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  1. This is literally me waiting for spoiler news on taping nights
  2. Firstly no idea why the above is quoted when I'm not quoting anyone.... 2nd I just wanna see some progress for them back together, perhaps this "tons of shamy" stuff is the start of that, although I do like Kathy's ideA
  3. mostly he posts one, there might be one or two occasions a season when he doesn't, this just happens to be the 2nd time
  4. Chester and Ruby will be like twinnies!
  5. the quote system here is all over the place
  6. Another from the event http://yuliamiloserdova.tumblr.com/post/131815100644/omg-lol-i-just-cry
  7. I'd be happy with them being friends again and rebuilding their relationship with a full reconciliation in episode 200 which I think is about 8 more episodes away
  8. What is the beautiful about the episode though? Is it the tons of shamy?
  9. "A beautiful episode with tons of shamy" Um I should really read stuff properly before freaking out" Whatever is going on I look forward to hearing about it anyway
  10. it's usually between 1 and 2 million, though there have been occasions where it's dropped below that
  11. Just in case some of you don't look at the ratings thread The premiere attracted 1.5 million and another 391000 on E4+ http://m.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/news/a675187/uk-tv-ratings-the-big-bang-theory-wedding-attracts-huge-numbers-for-e4.html#~ps1lzPcbQpzGBg
  12. I hope it's ok to post this here The UK premiere of season 9 on Thursday attracted 1 and a half million to E4 with another 391000 on the repeat channel 30 minutes later http://m.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/news/a675187/uk-tv-ratings-the-big-bang-theory-wedding-attracts-huge-numbers-for-e4.html#~ps1lzPcbQpzGBg
  13. After Mayim called the season 7 final awesome before we saw or heard anything about it, I am trying hard to not go over the top with the beautiful shamy stuff Though its not really working!
  14. Ok by the end of Sunday there will be a story from me combining both challenges, there will be Halloween and fluff!
  15. I hope we get to see some pics with new pup meeting her dogs, I believe ruby got on well straight away with Norman and Shirley, though with the new one being a boy there might be a bit of territory battle going on Though Norman is a gentle giant
  16. Hmmm even if she isn't dating him, they appear very close which is also fine
  17. I assumed it was in reference to Amy dating as Jim said about him getting a girlfriend dating reference Sheldon but then I saw the longer version video If Mayim and Rob are dating then good for her
  18. Ok yesh I see him now, the video quality isn't the best!
  19. Not sure what we are seeing in that video?
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