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  1. The way I see it Sheldon now knows about Amy's dates and that she hadn't had coitus with any of them and wants to stay friends while Amy wants more Now I can't see either dating anybody else and especially not Amy, she's going to want to proove to Sheldon that she isn't interested in anybody else if she wants to get him back, the tables really have turned
  2. I wonder about the trust issues they will have
  3. I'm fed up being fed up over the whole sorry mess and this taping gives me a glimpse and a sliver of hope that things are moving forward
  4. It will be interesting if they continue to have "just friends' dates and whether they manage to abstain from end of date kisses
  5. If being friends means moments like this then I am all for it
  6. They've always been the only ones who "got" the other Their quirkiness will hopefully lead them back together
  7. I still don't know how or why their friends were quick to help them get dates but keep quiet about the ring But anyway I think it's great that they can be friends again and maybe they might get back to rebuilding what they actually fell in love with each other about I personally would prefer they hadn't broke up but at least they are back talking to each other properly
  8. So based on this, potentially season 11 is coming because otherwise if shaky are going to be put back together they will have just one season left to fit everything in I don't like the break up and won't support it when they had a pretty good season 8 I never understood the idea of building a couple up only to drag them apart
  9. It's basically 6 months later in the timeline and they both still hurt If they really are going to be just friends then I can see the potential for a very amusing awkward encounter group dinner at 4a For example where will Amy sit, not next to him like she did when dating surely? And the group watching them not making eye contact and Sheldon holding back his usual condescension
  10. After a happy season 8 that was full of progress i just wanted to see more of that but apparantly not Whether they can be just friends is another thing Positive people bring me positivity! i need some
  11. I didn't see that bit but maybe she did then
  12. From chat spoilers, thanks to hazel Ok so Sheldon does know about all of Amy's dates They have a date at the aquarium where Amy confirmed she's dated 6 men but no coitus with any Also whilst on date Sheldon says he's hungry and Amy says she has sweets for him which pleases Sheldon and he makes a comment about all the men at her door because of the sweets thing Someone else in chat will have to confirm the sweets bit Afterwards Amy Skype him and Sheldon says it's my good friend Amy calling and she calls asking to be his gf again and he says I thought we were just friends, he says I'm good at most things but getting over you was not one of them With the just friends thing Amy is devastated, worse than season 8 Skype call
  13. Only four tapings left for this year, so far this season hasn't been good or fun to watch, let's hope 2016 is much much better and I hope the positive people can rub some my way, cos I have none right now apart from 1 Amy wants Sheldon back, he says they better as friends, so maybe Amy knows he knows about her dates and doesn't date anymore to proove to Sheldon she is still into him In anycsse I still think the break up sucks
  14. It feels like the progress of last season has been wiped away and still no mention of the ring
  15. I've given up making any sort of predicting, I figured 200 would be the one but how can Sheldon and Amy just be friends when their hearts are clearly breaking for each other Too much angst in a comedy for me, I will never understand the reasons why tptb went this way It just sucks big time
  16. I hate this so much, breaking up a HAPPY couple makes no effing sense whatsoever
  17. So from spoiler news Sheldon and Amy went on a date as friends, Amy wants to get back together, he says they better as friends
  18. Nice of Jim to invite his best friend onto set
  19. lol youare funny! My boyfriend! Pmsl Stocking up on plenty of sugary things yes! Basically the job I do is processing share sales and October and November are traditionally the busier months as people want money for Xmas
  20. Am off to bed and waking up at silly I clock for taping news See you all in chat!
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