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  1. Today was super busy at work and it's going to be crazy for the next month, I better prepare myself!
  2. Am torn between feeling nervous and excited for spoilers news
  3. Mayim has some strange views about things and she's way to over protecting her kids going by her recent grok post She mentioned not allowing her kids mobile phones until they are 16, now that's fine but what happens when they reach teenage age and want to go out and hang out with their friends, how will Mayim keep in contact with them? Also she calls herself a pacifist yet gave army supplies to the Israeli army
  4. Approximately 9 hours from now, we will know what Mayim comments mean
  5. So apparently a bunch of nerds and Penny think it's funny to take the piss out the way people look? And the helium stuff with "Gary" acting like a gangster was truly dreadful Quite possibly the worst episode of the season
  6. thank you This is why I'm so mad about this season, none of it makes sense either
  7. Theres gotta be something happen that gets shamy together
  8. Well the date ended abruptly with Amy kicking him out the car, maybe she wants to make amends......which is when Sheldon steps in
  9. What if Amy gives Dave another chance after the Sheldon fanboying but Sheldon finds out and steps in to intervene. Cue the tons of shamy
  10. For me I still think it was stupid to break up a HAPPY couple and that's what was being shown to us
  11. It will either be they get back together and disregard everything that's happened in the previous 8 episodes (and that wouldn't surprise me) or they establish their friendship with the premise of getting back together at "some point" 200th episode will be that point, that's if the writers think like that but who knows
  12. Ok this will come out in a random outpouring I've never said they didn't have issues. Just that I don't think the issues were worth breaking up over, even after they resolved the mars thing, Amy was confident and happy enough to suggest the sleepover To me they were a quirky couple that rejected the notion of romantic love but then after building a friendship fell in love during a long courtship or "foreplay" as Sheldon calls it The things that have made me mad this season is that Amy wanted a break to "think' about her relationship with Sheldon yet just 6 episodes later she's off having multiple coffee dates and it's all because of bad advice from their friends who have apparently remained silent to Amy over the whole ring business, really it should be the other way around I just want to see an end to the whole sorry mess, now if they get back together and they have a much improved relationship (shamy 2) then great but it seems like Sheldon is being broken and brought down to earth to get there while Amy hasnt displayed much emotion over it, the only time was the stairwell scene I am interested to know about Mayims comments regarding "tons of shamy"
  13. they destroyed the unique characteristics of shamy relationship when they broke them up Whether they can get them back is another question but things will never be the same again
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