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  1. TBH i dont think it matters what somebodys sexual orientation is and why the media (mainly) are obsessed with knowing either, am happy for people to be happy doing whatever they want but the bottom line is Jim is a great actor and from what i have seen and heard about him a lovely guy and thats what should be spoken about
  2. Thats why he grew/had his hair the way it was in season 5 then!
  3. Thanks! have only seen the dinner clip on youtube, waiting for the episode to air!
  4. Having only recently started to watch Big Bang am a bit behind on Series 5 Thanks!
  5. Yeah they refused to answer questions on the subject and the character is changing track now. So I agree. ______________________________________________________ IMO i think Sheldon is just quirky, yes he shows signs of various things but he is open to things changing at the last minute and going along with it and if somebody was that overthetop OCD they would not leave food and drink on the coffee table overnight either
  6. There is a chemistry and a mutual respect between them from some iinterview i have seen between them and I thought that mabye they had worked together in the past or knew each other or something?
  7. I hope things continue to progress between them! We have already seen when Amy got drunk and she kissed Sheldon for the brief moment that they kissed he did not shirk back from the kiss and his response was good "fascinating"!
  8. __________________________________ The natural full on smile is something i noticed as well and it really does look like a genuine hello rather than "acted"
  9. 2 or 3 months ago i happened to be channel hopping and the episode where Penny gets addicted to World of Warcraft was on and it intrigued me enough to start watching more whenever the program came on and about 2 weeks ago i orderd the dvd set of seasons 1-4 and have caught up on everything now, just waiting for the occasional series 5 to come on telly and then enventually on dvd. Overall i really enjoy the show and the way the characters interact with each other, loving the Shamy!! Sheldon is the funniest in the show
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