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  1. I read somewhere that when it came to the train kiss. Jim and Mayim went away to rehearse how they thought it should go and then they presented it to the producers who liked and used it
  2. I wanna be in your harem, I mean council of ladies ! Also this is in response to a poster who is annoying, not you or nibbler
  3. So when Mayim posted about beautiful in shamyland, again I was on public transport and I must of looked liked I had sudden onset tourrettes again.....
  4. Ok I had my little five minutes of freak out If its true that everything is beautiful in shamyland then I will just go with it Am fed up being grumpy over the whole break up and that will make me a hypocrite but then again it won't be the first time Let's hope it really is good for shamy!
  5. I booked Wednesday off next week and I'm glad I did now, whatever the news we get, am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to concentrate at work afterwards And again with the darn quote system! I didn't even quote anyone this time!
  6. well Mayim just made the fandom freak out collectively with her beautiful shamy comments regarding next week's taping, I stayed calm for about five minutes
  7. I am calm N O P E I don't know how to process this information!!!!!!
  8. And neither ended the dates because of feelings about the other
  9. In the premier Sheldon told Leonard to stop him if he thought about going out with other girls, yet there has now been two examples of Sheldon asking girls out and Leonard hasn't stopped him, admittedly he wasn't there the 2nd time but it's another example of the inconsistencies by the writers this season
  10. Amy can't cope with Sheldon right now.....
  11. they've been known to have both on the same day before, they get the script the night before so must of got it at the taping And ive no idea why it's quoted chiany It's this darn quote system
  12. maybe 10 minutes after the spoilers arrived and I'm sitting down rocking back and forth like an addict needing a fix! Yes
  13. it's interesting that kripke has only been in 15, it seem like more
  14. calling people's post ridiculous is the same as calling the poster ridiculous and I don't care for your rude opinions on my opinions and if my posts bother you that much then just don't respond to them
  15. despite my dislike for the storyline, I can guarantee I wouldn't last five minutes! I'm on a need to know basis and fomo
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