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  1. From memory I think season 7 Just found original pic on heathers instagram (mayims agent) from 108 weeks ago, I can't however copy it over, I will do a pic from my tablet once I get home and post it here
  2. it's a real photo, this is the original
  3. and the writers know people like us will keep watching "just in case"
  4. This picture was taken last season if I remember rightly Also I like the relationship agreement and hope they keep it should they get back together
  5. It must of been one of the off screen moments we didn't see, I'm guessing they have at least one date night a week now (or did)
  6. I slept for about 5 hours, got insomnia now and I have to be up in 90 minutes Guess I can just quietly freak out about shamy=.....=..
  7. Well most gums have animal gelatin in them but I guess Mayim would know that
  8. As amusing as that is, I wonder if that's a special vegan chewing gum?
  9. Well this thread has been lots of fun today but now at 11pm
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