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  1. Thanks to melody Also if people wish to believe shamy are endgame and are enjoying the current storyline then that is absolutely fine but I am not (have I mentioned that lately?) I just want to see something that might suggest they are going to get back together because I see nothing right now and not even the failure of their dates is linked to them getting back together, right now for me this storyline sucks big time and before anyone else says I don't speak for the majority In My Opinion
  2. kissing is intimacy and they were doing that off screen as well as on
  3. I believed based on what we were shown in season 8 that they were a pretty happy couple that was able to talk about any issues that came up......
  4. Ok thanks, not heard of them before
  5. There is currently no proof that shamy are endgame, that ended when they were broken up and torn apart And even if they were endgame, seeing how they are now doesn't make me a happy shipper and I wanted so much to enjoy all aspects but this current storyline is too much after a season 8 where they were pretty darn happy despite the mars issue that they sorted out The communication has been eradicated between them, I don't understand why we have not seen them sitting down and talking about their issues, they have done that before so why not now For me they were better together than apart
  6. Didn't you boys like her enough in this???
  7. lol lol lol I didn't even know when I posted!
  8. First UK review (of sorts) is in http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2015-10-22/has-the-big-bang-theory-turned-into-a-damp-squib
  9. it's a sitcom, the writers might suddenly decide that they really do want shenny together because if their apparantly amazing chemistry and at this point nothing would suprise me
  10. One thing we should all agree on is that We shouldn't believe the writers Of course they have a plan, they just want to throw the viewers off and get them watching
  11. So the premiere just aired here in the UK and there's very much a mixed response on Twitter, some happy some not so much
  12. Well they keep dropping little shenny things in and Steve molaro loves shenny going by his recent comments
  13. Just saw the trailer for the Next few episodes and the shenny kiss That really will confuse the unspoiled
  14. Maybe the writers are letting us know via the characters that yes Amy will marry someone else and Sheldon will be a broken shell of his former self
  15. Maybe they delayed table read by a day it seems Also
  16. they're already changing the characters so much that nothing will be the same if they get back together again, Sheldon is being made to think more about his feelings and that's not the Sheldon we know, he was slowly adjusting to life with Amy but now he is being forced to think about things and Amy is already dating, with and without their friends interference It's just painful to watch after last season where they had a lot of good things happen
  17. way to draw in viewers who will then be as surprised as we were when they learn the truth!
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