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  1. Hmmm even IF season 11 is happening I still don't want shamy apart for too long
  2. There's not enough show left for them to be apart for a season and a half like Lenny were, so I hope they get back together sooner
  3. you just contradicted yourself I think we shall agree to disagree
  4. the Amy lesbian stuff was just her finding a way to express her liking for penny but because she never had any friends before she did it in an inappropriate way
  5. this is where I could use a Penny gif sayin "is it a drama, is it a comedy, nobody knows" The thing is last season had really good shamy and that included the mars nonsense and for me the break up came from nowhere and it's just ridiculous
  6. The shamy angst makes me enjoying the rest of the episode less easy
  7. also when simon and kunal were negotiating they we're given a take it leave it offer, allegedly chuck lorre was going to ditch them if they didn't take it, not sure how true that is though
  8. This season has been bad so far for me and others, if you like it then that's fine but so far this season has been a MAJOR let down and that's why the episode titles have been miles from my mind Last season was brilliant shamy writing and this season is just pure lame yes because aside from the lack of engagement talk, i never saw any issues with them but that's just my opinion, you don't have to agree with me
  9. WHat is happening!!!! Last time we had hair pics it was for troll Trying to contain myself because it might be a date with the dreaded Dave but let's hope not
  10. cheers, for some reason the titles had gone from my memory
  11. I'm starting to think that the reason for Sheldons meltdown on the nimoy tribute thing could be one of the ways to get shamy back together but then again with these writers who knows what they are planning and even IF they will get back together anytime soon
  12. Can anyone remember the titles of 6 and 7?
  13. If I had a time machine, I'd go back to 824 and Amy wouldn't stop kissing Sheldon to enthuse about 5 years together and then Sheldon wouldn't ask inappropriate questions about the flash There would just be kissing and more kissing......
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