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  1. I wasn't referring to your post! I mean we know he does desire her otherwise why agree to kissing?
  2. I've given up trying to guess wtf the writers are doing this season, every scenario I think of happenning is the opposite of what actually happens
  3. http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-week-in-the-life-of-mayim-bialik-1444846460
  4. I can't see how if they get back together that they will go racing off to the bedroom to consummate their relationship, they have a lot to build back up before that happens
  5. I suggested he get one of the cast to put it on instagram
  6. I like the guessing game! Bill is still having issues
  7. We should have script cover within an hour I guess
  8. 9'01 premieres on Oct 22 in the UK and is showing 8'24 right before it, so I guess the network here wants to get decent ratings, they tend to be around 1,5 million here
  9. Leonard is his best friend, he will still want his buddy close by if and when Shamy reunite
  10. he's been shown trying to get her back, allbeit in the clumsiest way possible
  11. I'm not wrong, Sheldon is sad about the possibility of Leonard leaving, he's sad that Amy has left
  12. E4 giving shamy fans a double dose of angst on Thursday next week And this Saturday is Leonard's day....
  13. we can do one from here Someone like yourself can suggest a Halloween chchallenge and what sort of parameters are involved
  14. Also the shamy angst is stopping me enjoying the rest of the episode I'm just like heavy sighs whenever shamy appear I remember when they were very happy together
  15. I complained in the site sections thread about it. Maybe if enough people do the same something might get done
  16. The quote system is very bad here! I had a little epiphany this afternoon Whilst I don't like what they are doing, the writers are very clever with the story, they know there is a lot of shamy support and they know damn well that people will come back and back to watch in the desperate hope that shamy are put back together, I hope they don't leave it too long though IF they do put them back together then it's more likely episode 9 at end of sweeps or if they are really intent on holding back then episode 200 but if they are as clever as they appear to be then the next couple episodes taping will be best
  17. I'm not sure what you quoted but I never said anything about Sheldon manipulating anyone??
  18. At the moment I am holding myself back from tweeting Bill Prady to ask wtf is going on They have blundered big time with this stupid break up, basically to make Sheldon feel humility which he doesn't need and Amy to a bit part which is also stupid I would love to be like the people that can see a reunion in the horizon but it's all negative at the moment and we still have the Amy coffee kiss dates to get through
  19. Poor Sheldon He's gone from being an unfiltered genius to an emotional wreck because he can't function with his roommate and girlfriend leaving him Whoever thought this was a good storyline to tell is clearly bonkers I like the unfiltered genius Sheldon who Amy loved
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