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  1. supper is like what they call tea (still not a drink) I always say lunch at lunchtime and dinner in the evening but the further north you go in England the more dinner becomes lunch and tea or supper is evening meal
  2. Or as they say up north at this time of day "Time for a bit of tea" (not the drink)
  3. I do think the reason she merely stood like a robotic statue while Sheldon kissed her was because she was scared to push him too far in the physical sense, the season 8 final kiss was a much more intense one with their hands over each other, I'd like to see more intimate physical contact if and when they get back together #cautiouslyoptimistic
  4. thanks So I could see the 8 episodes in between as being like a test for the "New and improved" relationship before they get back together properly and maybe get engaged in the 200th Then again I could be far out
  5. I'm starting to think that episode 200 will be the one that they are back together permanent, 8&9 will be the basis for getting them there and the episodes in between will see progress until 200 (think it's about 5-6 episodes before 200?
  6. I'm torn between remaining cautious about the Amy centric storyline and getting overexcited, especially as it came from Mayim I can only think that it's the start of them getting back together, probably slowly and finally back together properly in episode 200 Or the writers do something ridiculous like Amy finds out about the ring but continues to date "Dave"
  7. I always think 1000 words is a minimum but I don't think any of mine have gone over 4000 per chapter, but everyone has different ways of doing things and that's ok as well
  8. The getting back together needs to happen soon imo, shamy are better together than apart
  9. yeah mines a huge dollop of Sheldon, Amy and Leonard with little random dollops of Penny raj and Howard and a tiny sprig of Bernadette
  10. The problem of the break up is just why they were broken up after a season that brought a mutual ily and a sleepover and more kissing (that we didn't see) I'm not naive to think they didn't have issues but they worked them out. So the break up came at a very strange time
  11. I discovered the show back in season 4 just as shamy were getting started and they are what drew me to the show so to see them how they are now is very sad
  12. The writers built them up last season and then tore them apart, I should of learned from the season 7 final as season 7 was a pretty good shamy season apart from the final which was NOT
  13. walking away isn't a choice just yet, I still want to see how the shamy are resolved
  14. Ugh What's with the influx of shenny fics on the shamy tag????
  15. That show Mayim is doing, was it live or recorded?
  16. I don't know if Jim is still working out but he looks pretty darn fine here
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