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  1. Is there any point them being back together right now? Amy hasn't expressed any interest in taking Sheldon back and I dont see her just saying yes straight away to a surprise proposal From Sheldon This will drag on all season
  2. Just had another review for my story that finished a year and a half ago, at least this one was a nice one!
  3. I wouldn't use a comma there and then quotations, it just looks weird
  4. I wonder if Kaley owns the house solely, cos with Ryan's alleged $2 millions I doubt he would be able to contribute much to it, the house looks expensive!
  5. When I think about the current situation
  6. well if nobody is telling Amy about the ring then why would they bother telling her about that either?
  7. I'm debating about going to bed, been up since 445am and it's now 840pm and I'm feeling cranky and tired
  8. Amy finished with Dave because he was obsessed with Sheldon, apart from their chat in the hallway, there has been no sign that she wants him back anytime soon and if she dumped Dave because he was obsessed with Sheldon then it's only gonna make her avoid Sheldon more to continue getting the space she apparently wants
  9. it's all stuff and nonsense from the writers this season
  10. if she's not seeking anyone why is she going on dates then??
  11. Sheldon has shown he cares about his friends in the past so he always had a human side
  12. Trying to be positive when all we get is shamy getting further apart is hard There's nothing stopping the writers from keeping them apart all season if they wanted, can't really see them getting back together in 9 and with 200 episode coming up in February maybe something is being planned but I am bored of the break up and bored of the angsty stuff and Amy only dumped Dave because he was talking about Sheldon, there's nothing to say that she wants Sheldon back and Sheldon only told the girl to go because she was late, again nothing to say he was thinking about trying to get Any back
  13. https://m.facebook.com/official.mayim.bialik/photos/a.490883555007.380338.254396735007/10156168998840008/?type=3&source=48&ref=bookmarks
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