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  1. At this rate her episode minutes combined will barely make one whole episode
  2. I like that Leonard thanks to Penny is not abandoning his friend, he knows Sheldon is struggling with the Amy break up and to throw in Lenny moving out would/could cause another breakdown Leonard wouldn't be a good friend if he left him now, this is why I think shelnard is the best and most important ship on the show
  3. 7 tapings down and it's time to end the madness, get shamy back together already
  4. I just don't care for the unnecessary drama
  5. Wasn't he on friends as Phoebes boyfriend???
  6. I want to believe but I don't trust the writers atm
  7. Or maybe Amy sees the video and still holds back I just wish the writers would sort it out already
  8. There's still the fact that Amy is off having coffee kiss dates
  9. oh I thought someone might have said shamy were getting back together in the next episode
  10. Probably get news 're episode 5 this week
  11. in anycase what drew me to them has been pretty much torn apart and I will argue all day long with anybody who thinks the break up is a good thing It's a stupid thing is what it is
  12. that's even if they are getting back together
  13. I generally watch the clips on YouTube or the cbs website
  14. just watch it online thats what I do! watch it online!
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