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  1. "Prays to a deity I don't believe in that is most definitely not Dave"
  2. it very much depends on how long it takes to get out and whether the person gives spoilers immediately or waits till they get to their location I get on chat around 520am onwards
  3. I remember when we heard about the I love you from prom, I was on a train at the time and I chat when the reporter spilled about the ily Anyone looking at me may of thought I was having a fit coupled with Tourettes!
  4. it's already been renewed I try to keep my expectations low and then we get spoilers and any calmness I had disappears and I end up a bit like this when I'm happy Or This when I'm annoyed at spoilers
  5. Blimey it's been busy in here today! I don't even know what think about tonight taping, it could have shamy reconciliation but I doubt it as I think that will start to happen in 9 and back together slowly until something happens in the 200th for themselves
  6. it's here http://shamy-edits.tumblr.com
  7. I liked the fencing stuff The hallway talk broke my already broken shamy heart
  8. I'm not looking forward to the next two episodes, the hallway scene broke my already broken shamy heart even more I just don't think breaking them up was a good idea, they were happy fcol
  9. I'd stay and join in more but I'm very very tired and I might have to go to bed and its only just past 9!
  10. ive not seen any trailers but I can guess what people will be thinking and then their response at it not being real!
  11. the person that went said it was a lip kiss so I guess we will just have to see
  12. Well Stephen Merchant is gigantic so I am curious to see how far he will have to bend down to kiss Amy Oh wait, nooooo I don't want to see it!
  13. 108 weeks is possible season 7 very early, idk really, my brain hurts and I'm tired but good luck in your search!
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