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  1. How do you know that he didn't? There's a lot of stuff we don't see
  2. No idea, imo he more likely periodically checked the footage and came across the bit of Lenny but I doubt he sat there watching it, more likely fast forwarded through
  3. Sheldon had the cameras for security reasons not to be a pervert, that's just ridiculous Or are we going to accuse everyone who has done something like penny taking money from Leonard's wallet
  4. Weirdly I have reached 40 and just recently diagnosed with under active thyroid and type 2 diabetes, a drastic diet change is in plan now
  5. Ages ago in one of my fan fiction stories I had Penny doing a web series
  6. They still weren't a couple officially till season 5
  7. Technically shamy were not a couple until season 5
  8. I dont really care if they have coitus or if they get engaged right now but what I do prefer seeing is their daily interactions and working together, they are much more fun to watch than the other couples who apparently can't live on their own
  9. The dog was just visiting the set, unless of course he is a playmate for cinnamon
  10. Shamy won't break up again, no reason to
  11. Amy never really had any friends before she met Penny so was likely over compensating with the comments which at the time were quite funny but stopped as she became more integrated within the group
  12. Thank you Do you get to see baby Hallie?
  13. Maybe they are ignoring Lenny on purpose to have a Lenny filled cliffhanger season finale
  14. Please refer me to which post because I can't see the one you are talking about
  15. Presumably those commenting on Amy's appearance are in perfect body condition themselves? There is no point comparing Penny to Amy, they both have very different styles and appeal imo
  16. Love basil but can't stand David brent
  17. I'm probably in the minority here but I quite liked Priya, this is what makes this forum so great Everyone can have their own views on certain things and we don't necessarily have to agree Anyway am really looking forward to another 2 seasons and I hopefully will try to get to a taping next year with my future husband
  18. Of course but for whatever reason tptb are choosing to ignore any Lenny cuteness
  19. Some lovely pictures and Raj and Penny do look cute in matching shirts
  20. As long as we are doing Sheldon dancing.......
  21. Seeing as it has been brought up, the Chinese lady next to Leonard isn't Mandy is it?
  22. I like the idea of them working together, that makes me happy
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