’

    Either after or in the middle is this scene Sheldon mentions he’s been trying to call his brother but he doesn’t wanna talk to him. The guys ask how can he be sure. He calls his brother and puts it on speaker and the voicemail says if it’s Sheldon calling, stop calling. They wonder what else could he do then to get Georgie to come to the wedding... Cut to Sheldon and Leonard on a plane and Leonard questioning how did he end up here if he kept saying no haha

    The rest I’m gonna describe out of order cause it’s easier. 


    Raj storyline 

    At some point Raj and Bernie are talking and he wonders why is it so hard to find a date. He wishes there was a service that’d let you pay and get a company... so basically an escort, Bernadette says. Raj says no no, not for sex (although if it goes well it could lead to sex), but just for human company. Bernadette says gotcha... so an escort. Raj says stop saying escort! She says she will when he stops meaning it.

    Then at some point in another scene he mentions to Bernie he got a date. Not for the wedding, but a regular date. But if it goes well, for Shamy’s wedding as well. And if it goes really well, for his wedding. 

    At some other scene he says the date fell short. Bernie says how come and the camera cuts to him and we see he’s got pink eye.

    But then in the tag he meets a girl at a pharmacy who also has pink eye and he asks her to go to the wedding with him 


    Pink eye storyline

    First we see Howard get pink eye and at some point he mentions Raj probably shouldn’t have borrowed his VR glasses the other day... Then also Bernie gets it and then Amy. 

    At some point there’s a scene where penny’s Skyping with Bernie I think ? in 4A, Amy comes in , freaks out that if Sheldon finds out he’s gonna cancel the wedding. Somebody makes a joke that they could tell him the wedding theme is the Walking Dead and it’s just make up and they all agree he’d probably buy it xD

    Amy has touched Penny’s laptop while talking to Bernadette, Penny was like could you not touch it but Amy was mad i think and didn’t care. After she leaves, Penny purells the laptop and says oh look, purell did come

    In handy after all! It was so funny 

    Throughout the episode we find out they’re all kinda mad at Penny she’s the only one who wasn’t infected 

    Next to last scene of that storyline they all go to a clinic and wait for Bernie (she took the kids in) to find out if it’s bacterial or not. It is, so they’re happy, it’s gonna be gone before the wedding

    Last scene is Amy Skyping with Sheldon and she only shows half of her face so that he can only see the eye that wasn’t infected. Some funny talk between them (btw I was wrong , so we have 2 Shamy scenes). She suggests since he made up with his brother maybe he and Leonard should stay in Texas for ... (reads the instruction on the bottle of her medicine) next 2-3 days 

    Honestly it sounds a bit stupid when you describe it like that haha but it wasn’t a bad storyline, just not my favorite cause I personally don’t like it when they mention sicknesses like that that are kinda visual... and esp when they show it. It was quite graphic x D


    Georgie storyline

    Sheldon and Leonard are in Texas and go to the tire store Georgie owns. It’s called Dr Tire. Sheldon freaks out of course and says the only doctor there is him. Leonard says um I have a Phd also. Sheldon says do you wanna wait in the car?! 

    Georgie comes out and Sheldon says hello Georgie and he says he goes by ‘George’ now. Sheldon says it doesn’t work for him. Leonard introduces himself, they shake hands. Georgie says they haven’t talked in over 10 years, but of course, once Sheldon needs something from him he’s there. Some overused but funny jokes about Sheldon not getting sarcasm.

    Next scene is in Georgie’s office, he says so let me get this straight, you weren’t gonna invite me to the wedding, but then mom said she wouldn’t go, so now you want me to be there. Sheldon says I know you don’t hear this often, but you’re exactly right. Leonard says ‘not helping Sheldon’. Georgie says in a sugar coated voice well, if you wanted me there, all you had to do was ask nicely. So Sheldon does that (doesn’t come easy for him x D ) and Georgie replies he’d rather swallow a pregnant cat and lets all her litter come out of him x D than be at his wedding (different line in the first 2 takes about swallowing a snake, but I think they’ll go with this one cause this was way funnier). Sheldon says wow I see why you got into tires , cause you are tiresome! Leonard says let’s go and pulls him out. As they’re walking out Sheldon asks if that was too rude... Leonard says not to rude... and not too good.

    In the hotel room Sheldon’s on the phone with his mom. He’s trying to tell her how it went but we get the idea she shuts him up cause we just see him sit down and get sad and say ‘yes mam.... yes mam... yes mam’ (basically the same replies as when he was speaking to her in the cold open). Leonard asks what that’s about and Sheldon says his mom is not getting in the middle of it, she says they should work it out between them. Leonard asks why Sheldon doesn’t want Georgie there in the first place... Sheldon says it’s cause he was a bully and mentions that Halloween story I’ve mentioned in one of the previous posts. Leonard says let me go talk to him...

    At some point in that scene he mentions he knows what it feels like to live with a bully, Sheldon asks your brother bullied you too? He says no, he meant Penny

    Leonard walks in Georgie’s office, Georgie’s on the phone on a business call. Can’t really repeat the conversation , they talk a bit about his work . Then Georgie says look if it’s about Sheldon, there’s nothing you can do. Leonard says but he’s your brother! Georgie says they have nothing in common. Leonard says that’s not true, you’re both tall, you’re both brothers... I don’t know why I started it like it was a list. Georgie says a line that I can’t remember, Maybe that Leonard’s completely wrong? And Leonard says hey! That’s a really Sheldon thing to say

    Then they kinda bond and talk, Georgie says you know how I got to open my first tire store ? I had to bust my ass off, cause all of the extra money we’ve got were always spent on Sheldon. Sheldon’s college tuition, him going to study in Germany... (probably there was some more) And how does it feel after all of that to still know he’s mom’s favorite kid? Leonard says if it helps, he’s my mom’s favorite too 

    Then Georgie offers him a beer, Leonard says sure but could you open it for me? Georgie says it’s (that kind of beer that opens easily, forgot the word... ). Leonard says ‘I know’. Georgie looks at him weirdly haha and opens it, it was one of the funniest scenes. 

    Leonard says I’m sure Sheldon wasn’t the easier brother to grow up with, but look, you haven’t exactly been super nice to him either... what about that time on Halloween when you stole his costume? Georgie says ‘but he was gonna dress like a girl scientist!’ Leonard says madam Curie? Georgie says thinkingly ‘I didn’t know she was a madam!...’ Point is Georgie says he was gonna get beaten up for that, I did it to protect him. Then Leonard wonders what about the time you used to sit on his head when he tried to watch Star Trek? Georgie said well that was just funny. Leonard agrees. Georgie says he did a lot for Sheldon, he protected him, drove him around, apologized to people for him... I’m sure you’ve had to do all of that too and Leonard says yes he does all that, he can relate

    Maybe there was a bit more 

    I really loved that scene 

    Next scene is hotel room, some funny moments with Sheldon calling room service but he doesn’t wanna order anything, he wants to correct their spelling in the menu. Leonard walks in with Georgie and says Sheldon, I think you gotta apologize to your brother... Sheldon is like ‘wtf’ and looks at Leonard and says ‘I’m sorry?!!’ Leonard says good , just like that , but more sincere and in that direction (points to Georgie). Georgie says forget it, it’s a bad idea, it’s like patching a tire.. and actually maybe not the best example cause one should never try to patch a tire, always get a new one 

    Then Sheldon and Georgie kinda started accusing each other standing opposite each other on different sides of the room , and Leonard between them, and Leonard says good start , let all those feelings out, they both simultaneously turn to him and tell him to shut up, at that moment they do look like brothers and actually having way more in common then they think. So Leonard steps aside and they talk. 

    Georgie says I’m sorry life hasn’t been easy for you, but it hasn’t been easy for the rest of us either. Do you think it was easy for us when dad died and you went away to college ? Mom was a mess. Sheldon says how can this be true, I’ve talked to mom all the time and she seemed fine ! And what about missy. Georgie says well it’s because she was trying to protect you! And missy was a stupid teenager, I’ve had to take care of both of them. Sheldon says then why you haven’t said anything, Georgie said that’s cause I was trying to protect you too, you’re my baby brother. Sheldon is a bit taken aback 

    Actually a really powerful emotional scene. There was complete silence in the audience during Georgie’s speech)

    Then Sheldon genuinely says I’m sorry... And it would mean a lot to me to have my big brother with me at the wedding. Georgie says he wouldn’t miss it. 

    Then he puts his hand on Sheldon’s shoulder, Sheldon instead of hugging him pats his hand... After like a minute of complete silence the audience finally laughed)

    Cut to Leonard who’s tearing up and says ‘am I crazy or does it feel like we just patched a tire?’ Then a little comedy moment with Sheldon looking at him judgementaly and saying come on Leonard, weren’t you listening, he JUST said one should never patch a tire 

    I think that’s it : )

    Thank you!

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  6. 1 hour ago, RJ1013 said:

    Here’s the long summary. If you prefer lots of surprises, obviously skip this. 

    Plenty of stuff is missing and/or may be mixed up. Some things are hard to describe, like Dr. Wolcott’s oddities and Amy’s reactions/physical comedy, so you’ll just have to wait and see on those aspects. I’ll post my own opinions and try to answer any questions anyone has sometime later, since I don’t have time now.


    “The Reclusive Potential”

    Main cast in 4A:

    Sheldon receives a letter from Dr. Wolcott, a fellow scientist whose work he is interested in since it may be vital to his string theory research. Wolcott is someone the guys are all aware of, and he has a reputation for being very weird. Amy wants Leonard to keep an eye on Sheldon so that he doesn’t have to go alone to meet the creepy man in his secluded cabin in the forest, and she can’t do so herself due to her scheduled bachelorette party weekend. Penny (possibly Bernadette?) wants Wolowitz to go and keep an eye on Leonard. Raj assumes he’ll be asked to keep an eye on Howard and the ladies quickly agree since they know he’ll otherwise insist on coming to the bachelorette party.

    Sheldon and Amy in bed 4B:

    Sheldon is concerned about Amy and her upcoming party. She does think things might get a bit wild, since it is Penny who has planned it. He reminds Amy to use protection. She’s not sure exactly what it is that he thinks she’ll be doing. He just wants her to be careful, and if they’re outside, he knows how easily her skin burns in the sun. Amy hugs him and thinks it’s sweet that he’s worried.

    All 4 guys in Leonard’s car:

    There’s some more discussion of Dr. Wolcott. Then Wolowitz (or Raj?) jokes that it’s going to be a weird bachelor party. Leonard tells them that Sheldon insisted on not having a bachelor party, and Sheldon explains that the traditional hedonistic aspects of such parties do not appeal to him.

    The girls going into 4A:

    Penny and Bernadette guide a blindfolded Amy into 4A and reveal the apartment filled with quilting supplies/sewing machine and tea to drink. Amy tries to act pleased/excited. Though it’s kind of obvious that she isn’t, the girls don’t seem to notice.

    The guys at Dr. Wolcott’s cabin:

    Wolcott is a suspicious man who lives alone and is solely focused on his theories. He is constantly worried that someone will try to steal his work. After opening his numerous door locks and questioning the presence of the other 3 guys, he lets them in and collects their phones. He shows them some notebooks with his work, which are written backwards and have the letters and numbers inverted.  Sheldon thinks the guy is great.

    The girls in 4A: 

    Amy is sewing a quilt piece on the sewing machine while Bernadette and Penny are having tea on the couch. After a short while, Amy stands up and says ‘what the hell?’ She seems hurt and asks the girls if they really think that she is this boring. They decide to take her out to a bar so that she can have the wild night of poor decision making that she was expecting. Bernadette recommends body shots off of hot guys’ chests. Amy is enthused.

    The girls at the bar:

    Amy asks what body shots actually are. When Penny explains it’s like taking a shot out of a guy’s belly button, Amy finds the idea unappealing. 

    Cut to 12 minutes later at the bar:

    Amy is passed out slumped over in her seat with her face smooshed against the bar. Bernadette wonders if they should carry her home already. Penny decides they should stay and finish their drinks and food.

    The guys at Dr. Wolcott’s cabin:

    They are all impressed with Wolcott’s work and the extent of his productivity. Once again, someone makes a comment about Sheldon’s odd bachelor party, and when the topic of marriage comes up, Dr. Wolcott explains that he is also married. The guys ask if she is there, if she is alive, and if she is visible to other people. He explains that she lives in Munich and they have a long distance relationship. They send birthday cards once a year and otherwise focus entirely on their work. He recommends cutting out all outside distractions to Sheldon if he wants to succeed at his work. Intrigued, Sheldon says he had never considered a long distance marriage.

    Wolcott suggests dinner, either rabbit or squirrel, and asks if they can tell the difference. He leaves to go hunting. Once he’s gone, Leonard asks/tells Sheldon that he’s not really considering any of that, right? Sheldon says no, he is not, and sounds a bit surprised at his own quick and certain answer. Howard says that it makes sense because Sheldon has friends, a fiancée, a full life. Sheldon agrees with Wolowitz and says he’s ready to go home. He misses Amy and sees no reason to further tempt himself with some strange man’s alluring math. (2nd take, he misses Amy and his phone). Also, he is from Texas and can definitely tell the difference between rabbit and squirrel. 

    The girls back to 4A:

    Amy startles awake from where she is passed out on the couch. She guesses what must’ve happened and says that she is ‘so lame’ for passing out at her own bachelorette party. The girls claim that Amy did a bunch of wild stuff first, and make up some stories about it, one of which involves her Riverdancing on the bar countertop. Amy seems embarrassed, yet pleased, and she believes them even though she doesn’t think she knows how to Riverdance. Still embarrassed, she asks about pictures, and they assure her they wouldn’t do that to her. She says they are good friends.

    Cut to a slideshow of pictures: passed out Amy at the bar, in the car, and on the couch with Penny and Bernadette posing with her.

    Back at the cabin:

    Dr. Wolcott discovers the guys have left. Then he wonders if they were ever there at all. Then he wonders if they are actually on their way over now, and decides to tidy up.  It’s a train of thought that matches with his multiple time dimensions theory.

    Tag, Sheldon and Amy in 4B:

    Hungover Amy is buttering her toast when Sheldon comes in. He walks over to say hello and kisses her cheek. She asks about his trip, and he tells her it was of great help for his work. Then he asks her if she will still love him if she finds out that he isn’t the work-obsessed, hyper-focused genius that she thought he was. She says that she will, then asks if he will still love her if she’s not the straight-laced, buttoned-down quilting woman that he thinks she is. What if she’s really a Riverdancing wild woman? He agrees that he will love her anyway. They share a kiss. Then Sheldon asks if she even knows how to Riverdance. Amy gets up, they exchange weird flirty looks, and she demonstrates her Riverdance. Looking very interested, Sheldon insists that she not do that for any other man, and Amy looks proud of herself. 


    -I can’t remember if the 2 Shamy kisses in the tag were in the first take because I was laughing  so much at Amy’s Riverdance. I know that what’s above is accurate for at least the second take.


    Thank you :)

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  7. 6 hours ago, Tensor said:

    I know a lot of people here know of my medical problems.   For those who don't, I have trouble, at times, walking any kind of distance, say a block or two, without the aid of a cane.  Around the house isn't a problem, or a quick run into the store I can handle.  The people at AU were very kind and I was offered a cart to take me to the stage, it's quite a hike for someone like me. 

    I was offered a end seat to make it easier.   While we were waiting for everyone to enter, Mark Sweet stopped by to ask if we were ready, and if we were excited.  Something he does as the audience comes in.  For those who don't know, Mark is the guy who keeps the audience "up", keeps them loud, keeps them cheering.  He also fills the time between scene changes with games, a few magic tricks.  He gets people up to dance, and sing.  He also reminds you that when you have to watch the scene a second time, to trying to look at it as if it's the first time you've seen it.   It's a tough job, but he is one of the best in the business.  He does all of Chucks multi cams (there aren't needed in the single cam shows), he works for Johnny on By the Book and also on a couple of other current CBS shows.  I was able to talk to him for about four or five minutes, and he stopped by a couple of times afterward. He even threw me a couple of pieces of candy.  

    Toward the end of the show, he invited people to come up to and talk about what the show meant to them.  I went up and talked about being into science fiction, comic books, chess, and war games when I was a teen, and also how I was bullied.   But, I mentioned I relate so well to Leonard and Penny because of the way my relationship went with my wife.  I said I found my Penny and we've been married for over 40 years.   Mark was kind enough to give me the last picture for the night, of the cast, with autographs.     

    I was able to stop and talk with Gary Cuoco  (Kaley's dad) for a few minutes.  I just wanted to thank him for his comments regarding supporting military veterans (I'm a 100% disabled military vet).  We don't agree on everything politically, but I have to give him props on that particular subject, so I stopped and thanked him.  

    One funny thing was while I was waiting in the outside line, I was explaining our forum and I ran into three people who came to this site, and got information on how to get tickets and where to go on the date of the taping.  So we talked a bit more, we would be talking and they would ask a question and I would have the answer.  They called me a TBBT encyclopedia.  One of the guys, was named, get this, Rajesh.   He was from India  and he had planned this trip for a few months.  It was fun talking to him and when Mark was talking to him, even the crew turned around to listen to his story.

    Finally, I want to thank all those who wished me well with this trip.  It has been a rousing success, I've enjoyed myself  immensely, and it's not something I'm ever going to forget.

    Ah well, home tomorrow.  I want to apologize for being behind in the ratings, but I'll have them up by the end of the week.  I was also able to work on, and also be publishing the first chapter of a new fan fic on Thursday, three years to the day that I finished "Chew Toy".   Again thanks everyone.  


    Thanks Rick. Sounds like you had a fab time :)

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  8. 28 minutes ago, Tensor said:

    OK, here it is.  I don't remember all the lines, or most of them for that matter, but I'll do what I can.

    Cold Open  Shamy's apartment.  Sheldon is ranting about PP and Amy is trying to calm him, telling him he may like it.  Sheldon claims he won't and is going to start complaining on the internet.  Amy wants to know how he can complain about something he hasn't seen.  Sheldon retorts, "have you ever seen the internet?".  Amy then suggests if he watches it, he'll be able to complain about specific things.  Sheldon likes that idea, so they start watching.  It's got updated music to the same theme song and then Wil says they are going to build a hover craft.  Sheldon get all excited, because he loves things that hover.   Then Wil says and only with a CD, a plastic bottle top, a nail (I think) and a balloon.  Sheldon gets upset cause he has all those things.  It's intimated he's going to build it.  

    Scene 1.   Lenny's apartment.   Leonard's working on his book.   Penny comes in and asks what he doing, and what is that noise.  Leonard says he's working on his book, and the noise is his new keyboard, that sounds like an old typewriter.   There was some back and forth about the hero and something about whether the hero could eat dairy without leaving the room, because there is a lot of cheese in Switzerland.  Then Leonard tells Penny he just came up with the murder weapon.  Penny says a Swiss Army Knife?  Leonard very dismissively says "No, no, no".  Penny leaves the room and Leonard turns back to the keyboard and says "That's better than mine."  

    Scene 2   Sheldon's playing with the overboard he built using things from the show.  He's starting to like Wil as PP.  Then Wil tells a joke, "Why can't you trust atoms?"  Sheldon thinks about it, then Wil says, "It's because they "make up" everything."   Sheldon thinks that's hilarious, and explains it to Amy.   Then the doorbell, on the show rings and Wil say's "Who can that be?"  Sheldon thinks it's great Wil has added suspense to the show.  Wil goes to the door, and opens it, and its Howard at the door,he's a guest on PP(the audience had this great "Oh no he didn't" laugh, know Howard being on would piss Sheldon off.) 

    Scene 3   The Cafeteria.   Leonard, Raj, and Howard are eating and Leonard is talking about his book and trying to come up with some things.   Howard suggests giving it to Bernadette to look at.  Since she was put on bedrest, she's seen all of the detective shows.   Then Sheldon joins them and tells Howard he forgives him.   Howard says thanks.  Leonard asks, don't you want to know what for?   Howard says something along the lines of "no, he's taking it, good year for Howard."  Sheldon says something about PP and Howard says all Sheldon has to do is apologize.  There was some other banter between Raj and Sheldon.  





    Thanks Rick :)

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  9. 1 hour ago, brilliantfool said:

    I'm not asleep but I'm still out with friends since it's my last night in LA so I can't talk much!


    Shamy supposedly have off screen coitus yes. After they're feeling better after the food poisoning they go to Halleys birthday party. Everyone goes inside the house except them, they see a ?bouncy castle? (English is not my native language) that Howard and raj built for Halley's party and I think they suggest having sex there? But then they're like let's just jump there and find a spare bedroom lol : O


    I found it a lil bit OOC but still awesome!!


    Also someone asked - penny  was in pijamas for Lenny's last scene. It was supposedly morning, she went out to the kitchen and saw that Leonard stayed up all night trying to fill up the list with all the fun things / achievements they did that year. After that they talk and decide to do a daily trip to ?catalina island?. But it gets interrupted with halley's birthday party 


    I'm really sorry guys I don't have time today and tmw is my flight . If I have some time I'll write more tmw or if not after I get back home (still a 13 hour flight without internet).


    I know somebody went who might share the TR but I don't think they'll do it.


    If you still don't get any info later I'll post more , but I really don't have time today sorry :(



    PS a bit more about Shamy in episode 10 - their scene in the wedding hall was REALLY sweet. Basically they argued in the episode about wedding plans and then they were like we're just stressed, let's just elope.


    Once their names are called in the city hall Sheldon has a change of heart and says no Amy , I want a real first dance with you (earlier in the episode he was really against it ). He said the odds of him finding her were less than odds of scientists discovering dark matter yet he found her. There was a lot of sweet Shamy sciency/ romantic talk , I loved that scene

    No need to apologise. We appreciate whatever we get and thank you 

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  10. On 27/10/2017 at 2:10 PM, joyceraye said:
    16 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    Most of the married people i know got married by a judge, JP or their pastor at the courthouse, home or park, sometimes with a small party at home or a friends house. Most just wanted to be married and had no desire for the time and expense of a big "formal wedding" which these days is more of a status symbol for the well to do

    Edit; the one time i was married was at the courthouse. If by some improbable confluence of events I ever do it again it will be at the church of bacon in Vegas. :icon_razz:

    This is what we did when we get married, went to the town hall and booked it in the registry office (only 36 guests allowed) then followed by a reception at a nearby pub, with more guests. It was what we could afford and I don' believe in spending tons of money just to get married and get in debt :)

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  11. 1 hour ago, BigBangFan24 said:
    • I'm not sure if anyone has posted a taping report from last night's taping yet but I can provide a brief synopsis if you'd like. I'm not sure if this is the thread for that. 
    • Leonard & Penny: Use a parenting book of Bernadette's to control Sheldon's behavior.
    • Howard & Amy: Start working together in Amy's lab (very long hours) Raj, Bernadette & Sheldon are lonely/ jealous.

    Howard and Amy together sounds likely it will be good fun. :)

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  12. 14 hours ago, KT1972 said:

    Wow, the pictures look stunning, it looked like a fabulous day! 

    Congratulations to you both, and hope you have a long and happy life together.

    Thank you. We had a great day and it's only now 3 days on that we are starting to recover! Just very very tired

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  13. 38 minutes ago, spidergirl said:

    I have to say I love your dress. It is simple and so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this special moment from your life :)

    Thank you. It was hard to find a dress I liked especially as I live in jeans and trousers and haven't worn a skirt or dress since I was about 9!


    Have to say today I am exhausted so we just chilling out today :)

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