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  1. Kerry what I mean by every other couple on tv is that I didn't see them as an on again off again couple, that's never how they were portrayed and now with the break up and having dates with other people they pretty much are I liked them because they were different from other tv couples
  2. If this break was supposed to make them stronger in the long run then I can't see it, both of them dating other people and the other knowing about it, will just destroy anything they had left Basically they have been just turned into another regular boring on and off again tv couple I'm not happy about any of this season, I think I laughed during the fencing and found Sheldon singing amusing but the rest not so much
  3. The reason I liked shamy was because they were so different to all other tv couples and now the stupid break up is here, they are no different to any other TV couple who goes through a break up They can't get the uniqueness back now, no matter what anyone says
  4. it's the writers writing the whole sorry mess.....
  5. I shall continue with my thoughts later as I have to start work now
  6. personally I still dont think they needed to break up and nothing will convince me otherwise, especially in a season that was very good for shamy
  7. If the gang are pushing them to be dating others then why are not telling Amy about the ring? She should have this information!
  8. I've been against the break up From the start, there are ways to sort relationship issues out without breaking up imo
  9. don't underestimate the writers! They seem to be doing weird and strange things this season
  10. As much as I want Shamy back together I can't see it happening just yet, the writers seem to be happy to drag it out for as long as possible and a quarter of the season has now been taped around this break up nonsense
  11. Bernadette was apparently dressed in disguise filming the date, maybee she had the doll
  12. End of Spock episode yes With regard to this information I'm not unhappy but I need to know that they are going somewhere with shamy, a quarter of the season has gone now and I just ?
  13. So Amy goes on another date with Dave who when he finds out about Sheldon realises he's a fan and can't stop talking about him Sheldon also dates but the woman fails his challenge so asks her to leave Sheldons date is Analeigh Tipton
  14. I see that kaleys sister bri is at the taping, maybe there is going to be another flash dance thing or bri is in the episode again, maybe as Sheldons date.....
  15. oh yes! I had a little nap already but I've spent the last hour catching up on the interwebs I just know that something really interesting will happen in the web while I'm sleeping
  16. in the UK, sticking two or the middle finger up at someone in the same way Kaley is doing is considered a rude gesture, its the silent version of telling someone to "eff off"
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