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  1. skulls not been around for weeks so it's all clear....
  2. I'd did more rum gifs but they might get moved "somewhere else"
  3. I can't watch but I also can't not watch stuff got moved again.....
  4. I want to not watch but I can't not watch
  5. it's going to be ok, nothing can be as bad as the two after that!
  6. I'm a bit like Sheldon in that I prefer my own company, so I'm happy to sit in on a Saturday night watching dvds, I did all the going out getting drunk stuff in my teens and twenties
  7. Does anyone know if the people going to Tuesday taping are giving spoilers after?
  8. that is one of the best non canon couple episodes
  9. If they are brother and sister then one pic could of been enough rather than two individual ones
  10. Sheldon always looks scared when she shouts at him
  11. It didn't take long before off topic stuff was moved!
  12. he has the exasperated smile down to a tee
  13. Its a wonder Jim can get any running done in between fan photos!
  14. I sense a little sarcasm at the beginning of your post but in reference to your question about American accents, no it doesn't "jar" me, I am watching an American tv show after all
  15. Sheldon saying anyway and diving in for another kiss was pretty hot and intimate, we know from his complaint to penny that he enjoys the kissing "Next thing I know, goodbye kissy face"
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